tofu pasta noodles

I rave about this recipe whenever I get the chance. I made it for my son and he loved it too. . I have a bag but the times I have used it, the taste is pretty bland. Here's my story →. So happy you love it . This recipe is absolutely fantastic!!! Im going shopping today! But in this version it wasn't bad at all! Thank you Sam. Mine came out perfectly, Are u serious??? The tofu will suck up some of the sauce, so if it gets a bit thick, just add water to thin as needed. I also have bell peppers and mushrooms and cucumber in the fridge and was wondering I can add vegetables to the sauce? I've made it many times over! This tofu recipe will be a rotating meal prepping lunch staple for us!! You did it again Sam. You are right, I do a LOT of recipe testing to get the recipes just so. Anne. So happy you love it so much and that it wooed a former tofu hater haha. Even tastier!!!! So glad you are enjoying it! source under the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Rule. Enjoy! A block of extra firm tofu has 350 grams. I know what you mean, I think about 1/4 of the tofu never makes it to my sauce! So happy you love the tofu in this recipe as much as I do, I also have a difficult time not eating all of the little crumbles! The second time I made it I had to double the quantities! Keep a close eye on the tofu as nears the end of baking time so that it doesn't burn. Thanks! Hi Jeremiah! H: ' there meat in this?' Personally I don't think cucumber would be very good in the sauce, but you could slice them up and have them as a little snack or side dish. The pictures for this looked so amazing, I had to run out and get a block of organic extra firm tofu right away! Seems I have an assortment of 8, 12 and 16 oz. I'm recommending this to everyone I know and keen to try more of your recipes, Awww yay! Have you ever tried freezing the tofu after baking it? I added minced onion and garlic and let them sweat. So happy it's a fave, Nancy . Quick, easy, healthy, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, hearty, and lick the bowl scrumptious. Can't wait to try it. Just curious if it matters if we dry the tofu or not? Made it tonight, and my family LOVED it (and we're not even vegan :)) It brings me joy to prepare inexpensive, meat-free dishes, like this, the whole family loves. HA! And thanks for responding! Thanks Sam, I love all your recipes and watching your videos. I know I totally heart carbs, they are the ultimate comfort food!! You can see all my recipes here, and don't forget to subscribe so you will be notified of the new recipes. Welcome, and congrats on your possible move towards vegetarianism I know when I went vegan I felt SO much better, and I didn't even know I felt bad before! Just wondering if you mean like jarred pasta sauce or the cans of plain tomato sauce? I love this with a glass of red wine too! I will definitely make this recipe often! Wow if you are just starting to eat vegan and you still like meat this is it ! me: 'I used a recipe tonight, that made me out it in the oven first before adding to the sauce. The entire family devoured this, even my meat-loving dad! Hi Kathy, Will report back with outcome:) If it tastes anywhere near as delish as it smells, I'm sure it'll be a gigantic hit. Haha, Made this for the first time tonight and it was amazing! , Awesome recipe! Bake the tofu for 35 to 45 minutes, stopping every now and then to give it a stir. Wow! I hope you and your daughter loved the recipe . Would the sauce be freezer friendly? Hope that helps. Thanks so much, Hannah! Yay!! haha. nutritional labels (i.e. H: 'Yeah, it's good.' I baked the tofu for twice the recommended time and still could not get it to become crispy- I would suggest that future readers take care to press their tofu prior to baking. While the tofu bakes, make the pasta according to package directions. There is nothing wrong with it. I just entered in generic tomato sauce to the nutrition tool I use, so it probably comes from that mostly. This is an older post but I just finished eating a bowl and am so damn satisfied. And that's no easy feat. I also placed the sprouted tofu in the air fryer (didn’t add smoke liquid but it was still so tasty). me: (chewing) 'Hmmm' Serve over pasta with a bit of Parmegan and devour. February 06, 2017 at 10:22 am . Thank you Rachael! So very happy your husband got fooled, and liked it. I love that story! Thanks! This is legit my go-to recipe for ground tofu "meat." Mine remained soggy. What is this word you speak of?? Thrilled you are enjoying my recipes so much, Morgan . I'm no good with spice and heat at all, and was wondering whether the chilli powder will make the sauce too much. Thank you! Um, yum!! I learned this trick of crumbling the tofu and drying it in the oven from The Sexy Vegan Cookbook by Brian L. Patton. Cover and cook 2 to 3 minutes until wilted. So happy you loved the recipe! I won't lose the texture , We made this and loved it but I swapped the chilli powder for paprika as my kids dont like anything Too spicy either . But really, I totally agree on pasta being the best bc it's so easy. Nutritional yeast will add cheesy nutty flavour and it will also thicken the sauce to better stick to the tofu. I love that your recipes are so user friendly and easy to follow. This is one of my go-to's as well!! . I am so pleased with how this turned out. increase in calories or carbs. Thank you! LOVE this recipe!!!! I normally will use Beyond Meat crumbles but that is expensive and not always on hand. Enjoy! And now I've made it my own, giving it my own twist and tweaking it to me and my family's liking. SO very happy you enjoyed it Kansas! H: 'So that's the crispy bits?' What an incredible recipe! My daughter didn’t even know it was tofu!!! And, I can tell you I won't ever try anyone else's because yours was absolutely perfect! This is such an easy recipe and I had so much fun crumbling the tofu and adding the spice paste. I have had your cook book now for a while and I have been making my way through all the recipes. You have flavor down to SUCH a science and are truly creating dishes. entire package as one serving instead of two (because let’s be honest, who OMG they are a game changer... they are the perfect addition to my ragu. Hi Bonnie, the recipe is correct as written. Your tofu recipe is amazing! Thanks for sharing!!! He said it has the texture of meat! It's crazy how much the tofu mixture resembles ground beef! My family love spaghetti bolognese and i hated it due to the grisly meat, but now on our vegan journey this is a meal we can all enjoy. Thank you Sam! If you are cooking for a carnivore type person, this is the book that might help them change their minds. It's so good. It was the bomb. You're most welcome, Josee! This is so so so tasty. I love when you share! Yay! I absolutely LOVE this recipe. Just making sure you know that I appreciate this site and all the hard work you do. Hi! I left out the soy sauce and liquid smoke and added fresh basil to keep the sauce authically italian and it was amazing! I omitted the oil and it came out beautifully. Thank you! Thank you for the amazing recipes. . This will become a staple for sure! Serve and top with the crispy tofu and the crispy bread crumbs plus a garnish of parsley. haha. And for anyone reading this who is wondering about texture - you could fool a meat eater! He said it was even better than the one he had on the cruise. Is the nutritional yeast one of the spices you mentioned that I need to add to make the sauce for the tofu? I like it.' Required fields are marked *. It was just under $2, so it didn't make our meal that much more expensive either. I was wondering if you could replace the crumbled tofu with TVP. Thank you so much, Jenny!!! You are such a genius!! Baking is just so much more enjoyable on so many levels. Let it sit for 30 minutes to press out the excess moisture. Thanks Sam! Haha. Definitely one of my new go to recipes. Thank you! Thanks, Or borrow you for like a whole month to cook for us?? Any tomato sauce that you would serve on your pasta would be perfect. The big problem was to NOT snack on the baked tofu morsels between baking it and dinner.

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