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In 134 famine compelled John Hyrcanus, who had succeeded his father Simon, to a belated compliance with the king's demands. Strict Compliance With Laws and Regulations. "These obligations include strict compliance with the procedures for handling classified or otherwise protected information". Atropine. Adolescents with Tourette syndrome often experience unpredictable and more severe than usual symptoms, which may be related to fluctuating hormone levels and decreased compliance in taking medications. Extra marks are awarded for neatness, good spelling and strict adherence to the curriculum. I mention it as the friend of both parties, and in strict confidence. Giving the taxpayer an opportunity to rectify an omission in such cases is a means of enhancing voluntary compliance. 4. Member solutions and services within this directory have been approved and compliance tested to assure interoperability. In compliance with a peremptory demand from the English government, and in spite of a counter-threat from the French Directory, the refugees were surrendered. oe parts also ensures compliance with Ford's rigorous safety standards. The best way to get compliance from otherwise reluctant workers is to get them incorporated into the plan from the beginning. These competencies help clients enable sustainable, long-term and cost-effective compliance strategies that can also improve overall process value and effectiveness. While this added code is generally beneficial, and in most cases, necessary for W3C compliance, the automatic inclusion removes a level of control from the developer. conditional on compliance with accessibility taxi regulations 34. Protected by this dynasty, the priesthood developed into a completely organized state church, which was able to employ the power of the state in enforcing strict compliance with the religious law-book hitherto enjoined by their unaided efforts only. His confinement was strict and injured his health, but he was allowed the use of books. In return for this compliance, the emperor delivered over to the pope his troublesome rival Arnold of Brescia, who was burned alive by Nicholas Breakspear, the only English successor of St Peter. We reiterate the necessity for the DPRK promptly to return to full compliance with the NPT. Should the Inspector uphold the enforcement notice, the period for compliance will be stated. Examples of Strict Compliance in a sentence The application may be recommended for approval or approval with conditions only if the applicant, subject to any conditions which may be imposed, meets the standards for a Waiver of Strict Compliance established in N.J.A.C. Success in the treatment of amblyopia also depends on the amblyopia's severity, its specific type, and the child's compliance with treatment. Regardless of the procedure that you are required to follow when requesting benefits, you'll be required to demonstrate compliance with all applicable rules and regulations in order to qualify to receive payments. Chapter 9 Members felt that the section on verifying compliance was too long. It is 1 Thus some of the additions to Daniel and the Prayer of Manasses are most probably derived from a Semitic original written in Palestine, yet in compliance with the prevailing opinion they are classed under Hellenistic Jewish literature. empowered to enforce the specific duties through the issuance of compliance notices. Apart from a few exceptions, all the hedge funds participating in the Greenwich Associates study saw their compliance costs rise in 2005. Paper records are shredded beyond practicable reconstruction; tapes are completely degaussed and then disposed of in compliance with local environmental regulations. The industry association, based in Milwaukee, says it aims to reduce costly litigation while spurring, 127. They regularly review engineering and architectural drawings and specifications to monitor progress and ensure, 135. While many diets have at least one or two food or food groups that are suggested to eat from or to avoid entirely, the South Beach Diet food lists offer precise guidelines to help with compliance on this popular diet plan. This is called the "compliance certification label.". Compliance can be a serious barrier in treatments for sleep apnea. These letters were issued in compliance with the second recommendation (1906) of the Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline, viz. Managers are notified of any areas where they are not in full compliance with standards and asked to correct them before the next inspection. zonal percentage compliance for England and Wales. Prevention, Compliance, Screening and Periodic Testing outlines the latest recommendations for how to educate pet owners to prevent heartworm disease infections in their pets. The IRS online resource for small businesses and self-employed individuals has a wealth of information about tax regulations and compliance. This therapy is generally reserved for children who will not wear a patch or where compliance may be an issue. In compliance with definition is - in the way that is required by (a rule, law, etc.). In fact, compliance with the Christian practice of inhumation in the cemeteries sanctioned by the church, was only enforced in Europe by capitularies denouncing the punishment of death on those who persisted in burying their dead after the pagan fashion or in the pagan mounds. The two sides are ready to make continued efforts to bring about universal accession to and effective compliance with the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The American Society of Interior Designers, ASID, is another resource for researching top interior design programs and state compliance issues. nonproliferation undertakings and of actions parties can take to ensure compliance with their obligations. The company was in compliance with the various safety regulations. In any case, the commercial context will often require strict, 150. Her community admires her compliance with the ethic of compassion, but she does n't know a single male vegan within it. The ceasefire agreement does not allow any state to punish Iraq's non compliance with force. All licenses are reviewed by the Planning and Development Department for zoning compliance and the Fire Services Department for fire safety code compliance. 0 We provide client peace of mind through achieving legislative compliance without complication. The maker of denim jeans said it is in 121. The annual report is in compliance with specific accounting requirements. Organizations in all sectors need to demonstrate compliance, which has become a key driver for the use of assessments within the workplace. Their operation is subject to periodic inspections to ensure compliance. Even if minority families agree to accept Arab nationality, their compliance is often only a prelude to further persecution. The Directive specifies three ways in which compliance can be demonstrated. The order angered Marshall, who wrote the president a memo of, 132. analysedvantages and disadvantages of each form of compliance are analyzed in depth. Sentient DISCOVER is now the first resource management system to meet the requirements of AAA Bobby Compliance. Detailed records regarding soil treatment practice, water management and pest control, among other things, were created by organic farmer for use by the USDA in determining compliance with approved practices. Police officers should use their weapons sparingly and then only to obtain compliance from unruly suspects or inmates. For many months Garrison and his brave partner, who died long before the end of the conflict, made their bed on the floor of the room, "dark, unfurnished and mean," in which they printed their paper, and where Mayor Harrison Gray Otis of Boston, in compliance with the request of Governor Robert Y. 2. I would much rather take full responsibility for what I 'm doing myself, than have to put up with reams of compliance paperwork. Failure to carry out the works in strict compliance with the plans could also result in refusal. In addition to the benefits to the landlord that are listed above, Assurant even offers a convenient online web page where property owners can track the policy compliance of all renters. The maker of denim jeans said it is in, 125.

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