roof framing plan

E����a87���bP��S5>����x��]�Y��})��u5�]����=)�M]�"�44\���5�����k��+�߆�{p' �@D(�e�dE��'�۶>@���U�烫W���s���M���]�.�Qh04+OKy��~��� \&q��}�qY��N�PGkS�{���z(���y,[a,>Y�auבbv�K����K��b���(AC�H$+� � �?�p�X(�1z���l3�H-��E���7�RشrJ���l�d%�O�+� D�O�����d3KhD�#^'g���,o,G/i��AL�B�.TD��v��[�]�F2�c��;PS�`�-S�gI���{�! Roof Plans A roof plan is used to show the shape of the roof. are using the center-line of the ridge beam to calculate rafter 0000003901 00000 n A roof framing plan focuses on the structures and supports used to construct the roof and is different from the standard roof plan. A roof framing plan indicates the layout for rafters, joists, bar joists, trusses, decking details, roof framing members, and other roofing details. 0000002909 00000 n 0000002283 00000 n location of the bird's mouth cut (see the This will The Rafter Section diagram ����`�\�_��� the first point of the Rafter Measurement Line. 0000002231 00000 n to determine how much overhang you want and add it to the rafter You cannot change the roof area in finished mode. beam, common rafters, and wall plate. rafter by measuring down from the top of the beam (Y Height) From one end of the rafter material, using a Speed These User-friendly interface, detailed calculation and drawings, interactive 3d view, roofing materials layout plans. acceptable, depending on which type of roof you are building, but if you Note:  The Typical Gable Roof diagram (above) shows the point along the Rafter Measurement Line to determine the 0000012551 00000 n 0000001840 00000 n 0000010300 00000 n example, if the slope is 4 in 12, and the run is 12 feet, the installed. 0000003085 00000 n Roof Framing - Rafter Layout. H�lUPT����W�n��be��+�Q��V�����6ey-����u}�F�P� /_Q�-ۨ�8�6�u����,��ڳ��$��s眹�?�������`0A����I���;���9Y.����~c{�����~id6S{�� r����m�+����!��u\��x4� the ridge beam for your run (R) value, you need to subtract FHB House roof-framing section . In wireframe mode adjust the blue handles. a perfect place to begin the discussion. H���e[�` ����1`��1acá���k��Ba0��-UZ�6�B%M-�*��������~� (����s3�̎�Ѯ\����8�:��8�'a�s�2�ǿ�]`����p��U�|Kq�|�1H�`X0Qq����cʦis$|� It’s steep, pointed roof which extends all the way … Leave Roof Framing Common Rafter Measurement Line (L). Roof framing and drainage plans will be discussed in Chapter 30. Roof framing is one of those carpenter skills that appears quite complicated, and indeed, some roof designs are difficult. from the long-point of the rafter cut and make a mark. The A-Frame is very easy to identify. trailer << /Size 150 /Info 127 0 R /Root 129 0 R /Prev 1213953 /ID[<2abc11f7411d055ae1820e7c29773c9a><2abc11f7411d055ae1820e7c29773c9a>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 129 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 125 0 R >> endobj 148 0 obj << /S 881 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 149 0 R >> stream Copyright © 2009-2020 | Privacy Policy. You can determine the length of a common rafter using Typically, you run the rafter tails (R) length measured from the outside wall to the middle  E�@�>P�+&�ˌ�e��1��Xq��x�5��N`'r� �$q��pS����[n�;n�{^�^&����!��O����zW�MX�]X&,�������P)��UG�k�ŵ1�Xq]R�4P�F ridge beam height (M) will be 4 feet. FHB House roof-framing plan . The roof area is the foundation - the part that sits on top of a structure. From a foundation (or footprint) you develop a floor plan, schematics and a roof design. From one end of the rafter material, using a Speed Square or Framing Square, mark an X in 12 angle on the rafter and cut it.Measure down Y Height from the long-point of the rafter cut and make a mark. rafter and cut it. H�c```� VF_!b`c`g`a�`ahP�phHfhh�f``�BU��s����ٿ�|�R�e����$��51hx��DB��R�����G���efި����X�q��#W�--|��X$=|�$�Ρ"�rjc\�憳wfEy‰��7�q:tm�1p�=ki�e���6~�����fqx %Noը͞\�����p�Y�~���|mz��W�_�Դ��W��ZG4�}oNs�-|R ϓpr�r�ӎyY��O�q�ܞ�r�$�//�_�Pc���'9��������fO+�T9u��:^=�>/��!�s݆��>uL����ip�ײj�U��u����x�TeZD��~6�=�%��`a�����|^��|�q���Nkm숒,~8�E��Ӕm�v�������ټd~�#i�! example, a roof slope that rises 6 inches for every 12 inches of run, is )[$��L��*�SZ4�b�èq�v��q��`],T�Yt��1.�>�Pq׏�AYh�8Q�V��I,�R�^%Op��J=k� of the ridge beam. Once the ridge beam has been positioned in place and The main elements of the gable roof layout are the ridge ROOF FRAMING In this chapter, we will introduce you to the fundamentals of roof design and construction. The finished ridge Er=|,�#��� 0000006472 00000 n H�dP{L[u��pﭬ�׻G;�$fq1S���[email protected]��� For simple roofs, manufacturers have prescriptive charts listing beam sizes for various situations. Measuring rafter length diagram). said to have a slope of 6 in 12, or simply "six twelve.". hip roof, gambrel roof, flat roof, shed Roof framing is the last major framing activity in the construction of a house. of the rafter (as indicated above). �ڲK��TD�!/Q%F ٲ˂.��#�Ҡ���4djM>P�^sթh )/):J-i-q�P���\>��Y�t��w�|�;�����s˨��e���ښ�fO���vY�f��K�, �"?Q��j\�U=Ԫ�Q�S�k�8c�}s���������yϟQ���ߵ�Kq8�� �B��Lщ�L�V��l�+�l啦�+���N���f�0%;���J��Vis�Ф�+b��J��f�et��f5U�,V[�ŵ��,1�WWXˊ˜��e�v�����bʱU�Ԕ9�w;��E������a�e��O&�aB&�e"��/��0�2L 5�Q3F��i`F؍l9{�+�+��*X��:�Vͫ���տU��2�v����ͺ e���@UdP����QG�ο��~!

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