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After the unsuccessful attempt by pharmaceutical companies to buy out his research and equipment, his office was ransacked, his research paperwork was stolen and the machine that healed all those 1,000 “incurable” cancer patients was destroyed. Dr. Joseph Puleo analyzed the meaning of the tone using Latin dictionaries and hidden entries from Webster’s Dictionary. [EQ]; Use for sedative effect [ESP]; Sedative effect – reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, and sinusitis. I’m not sure if it would work as a sound. Why are Aspirin and Tylenol counterproductive? – Treatment of cuts, wounds, and burns Waking Operating State [RA]; Frequencies of the olfactory bulb, prepiriform cortex &, [DSH via DW]; Coordinates simultaneous processing of information in different areas of the brain. Comes into play when “listening & thinking during analytical problem solving, judgment, decision making, processing information about the world around us.” [CRI]. [CRI] does as well. There seems to be some disagreement between [PSI] and the original source for this list. – Cleansing traumatic experiences My recordings are perfect for Zen meditation, Buddhist meditation and Mindfulness meditation. [MPT]. – Making healthier diet choices involving foods free from toxins – (!!!) [BAR]; Associated with unconscious mind & sleep state – in conjunction with other frequencies in a waking state, “Delta acts as a form of radar – seeking out information – reaching out to understand on the deepest unconscious level things that we can’t understand through thought process.” Provides intuition, empathetic attunement & instinctual insight. MI – 528 Hz – stimulates love, restores equilibrium, repairs DNA; FA – 639 Hz – strengthens relationships, family, and community unity; SOL – 741 Hz – physically cleanses the body from all types of toxins; LA – 852 Hz – awakens intuition and helps you return to spiritual balance The 852 Hz frequency is said to boost intuition and find balance with your spirituality. 3. I suppose you could associate the earth year with the sun, since it’s the time it takes the earth to go around the sun, but 126.22 HZ uses “frequency of the sun” in a little different context. adenovirus, rhinovirus, Para influenza virus, and corona virus). deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory, focus, creativity. , increased immune functions, hypnosis [NEU]; Decreased awareness of the physical world. – Feelings of love, 2. ► Relaxation, Meditation and Healing Music: One held coffee and his frequency dropped to 58 in 3 seconds. 7.83 HZ being the first) [TS+HSW]; Intelligence Enhancement in conjunction with 22.0 HZ (medium=audio-visual stimulation) [APE]. The next main tone from the Solfeggio scale produces energy to bring about change. [EH] considers 30 to be the beginning of the Gamma range, which it believes run to 60. Math scientist Victor Showell describes 528 as fundamental to the ancient Pi, Phi, and the Golden Mean evident throughout natural design. [RS], 787 – Associated with eyes (Effects=Visualization) (higher octave of 12.3) [TOS]; (used to treat) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; Commonly used “cure-all” Rife frequency [CR], 800 – Commonly used “cure-all” Rife Frequency [CR], 802 – (used on) sinusitis with 1550 HZ; (used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS], 820 – (used on) sinus infection/head colds [RS], 832 – Bio-energetic frequency for Variolinum (i.e. http://www.rife.org/. That is, 5+2+8=15; and 1+5=6 (using Pythagorean math). 16.0 – bottom limit of normal hearing [MP2]; ; Throws brain’s sodium/potassium levels out of balance, resulting in mental fatigue. The next highest-risk individuals were those who believed that they were under stress. Some claim it energize crystals in the brain. 727 (used on) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; Commonly used “cure-all”, ]; (used to treat) Allergies, Sinusitis [RS]; Commonly used “cure-all”. audio-visual, EMF, magnetic, electrostatic, gravitic. smallpox vaccine). It was moving very slowly as if it was outside earth's orbit, but must have been about from 15 to 20 miles long...Then I saw…". As long as one’s temperature remains below 38.8 degrees Celsius, there is no need to lower it. It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. The site specifically mentions it can be good for pain initially, but then recommends using 0.5 or 1.5 to treat pain. Put in “computerese,” 40-Hz may be the brain’s “operating system” frequency [, ] Involved In The Processing Of Psi Information, Considered the dividing point between beta waves + gamma waves, although there’s some disagreement about this. Vic Showell and John Stuart Reid (a pioneer in acoustic research and cymatic measurements) have proven that 528 is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring. https://www.simplyhypnotic.net. Clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D, in his book, The Body Electric, who also explains that a person's health can be determined by the frequency of the person's body. Hyperlinked words have glossary definitions that you can access by clicking on them. Check the link under [APE]’s bibliography entry for more information. This healing frequency helps you flow in perfect rhythm and harmony. The information in green is from this original page. .” [TS, ESR+HSW, MAG]; anti-jetlag, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance [SS]; psychic healing experiments [ESR]; pituitary stimulation to release growth hormone (helps develop muscle, recover from injuries, rejuvenation effects) [HSW]; Earth Resonance Frequency – ‘leaves you feeling revitalized like you’ve spent a day in the country.’ [PWM via DW]; reports of accelerated healing/enhanced learning – “the earth’s natural brainwave” [MAG], inner-awareness of self, mind/body integration, balance [CRI]. 160.0 Appears to be involved in stimulating 5-hydroxytryptamine production, with 80 Hz. So a few UFOs have made themselves known to my house.. Me and a friend seen and watched... Others around seemed to be as life as usual.. [AWI] considers it 9.0-14.0. (according to [VUG]) – relaxed, not thinking about anything in particular, sometimes a pleasurable feeling of “floating”. They all play simultaneously. (Bone frequency is 38-43; neck and down frequency is 62-68). For better health and wellbeing, the DNA needs to be in a perfect state. [AWI]; Conducive to miracle type healing, divine knowledge, inner being & personal growth, rebirth, trauma recovery, “one with the universe” experiences (, ), near death experience, characterized by “unknowing”, merely a blissful “being” state such as deep sleep or coma. ‘A good memory is associated with well-regulated & efficient 40 HZ activity, whereas a 40 HZ deficiency creates learning disabilities.’ [CRI], 40.0 – dominant when problem solving in fearful situations. 421.3 – Frequency associated with orbit of moon (Note=Ab) [BH2]; Also associated with spin of Mercury, but here, she lists the Note as “A” [BH2]. Additional research conducted by Dr. Leonard Horowitz claims to have revealed three more Solfeggio frequencies: This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state. (136.1 HZ). 50-60 Documented negative effects too numerous to mention There is no correlation given with signal strength or modality used, i.e. I think this one, and the one right below it [197.71 HZ] might be based on the same thing. – Making you less fearful so that you can go after your dreams without fear [MB] Relaxed alertness, contemplation, body healing, mind over matter [SS] Lowering Blood Pressure [RA+PWM via DW]; Associated with Heart/Anahata chakra (Color=Green) (Body Parts=Thymus, Heart, Blood, Circulatory System) (Effects=Love of Life, love of self&others) (Note=F) [OML], 10.7 Associated with ears (Effects=hearing, formal concepts) [TOS], 11.0 (used to) achieve “relaxed yet alert” states. See Glossary Entry “COLOR“, 620 – Keely Frequency (use with 630 and 12000) [TB], 630 – Keely Frequency (use with 620 & 12000) [TB], 633 – Bio-energetic frequency for Anthracinum (i.e.

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