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Paré, G., Trudel, M.C., Mirou, J., Kitsiou, S. (2015). ‘We Came To Realize We Are Judges’: Moral Careers of Elected Lay Jurists in Rwanda’s, Transitional Justice Standards on Reparations for Women Subjected to Violence in the CEDAW Committee’s Evolving Legal Practice, Transitional Justice and Transitional Journalism: Case-Study on Kosovo, About International Journal of Transitional Justice. Analyzing the past to prepare for the future: Writing a literature review, MIS Quarterly, 26(2), xiii‐xxiii. We are looking for studies that advance theory and knowledge on the understanding of societal impact of elite sport. Research related to the attractive power of elite sport. A missed opportunity waiting to happen? What youth-led or -initiated approaches to transitional justice have been explored in different contexts that may expand the more traditional transitional justice categories, instruments or approaches? Young people who speak non-dominant languages, are members of indigenous communities, are sexual minorities, non-formally educated, or differently-abled are inevitably further excluded in these processes. * July 15, 2020: Feedback to authors on full paper. Cookies are used by this site. Are, or should, youth futures post-conflict be different from those of the rest of the population? Sport events, teams and athletes enjoy a great deal of worldwide media coverage and have the potential to build strong brands by capitalising on the emotional relationship shared with fans. (2018). We will not be able to consider late submissions. Historically they have spearheaded social movements in contexts as diverse as the South African anti-apartheid struggle, the US civil rights movement, Tiananmen Square protests in China, or the “Arab Spring”. We are now inviting authors to submit proposals for the 2021 Review Issue of JSIS. (2012), for example. The political process of constructing a sustainable London Olympics sports development legacy. Or, studies on manifest and institutional forms of discrimination (e.g. https://doi.org/doi.org/10.1080/19406940.2018.1537217. ), Managing Social Issues. Research on the ‘feel good factor’ or ways in which sports fans who attend or watch live sporting events derive a pleasurable form of excitement, happiness and satisfaction. They can be marginalised or excluded from the political, peacebuilding or accountability processes aimed at addressing the causes and consequences of conflicts. The social legacy potential of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. A polemic. September 1, 2020:     Feedback to authors, November 1, 2020:     Return date for revised manuscripts, December 1, 2020:     Second round of review process (if necessary) and finalisation, December 31, 2020:   Chapter written by SI editors – introduction to the SI, December 31, 2020:   Materials are prepared for final publication and sent to publisher, Januari, 2021:             First ESMQ issue of 2021, Veerle De Bosscher, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium The trickle-down effect: how elite sporting success affects amateur participation in German football. Research on identity and pride; international sports events are used to highlight national symbols and present athletes and teams as representatives of nation states. Social Politics invite submissions for a 2021 Special Issue focused on COVID-19 and the Social Politics of Crises.Find out more about the Call for Papers, visit our Author Guidelines to prepare your manuscript, and view the timeline for the Special Issue to submit your work. Overall, the quality of evidence for the impact of elite sport in relation to several outcome areas is relatively weak (De Rycke & De Bosscher, 2019). in the context of elite sport. 126–142). Coalter, F. (2007). We would particularly encourage contributions from young scholars, practitioners and activists as we seek to amplify the voices of young contributors in shaping the Special Issue. This was an optional activity. ECOOP 2021 Call for papers: 35th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming : LLLC 2020 7th International Conference on Language, Literature, Linguistics and Communication 2020 : DLRS 2021 Call for Papers: Topical Issue on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems : NLAI 2020 International Conference on NLP & Artificial Intelligence Techniques Indeed, countries bidding for major events sometimes do so to create a powerful public stage for their ideological battles, for propaganda, or to gain soft power. In the early twenty-first century, elite sport became an increasingly important policy priority (Green, 2009). Transitional Justice and Temporal Parameters: Built-In Expiration Dates? This special issue resonates with calls for the research community to contribute to empirical research with robust and appropriate research designs rather than offering assertions or opinions (Weed & Dowse, 2009). As such – and because of their enduring role in the legitimacy and durability of peace processes – transitional justice processes should cultivate spaces for meaningful inclusion of young women and men as stakeholders. Undeniably, the current empirical evidence base regarding a range of claimed impacts generated in the context of elite sport is inadequate and fragmented (Frick & Wicker, 2016; Funahashi, De Bosscher, & Mano, 2015; Van Bottenburg, 2013). “Passion alone is no longer enough”: the reframing of elite sport from a private trouble to a public issue. Are there particular spheres of distinct importance to youth - for example education, criminal justice, security sector reform, or DDR - that need to be reconceptualised from a youth perspective? Podium or participation? Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. Webster, J. Watson, R.T. (2002). Timeliness/Contribution. might young people add to the conventional set of approaches? �Z��?�]�ӌ�u�!�QE J�6��}�F�#��VSH9��֬���8V�1��Q��d����՜/�Ԝ> Nɒ�L���p�3_�|���Ȏխ��p�)�d1U� �/�t*9Z&22�b~�����;��z|(�Χǘ��I'6:��f�p�l w��(`��x���\�\B7f�}�0�c�)� What innovations and new methods (including social media and cyber capacities, art, music, poetry, or other cultural forms, etc.) propose a future research agenda for robust measurement of the assumed societal impacts of elite sport. Mapping the Potential Societal Impacts Triggered by Elite Sport: A Conceptual Framework. Their direct experiences make them arguably among the most crucial stakeholders in socializing and democratizing transitional justice processes across generations and in the prevention of future conflicts. We contend that what is required to develop the field is innovative, robust research such as mixed-method designs based on theories of change, which are more appropriate for establishing causality. International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics. Societal Impacts of Elite Sport: Positives & Negatives . Further helpful reflection and guidance is provided by The Academy of Management Annals http://aom.org/Publications/Annals/Information‐for‐Contributors, Leidner (2018), Rivard (2014), Rowe (2014) and Webster and Watson (2002). The Brazilian Journal of International Law invites submissions for a special issue on International Economic Law and the COVID-19 Sanitary Crisis, to be published in June 2021. Moreover, we propose a shift of focus from ‘if’ public investments can be legitimised towards ‘how’ public investment can be allocated (more) successfully for social impact purposes. https://doi.org/10.1080/16184742.2015.1056200, Girginov, V., & Hills, L. (2009). Reviews should normally be on topics for which no recent reviews exist and the proposal should clearly indicate its intended contribution to knowledge. New Special Issue CFP Special Issue Call for Papers Important Dates UAV Communications for Safe Aerial Integration and Spectrum Coexistence Download Manuscript submission: January 31, 2021 Notification of authors: March 15, 2021 Revised manuscripts due: April 1, 2021 Final editorial decision: May 1, 2021 Final papers due: May 15, 2021 Estimated publication date: Second Quarter 2021Read More How can transitional justice (both formal and informal) genuinely include and more effectively harness youth innovation, when conventional transitional justice models have often been framed by ‘the old and wise’?

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