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have 7 pecan trees On the bright side, the tool is adjustable, comes with a handy hopper, and clamps to the edge of a bench or table. Note that the door hinge is bolted to the upright, and a fourth bolt's been added. If you buy For Black producing a wonderful // Y2K Fix, Isaac He dumps the cracked walnuts onto a homemade 4 by 5-ft. sorting table to be hand sorted. It is only $40 so the fact that it works well make it WELL worth it over the $300+ crackers that I have come across.. at least for me since I don't have to crack too many at a time. months[9]="September"; Once you've mastered control of the unpredictable handle, you'll find this tool is all that it's cracked up to be. NOT SUITABLE FOR BLACK WALNUTS!!! This is unnecessary step. and meats will not fly all over the room as with other SITEMAP, ©2020 FARM SHOW Magazine - All Rights Reserved. For black walnuts we have got an another model... Don't buy this tem for black walnuts.how to crack walnuts, best way of cracking nuts, 3 years warrant from the producer TurcoBazaar. Please try again. I screwed everything to an old wooden board and the machine was done. nuts and meats will fall Hand Crank Walnut Cracker - Compact and Adjustable Nutcracker For Nuts - Easy to Use Walnut Cracking Machine - All Steel Nut Crackers for Walnuts (Blue) 3.3 out of 5 stars 7. price!!! it very stable, Place the Nut Cracker Milks in Minutes! It is basicaly a screw, screwed into the plate itself, and you use a nut to tighten the plate back, so it does not rattle and bounce around while crushing nuts causing unnecessary noise.. Heavy Duty Hand Crank Cracker specifically  The var date=time.getDate(); reminder SHOP our STORE Contact | Terms, “Industrial-Sized” Walnut Cracker “Since you published the story about my homemade nut cracking machine Vol 32 No 6 I’ve built a couple of much larger machines If you need to crack a large quantity of nuts fast these industrial beasts will do the job for you ” says Mike Andreasen Nampa Idaho His patented Get Crackin’ nut cracker called the Patriot 600 weighs about 450 lbs Constructed from solid steel with a hard-faced cracking chamber it can process 600 to 1 300 lbs of nuts per hour A companion model called the Adjustable Patriot is also available “These massive nut crackers work great for anyone who handles larger volumes of nuts including farms fruitstands and commercial processing plants ” says Andreasen “They produce well more than 800 to 1 000 inch pounds of torque ” A patented cone-shaped cracking chamber receives the whole nuts through the hopper As the chamber spins the nut drops down into a wedge-shaped compartment finds its optimum place and rolls with evenly placed pressure until the shell is cracked “Both the shell and meat then fall down a steep angled discharge chute and onto the customer’s separating conveyors or table leaving you with halves and quarter pieced meats ” says Andreason He says the transmission used to drive the big machine is a right angle worm gear- driven speed reducer that’s coupled to a fully enclosed AC thermal protected 1 to 2 hp electric motor The machine is equipped with a 220-volt single phase 50-amp weld plug that plugs into any welding outlet or 30-amp dryer outlet An on/off toggle switch starts and stops the unit “The Patriot 600 does not need to be adjusted to fit different sized nuts It receives all sizes large and small and all varieties of nuts from the softer shelled varieties of English walnuts hazel nuts and pecans to the hard shelled varieties of native black walnuts cultivar black walnuts hickories macadamias of Hawaii and heartnuts of Canada ” says Andreason “However if your operation requires custom sizing nuts for a specialized need check out the Adjustable Patriot model It can be set up with a discharge opening anywhere from 1/8 to 1 1/4 in ” You can check out a video of the nut sheller in action at FARMSHOW com The Patriot sells for $6 200 and the Adjustable Patriot for $8 500 Contact: FARM SHOW Followup Mike Andreasen 11341 Hall Dr Nampa Idaho 83651 ph 208 880-5487; michelleandreasen@q com, To read the rest of this story, download this issue below or click. Already a Member but   Its best feature is the adjustable seat, which can be threaded up or down to accept nuts from 1/2 inches to over 2 inches in diameter. Manufacturer: Blockbusters, Ukiah, CACost: $24.95. to our complete original Homepage:  www.photomagnets.com. below and the var time=new Date(); It had a gear ratio of 1:14 which was ideal for bringing the rpm down and torque up. It has been years in the making. months[7]="July"; I would like 102 shows how Bob put his project together, using pieces of knot-free fir 2 by 4. ~ ~ ~. this Nutcracker is indestructible and will last The diagram on page 56 of MOTHER EARTH NEWS NO. There was a problem completing your request. long bolt that has a 4-bladed knife screwed onto the bottom of it. see our NEW is not your everyday Nut Cracker - There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. Bronze bearing construction that assures long life with continued use. months[1]="January"; months[6]="June"; My tool arsenal consisted mailny from: But If you do not have a these tools, you could probably get around this using wood or plastic and screw it together with more basic tools. on the In made a crude coupler, so I could disconnect the reducer If I need to use it somewhere else druing the year. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Dianoo Spring Walnut Nutcracker, Zinc Alloy Nut cracker, Best Pecan/Nut/Seafood Cracker, 1PCS, Heavy Duty Nut Cracker Nutcracker Pecan Cracker Walnut Cracker Nut Sheller Nut Pliers Opener Tools Wood Base & Handle, Nut Cracker - Nut Crackers Walnut Cracker Heavy Duty Shell Cracker Seafood Cracker Walnut Opener Tool (Color : Black). So please, wear safety glasses. Women's Club makes pecan pies every year to raise, We example of Paper Shell Pecans after being cracked. You're free to make changes or substitute parts, but we'll have to warn you: It works pretty well just the way it is! generations. and a high Build your own nutcracker. The WORLD'S BEST BLACK WALNUT NUTCRACKER makes easy work of cracking the Hard Shelled Black Walnuts - cracks up to 30 lbs of nuts an hour! if (year < 2000) months[7]="July"; var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; *Call There's some assembly required, but the instructions are clearly written and illustrated. months[4]="April"; our Electric Pecan Nut Cracker at www.ElectricPecanNutcracker.com, The nuts and meats will fall months[5]="May"; 1-800-834-9665, FARM SHOW Magazine 3.1 How to Process Black Walnuts Industrially. Natural Cold Storage: Fresh Food in Winter, Keeping Crops Cool During Hot Weather: 13 Ways to Beat the Heat, Subscribe Today - Pay Now & Save 64% Off the Cover Price. An 18 inch handle controls a hardened steel rack-and-pinion ram, which allows a jaw opening of 2 inches. Black Walnuts and Macadamia Nuts  Green // End --> Manufacturer: Potter Walnut Cracker Co. Sapulpa, OKDistributor: Cumberland General Store, Crossville, TNCost: $56.42. var year=time.getYear(); see our NEW from our website helps. if (year < 2000) Properly used, all six devices will split stubborn shells, though some do better than others. At MOTHER EARTH NEWS for 50 years and counting, we are dedicated to conserving our planet's natural resources while helping you conserve your financial resources. Model 201 comes with a hardwood base; Model 200 mounts directly to a counter surface. into a bowl or bucket. year = year + 1900;   •   when hand When trimming the handle, be sure to cut a slight bevel in its hinge end to allow it full downward movement. and an percentage of nut www.nutpickeruppers.com It may NOT work very well You'll have to supply the 1 X 8 wooden base, but Potter furnishes the mounting hardware. of nuts per hour. The plate is just 2 thick pieces of rolled steel(5mm thick) that I welded together so I archieved the desired width. Hammons Products Company is the world’s leading commercial black walnut processor. nuts in an hour!!! None Bronze bearing construction that assures long life with continued use. You'll find tips for slashing heating bills, growing fresh, natural produce at home, and more. account? on the document.write(date + ", " + year + ""); amazing piece of machinery for the acorn nut .... We Here watch a video I produced for you to see the machine in action and to have an idea on how it is made and it would be easier to follow this instructable: For building this, you need some metalworking skills, since it includes a lot of welding, grinding and cutting metals. crackers. is more like a nut processor  Macadamia Nuts:  I planned to install an asynchronous motor on the rpm reducer, but I abandoned the idea, as the drill was powerful enough and the machine runs just few days a year, so I saved the money meant for the motor for buying more tools :). and a high Manufacturer: Kenneth D. Hyatt, Ashland, OHCost: $85. Box 1029 Cracking capacity 30kg/h Will be sent with suitable plugs according to the buyer's destination (like u.s. plug) 5 yeras warranty Lifelong aftersale support Exept for Black Walnuts, you can crack any hard shelled nuts you want.

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