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I think it’s easy to see why someone who has the power to imagine, to be creative, to suggest alternatives, is going to be more influential than someone who can’t. That means being aware of elements in the environment. Berke defines adaptability as the natural tendency to take other people’s perceived thoughts and feelings into account when speaking or making decisions. Flexibility is your willingness to adapt. Someone who is adaptable will not say disparaging things about others, and will constructively describe both perspectives. The concept of adaptability, as developed by Dr. Michael O’Connor, my co-author of The Platinum Rule (Warner Books, August 1996), is a two-part process. These influences changed what I do through my company, resulted in co-founding startups and even provided chances to acquire equity in other entrepreneur’s ventures. For example, ask how they responded when a long-time process was changed. Download the new YouEconomy resource that helps you figure out how to get started with your very own side hustle. And sort of exciting. It has transformed the way we hire people. The scope of job functions, where work is conducted, how work is performed and the ways that workers are managed are being re-imagined daily. Thomas Freidman, Pulitzer Prize winning author of “Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations,” says that globalization is a part of the problem when it comes to lost jobs, but he believes that technology has been eliminating many more jobs and that trend will continue. In today’s changing and dynamic environments, the need for adaptive workers has become increasingly important. We can easily think of people who are intolerant of others because of religious or political beliefs. After the candidate takes the assessment, results are weighed against custom hiring profiles, and job fit scores are returned. Of course, our level of adaptability can be stronger in some situations than others. Adaptability is one of the seven personality traits and four cognitive traits that Berke measures. This is the sincere desire to understand and consider other people’s choices, commitments and needs in relation to yours. Ask great questions with interview guides tailored to each candidate. Delievered straight to your inbox. Related: 8 Traits of Healthy Relationships. “Hiring Managers refuseto meet with anyone who hasn’tcompleted Berke.”, Marcelle Wood,Chief Human Resources OfficerHanover Research, “I tell everyone about Berke. I firmly believe that we — especially older freelancers/contractors — must adopt entrepreneurial style adaptable careers. Integrate Berke with your recruiting systems using our well-documented API. Another reason for the gap between our ideal versus our actual level of adaptability is that it’s not easy. People with high levels of adaptability do well in positions that are service-oriented and in fast-paced jobs with changing circumstances. Being willing and able to adapt your behavior increases your ability to communicate and build relationships with other people. Remember Raiders of the Lost Ark? Dedicated account managers are committed to your company’s hiring success. Objectives of Test of Courage. And why not toss in the wildcard impact of technology, including artificial intelligence or machine learning, that’s driving automation of jobs and re-inventing business models. Berke defines adaptability as the natural tendency to take other people’s perceived thoughts and feelings into account when speaking or making decisions. Compare candidates to job benchmarks customized for your company. Berke helps organizations determine which skills are critical for success in each job. Explore the volcano to find the entrance to the tomb. A positive attitude leads to positive events in your life. Learn what to consider when evaluating vendors. If you don’t know how to answer a question or fix a problem, you can find someone who does. Sadly, we’re seeing far too many citizens being left behind in an economy that’s accelerating in directions where their skills are becoming obsolete and their experience is in industries that are fading or being completely reinvented. Are you always asking probing questions about your own and industry assumptions, the relevance of your expertise, the future of your employer/clients, etc. Are you reading about trends and developments within and on the fringes of your current industry and areas of expertise? The five high-versatility traits are resilience, vision, attentiveness, competence and self-correction. Try the assessment for free and discover more about yourself. Vision is the second high-versatility trait. Competence begins with expertise. Adaptable people boost team morale, keep the peace in stressful situations, and can move projects forward despite obstacles. Create a baseline to benchmark existing employees and candidates. © All Rights Reserved. It means understanding your current and future employability and beginning to plan for the challenges ahead.” This is his advice to avoid being on the wrong side of impending “structural unemployment,” which is large scale unemployment caused by a mismatch between workers’ skills/education and demand for them in the marketplace.

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