types of digital computers

(ii) It is versatile, in the sense that it can perform commercial jobs such as preparation of pay bill, inventory report etc., and also solve technical problems such as stress-analysis, network analysis etc. Required fields are marked *. Whenever an expression like log(x) or sin(y) are used in the user’s program, the processor will execute the corresponding Library Function and compute the result. When supplemented with a keyboard and a mouse, microcomputers can be called personal computers. A computer is most imaginary machine that manages the many different types of instructions which are given by user, finally produce the accurate output for user. Digital computers come in a wide variety of types, ranging from tiny, special-purpose devices embedded in cars and other devices to the familiar desktop computer, the minicomputer, the mainframe, and the supercomputer. Mainframe computer uses the primary memory such as (RAM) and multiple processors. (Bit is the abbreviation for BINARY DIGIT). Microcomputers Each record contains one or more fields. 3. This category includes personal computers in both desktop and laptop forms. To take out data or send data to either the memory or the I.O. The Control Unit is to decode the instructions in the user’s program and send signals to the various devices in the computer system to perform the various processing operations. The Digital Computer takes in an input DATA, processes it and gives out the output information or the result. In this model only one user can perform task at a time, In this model only multiple users can perform task at a time. Very bad. Characteristics. These are called Library Functions. In which had been used the different technologies such as transistors and core memory. A supercomputer is architectural and operational totally depend on parallel and grid processing, because with the help of thousand of processor all processes are executed simultaneously. The storage unit is also called the MEMORY. The Screen and the Printer are the mostly used output devices. in a marks record will each be a Field. The special purpose computers are designed for a particular type of application such as: (ii) Electronic switching system in telephones, and. Computers used for business and scientific application are digital computers. The MEMORY or the Storage device is composed of a number of locations, (e.g.,) A MEMORY of size 8 K (8 kilo) will have 8192 locations which will be referred to or addressed as 0000 to 8191. These computers can fit on desks or tables and prove to be the best choice for single-user tasks. Most of the mainframe computers have capacities to host multiple operating systems and operate as a number of virtual machines. The digital computer is essentially a counting machine. Digit computer basically knows how to count the digits. Anything that is variable concerning time and ceaseless can be asserted as simple clock measures through the separation fixed to the clock spokes through time, much the same as simple clock measures. As such, it cannot evaluate logarithms and trigonometric functions like sin 9. Unknown November 29, 2019 at 7:11 PM. TOS 7. Reply Delete. The Central Processing Unit is also called the CPU or the PROCESSOR. In which has special functionality, in this modal connect computer and other terminals with local area network. This is multi-User computer that is big advantage. Embedded computer is not need more power for large computing. Programs have to be written in special languages that are known as Programming Languages. Versatile computers are those that can be used to process both technical and business data. Plagiarism Prevention 4. device, the processor uses the DATA BUS. This method of processing the input records one by one by the computer using the program stored in its memory is called ‘STORED PROGRAM CONCEPT’. These computers are able to perform global weather patterns, control industrial, mathematical calculations, and other complicating calculations as well. Devices. Modern computers are electronic and digital. Hybrid Computers are combination both analog and digital computers, because these computers are able to execute both data such as analog and digital. There are two main methods of modeling … Minicomputers are also called mid-range systems or workstations. The name a mainframe ‘means a frame to hold multiple processors and main memory. Micro computer is a small in size. Computer is electronic is device so it contains the different hardware components such as circuits, transistors and wires etc. Minicomputer is introduced in mid-1960.This types of computers is small size compare to supercomputer and mainframe computer. It is made up of 3 main sections, namely: The ALU is to perform the Arithmetic and Logical operations. What is Clustered Operating System (OS): Definition, Types, Advantages, What is Multiprogramming Operating System: Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages, What is Groupware: Definition, Types, Examples, Applications, Benefits, What is File Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Advantages, Disadvantages, What is Database Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Functions, Working, Functions, Needs, Role of (OS) Operating System, Features, Advantages, Disadvantages, Characteristics of Web Server, What is Web Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Working, Uses, What is Application Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Working, Advantages, What is Server: Definition, Types, Examples, Functions, and Uses, SEO Benefit for Your Business Website and Blogging. The output result from the Digital Computer is often called INFORMATION. Replies. Supercomputer mostly implemented in large scale scientific and engineering areas, because where required maintenance for large amount of database.

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