why is evian water so good

That aquifer provides as both filter and protector for the water, which is an amazing natural occurrence. Since Evian is hard water, it can quickly quench your thirst. To add to our woes, drinkable water to the locals do not necessarily means the same for tourists due to differences in our immunity system. Evian—naive spelled backwards—is reserved only for people willing to pay premium prices for water that tastes like Gerard Depardieu's scalp. The start of Evian can be traced to 1829, when the Societe des Eaux Minerales mineral water company was founded. But the true reason may be more complex than that. This water apparently comes from tropical rain that falls on an island in … source Singaporeans are fortunate enough to be living in one of 6 countries in the continent of Asia where water from our tap is safe for human consumption. First analyzed for its mineral contents in 1748, San Pellegrino has long been regarded as a source of healing mineral spring water though no one knew why at the time – its mineral contents have not changed to this day. Evian water is spring water which has been sourced from Evian-les-Bains in the Haute Savoie region of France since 1826. Evian water comes from France, which is also where the company is located. It also has a decent amount of calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate as well as other trace minerals. There are much harder waters on the market but Evian has a more recognisable taste. Fiji Natural Artesian Water. Fiji is also classified as artesian water because of the natural filters that it goes through. Evian has a ‘salted’ taste due to it being very hard water and mineral rich. Evian is classified as a mineral water, and is sourced near Lake Geneva. Under such circ… That collected water sits in a pool untouched by nature’s elements because of the underground aquifer located in Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu. Despite water covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, only 37 countries around the globe have safe, drinkable water. The mineral content, despite its hardness (high alkalinity) is still in the ‘medium’ category. This water is known for the distinctive mineral taste which it acquires as it travels from its origin in the French Alps down to the shores of Lake Geneva.

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