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Signs can be heavy and awkward to ship, so costs could end up being a concern, too. Etsy can be a great place to sell your wood projects, allowing others to appreciate the things you’ve made while earning money for your hard work. KidBizLetters (880 sales) sells beautiful monogram-style letters crafted out of 1/2″ Baltic Birch and painted your choice of colors. If you’ve got a steady hand and love working “miniature”, then consider making little toys for slightly older kids! ... because here they come. amzn_assoc_asins = "B01GIL6EU4";
How do you sell your woodworking projects on Etsy? Well you're in luck, because here they come. Woodworking is a timehonored skill and activity that is still prized. […], […] diy woodworking guide. BatelierHandicraft (715 sales) makes beautiful iPad stands, book holders, and other small wooden things that are useful around the house or office. LifeUnscripted (548 sales) makes a variety of small wooden decor type stuff for the home, including coat hooks, word art signs, small bookshelves, and even kitchen stools! How to succeed with home furniture on Etsy. Etsy will advertise your products outside the platform, but you have to pay 15% advertising fee if your product sold. The Summery Umbrella (3,200+ sales) goes beyond signs (though they do sell signs, too) to also offer cut-outs and other cool shapes to decorate with. Sign-making suffers a little bit from “I could make that myself” syndrome, though the best signs are clearly the result of a talented eye and a steady hand. thanks! This shop stands out with its sheer variety of adorable micro-size options. This last one is just a catch-all for all the cool wooden crafts on Etsy that are useful and/or beautiful but don’t fit into any of the previous categories! I’ll certainly comeback. Very exciting., Infact, I am so happy the way you have been appreciating woodcraft, I do more of this woodcalligraphy, I love it so much.Read more about me at my blog.Thanks. PPS: I selected these shops myself and I don’t know the owners of any of them. How to sell your Woodworking projects on Etsy, What is the difference between Hardwood and Softwood, How to Set up a Website for Woodworkers in 5 Easy Steps, 17 Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell, Visits – this refers to the number of times went to your Etsy store, Orders – this is the number of orders people made over time, Conversion rate – the percentage of orders against the number of visits, Listing views – the number of people who viewed a product, Listing views per visit – this is the ratio between the number of visits your site gets against the number of actual views of your listing; the higher it is, the better. ). DesignedForUse (320 sales) sells stained and painted crates! I’m sorry if I overlooked your shop or another great shop. Painted Wooden Signs. Mosley. Brandable – if you are selling woodworking on Etsy, your name must be brandable. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
Lots of people these days prefer natural, handmade wooden crafts over mass-produced, environment-harming versions. This shop is another great example of choosing a niche and just completely owning it. , Funny sign made from reclaimed wood by Crow Bar Dsigns (I see what you did with your name there, Dsigns. Before you list your items, you need to study how you will price them. Reclaimed and “shabby cottage chic” is everywhere on Etsy. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit";
This stuff is essentially small home decor, so you’ll want to think like a home furnishings store and offer a variety of finishes to match different tastes and styles in home furnishings.

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