sunken family room railing

It indicates you are centimeters far from a big, yet intimate living room that does not require walls to appear like it. Many who want/need a one-story home, is someone taking in an elderly parent. Also, off the entry hall, was the home office, a place where she works some during the day and needs privacy for phone calls and serious focus. Good work. You can utilize your old furnishings, and still get that pleasant sensation you’re yearning for. Don’t make expensive colour mistakes. This one suits the lounge and it is linking to the upper side of your house which makes this style is even bigger in connecting and dividing each room in the house.. P.S. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Decorator, author, speaker and internationally sought after Colour Expert. I took off the railing years ago and now notice that our elderly parents can’t maneuver them as easily. I’ve always liked sunken livingrooms, 70’s or not. Risen locations will likewise look remarkable in guest rooms. Over to you my lovelies, how do you feel about sunken living rooms? Get Maria’s expert colour advice with our convenient eDesign colour consultations. You need to ensure that it is comfortable to you and everybody who is visiting your house, and gorgeous adequate to make your house special and unforgettable. Join over 30,000 people who get fresh content from Colour Me Happy every week! I like the idea of making the stairs a “feature” in the room. The step is appropriate for the style of the home, so that wouldn’t bother me as much as one long step from the dining room, which is what you described. I like the path you’ve chosen. Discounted Price Is As Shown. They added in some trendy style that really could end up breaking your neck. Architectural features don’t date rooms, its the furnishing that date rooms. CEO and Founder of Understanding Undertones. You can see it in the most unexpected location, find out about it on leading TV programs (Mad Men, for example), or check out suggestion posts in the Dwell. Looks great, HOWEVER. I do not like them, but I have seen them in big, new, suburban houses. To make sure the undertones in your home are right, get some large samples! I have the same situation, except the stairs are narrower. The photos don’t do justice to the spaces, but the “sunken” living room (25′ x 15′ w/15′ ceiling) with its stepped ceiling was the highlight of the house. People don’t see the step down at all and fall into the LR or trip up into the kitchen. What dates it is the railing and the carpeted stairs – once you remove them and put in the new contemporary stair it will suddenly seem contemporary. Money well spent on this remodel. This is one of the most interesting kinds of sunken living room. One of my lovely edes, Happy thanksgiving to all my fabulous American fol, Often your home needs a magical when it comes, My annual #colourboard sale is here! i agree that a sunken living room doesn’t necessarily look dated or 70’s….I lived in a home for about a year, a rental that was only 5 years old built in 2004, and it had a sunken living room, it didn’t look dated at all….that said, i didn’t like it but only because of functional reasons…it seemed particularly problematic for children (the owners little girl tripped going up the ‘stair’ and gashed her forehead on the travertine in the foyer…and i tripped once myself (no injuriy) just being a klutz when i got up in the middle of the night once….stilll there is no way i would change it (the work on the fireplace just sounds like such overkill to address the perceived datedness.) I’m a full time writer and illustrator. I like the step down and mine has a seven foot railing that stretches across the threshold that I am trying to decide what design to choose. –Jo, I am very obsessed with this writer from Apartment Therapy’s home that they did a tour of recently. Carrara marble for your Kitchen: Yay or Nay? These cookies do not store any personal information. This is for individuals with brave style services, who want to see their living room changing into a genuine sanctuary. It was situated between the bedroom wing of the house and the kitchen. I am enjoying your new house, Maria! Enter your email address to access DESIGN REFRESH, my subscriber-exclusive newsletter, for design tips & tools that will have your home looking fresh and new in no time! Keep in mind that the easier your space is, the much better it will match a wood flooring or a few big windows. Your room certainly won’t. Visit the post for more. So, it probably doesn’t look as cohesive as it should but we love it and the sunken room I don’t think dates a house at all. I love the changes that you are making and your studio! How does that work? The amount of floor space you would lose would be well worth it in my opinion. With a sunken living room whose capacity has actually currently been made the most of, there are not a lot of furnishings experiments that can alter how it looks. The end result was lovely. Why Sunken Living Rooms Have Got To Go, The Best Fresh Greens For Your Holiday Decorating, Cozy up with your family with these holiday gift ideas, MY NEW BOOK: How to Choose Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home, Advertising Privacy Policy, Comment Policy, and Disclaimer. I’m not a huge fan of fireplaces, so I wouldn’t mind removing it (if you did, is it possible to raise the whole floor? If your sunken living room was done just for aesthetics, then maybe it’s time to change it. But before doing the stairs, consider your furniture placement – will having stairs interfere with anything? I took down the railings too. My question is this??

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