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Village Harvest Organic Ready to Serve, microwaveable rice and grains.This flavorful side dish features authentic recipes from India, Thailand and beyond. Thai Hom Mali is authentic jasmine rice grown primarily by small farmers. page on the Non-GMO Project website to see the list of verified products. When combined with Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice, these ingredients unlock the essence of Thailand at dinnertime. Enter your email and we will send you the password reset link. From there, Village Harvest works with our strategic quinoa partner and supplier to leverage their supply chain and further transport these much needed medical supplies to the poor farming communities outside of Ayacucho, high in the Andes. At Village Harvest, we define social sustainability to not only mean caring for our planet, but also the workers that help to bring whole, healthy grains to your door. The most prestigious and desirable variety of rice is Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice, with its purity certified by the Thai government. Village Harvest’s organic basmati rice is certified on-site in India & Pakistan, at the base of the Himalayas. The most likely case is that the URL in your address bar was typed incorrectly, although it could be that the webmaster deleted the page you were trying to access, or changed the URL. Coconut brings a luscious and fragrant flavor while turmeric adds bold color and medicinal anti-inflammatory properties. Shop online at today! While it can be used for a variety of cuisines, it is shines in Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. All of our facilities have allergen control programs as required by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) scheme. All of our non-wheat derived products are naturally gluten free. We recommend storing our rice in a cool, dry place. Store / Costco / Dry Goods & Pasta / Grains, Rice & Dried Goods / Village Harvest Whole Grain Quinoa ~ 5 kg Village Harvest Whole Grain Quinoa ~ 5 kg $24.39 / Each Village Harvest Whole Grain Quinoa ~ 5 … Each of these nicknames is slightly off. You go back to where you came from or navigate to the homepage. When you buy authentically-sourced rice and grain it tastes, feels and smells exactly as it should. It is aged for a year to enhance its nutrients and flavors. The requested URL was not found on this server. The Incas called quinoa “the mother of grain” and fed it to their warriors before battle. We make choices that are sensitive to our environment and ethical in the treatment of workers by providing them with a means of healthy living and earning a wage that sustains their family. We offer a variety of gluten free rice! In Thailand we work with our Thai Hom Mali This includes our Jasmine rice, Basmati rice and Golden Quinoa. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. The Village Harvest Peruvian White Quinoa is priced at $28.99 for a 15-lb bag. Call it what you will. For our organic rice we also recommend storing the rice in the fridge or freezer. Our parent company, Otis McAllister, has worked for many years with an organization called VIDA USA that organizes and distributes donated medical supplies from major Bay Area hospitals to Lima, Peru. The Incas called quinoa “the mother of grain” and fed it to their warriors before battle. Khon Kaen Province, Thailand If you’ve registered, please enter your email and password. Every family has their own interpretation of this dish and at Village Harvest, we’ve taken this ultimate comfort food and simply added a touch of seasoning. You’ll get a 404 error when you type in a URL incorrectly. The 1 Rai for 100,000 Baht program teaches farmers how to adopt organic farming methods, add diversity to their land through livestock and new plant species as well as to better manage their finances. “Certified Organic” means that no pesticides, no chemicals, and no toxins have been used in the growth process of a product. A core part of the Village Harvest philosophy is to create a positive social impact through our products. We currently deliver across the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina and are expanding to serve you even better! Our project in Peru began with a partnership formed in California. Tree nuts and peanuts are not present in our processing facility but may be present in our packaging facility. Jasmine rice is slightly sticky and holds together well in a variety of cuisines. However, all of our co-packers have allergen control programs which minimizes cross contamination and the packing lines used for our products are exclusively for rice and grains (allergen free lines). Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 12 Ounce (Pack of 3) 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. Well over 1,000 farms support Costco's demand for quinoa, says Chad Sokol, a Costco dry grocery buyer. Step into Amma’s kitchen at dinnertime and you will dins a version of khichdi (rice and lentils) simmering on the stovetop. Ayacucho, Peru Considered a national treasure in Thailand, green curry can now be cherished at your dinner table. From an inspired new dish to new ways to help the farmer, Village Harvest plays a big part in making things a little better. Most recently, Village Harvest made a financial contribution to fund another educational center to extend this program to farmers in other provinces. Village Harvest authentic Thai rice is Thai Hom Mali. Visit our Some 404 landing pages are funny and some are simple, like in the examples above—but when you get one, it simply means, something went wrong. This versatile grain is tender when cooked and has a mouth-watering aroma that is subtle, yet fragrant. In Thailand, every traditional dish is accompanied by rice. Treat your mind, body and wallet how they deserve with Costco's great deals on organic foods and dietary products. Village Harvest travels high into the Andes to harvest our quinoa. A quality education was one of the founding principles of the Orphanage, therefore more than half of the funding goes to providing qualified teachers and furnishing the school rooms. What is the best way to store Village Harvest rice and grains? The nutty warmth of basmati rice combined with the earthy aromas of lentils feels like a hug in a bowl! Unlike rice, which requires about 7 feet of water each year to grow, quinoa needs only 8 inches. We have sent you the password reset link. Village Harvest travels all over the globe to source. The vibrant yellow color and subtly smoky yet tart flavor come from a good dose of turmeric and a splash of lemon juice. We are sorry, this email is not registered with us. Farmers involved in the program are able to realize a better quality of life by achieving higher profits and reducing debt, also allowing them to spend more time with their families. Monsoon rains and rich soil produce the soft, moist texture of Village Harvest Jasmine Rice. Visakhapatnam, India The 100 boys and girls that live in the Children of Faith Orphanage located in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India, receive a quality private education, healthcare, clothing, nourishment, and a loving home. Many of the students have gone on to further their studies in higher education. Please check your email. Enjoy low warehouse prices on top brands. It is a naturally moist variety with a wonderful aroma and sweet taste, influenced by the soil, monsoon rains and native climate. Together we invest in the strength and health of the communities that are involved in the production of our food.

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