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Several corpses were buried in graves without treating them. But today we are going to reveal world’s rarely known places that are unseen by most of the people. With huge sized mighty castles, the country is sufficient to mesmerize you. These hidden tourist attractions are serving honeymooners and romantic travellers as a hidden and serene paradise. Q. 10 Hidden Places the World Doesn’t Know About. This region was largely unsettled because it was closed off to Westerners until 1991. Caroline Morse Teel Caroline Morse Teel is the Managing Editor for SmarterTravel Media. But, the interesting news is that many places in Goa have been overlooked by tourists due to some very popular attractions nearby. Some of the world’s best places to visit aren’t limited to the same old hot spots that have been mentioned in guidebooks for ages. Know any more of Goa’s unexplored jewels? One of the top haunted places in the world, Poveglia has a very dark history that will send shivers down your spine. The beautiful places below are organized into tropical/warm, arctic/cold, and architectural. Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Places In Goa . When the city was suffering with plague, there was no cure for the people and they were left to die. So for your next vacation, instead of trekking off to that place you’ve heard a million people talk about, strike out for one of these secret places in the world and discover unique experiences all your own. Bodiam Castle, East Sussex – England: For castle lovers, England is the place to stop by. Which are the most beautiful but unseen places in Goa? With Mark Winston, Gary Hauk, Vincent Anthony, David Bakara. The shores remain quiet and dull. This article talks about the ten hidden places in Goa that you ought to visit. A travel and adventure series documenting curiosities, … Like most places largely unaffected by humans, it has a range of wildlife, including an eclectic range of salmon species and a large brown bear habitat. Pop them in the comments below. Their ghosts now haunt the island and the island is not visited by anyone. Follow her on Instagram @TravelWithCaroline. Created by Matthew Golden, Toni B. Heath. Now plan a trip and visit all these hidden places in Goa before the world discovers and commercializes them! This collection might be quite helpful in deciding an unusual spot to spend your vacations at. 1. In fact, it is considered to be the most densely populated brown bear habitat in the world.

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