psalm 63:1 meaning

O God, thou art my God; or, O God, thou art my Mighty One. Early will I seek You. CHANDLER'S "Life of David" contains an Exposition of this Psalm. In a dry and weary land where no water is. It confers a great deal of benefit, and requires a great deal of grace, which belongs unto it, in the truth and reality of it. III. 1801-1803. How sweet is such language! Thomas Horton. If we look at the first ages of our faith, we see that it did not all at once convince men of its truth, as the sun that rose this morning told all who had eyes to see that a light was shining. The expectancy which even in inanimate nature seems to await the first streak of morning is itself enough to show the connection of thought. Not here. The Lord the Spirit write that truth deeply upon your heart that you may take it wherever you go, and make it ever your bosom companion. "E.W. The other name for it is faith. II. "[1], All but the timid scholars agree with Rawlinson who wrote: "All the indications agree exactly with the superscription that this psalm was composed by David as he fled through the wilderness of Judea toward the Jordan during the revolt of Absalom."[2]. https: This Psalm contains the devout breathings of the soul. References: Psalms 63:1.—F. Thai slep till God, that settis thair hert on ani creatur - I wak till the, and that gars me thirst in saule and body. To know the true God was to know that such a craving was satisfied. J. P. Lange. III. Follow either of the two large buttons below to see these verses in their broader context of the King James Bible or a Bible concordance. The proper idea, therefore, would be that of seeking God in the morning, or the early dawn; that is, as the first thing in the day. "Commentary on Psalms 63:1". He embraces him at first word, as we used to do friends at first meeting. There is one religion that stands alone in the world.—There is one religion that differs from every system that has come from man, and it claims for the cause of that difference that it is not from man at all—that its origin is with God. III. It is a land of arid mountains without a blade of verdure, blazing in their ghastly whiteness under the fierce sunshine, and with gaunt ravines in which there are no pools or streams, and therefore no sweet sound of running waters, no shadow, no songs of birds, but all is hot, dusty, glaring, pitiless; and men and beasts faint, and loll out their tongues, and die for want of water. And, see what a wilderness is capable of producing, when the soul is drawn out in such sweet enjoyments. He is the One to Whom I must fly in all circumstances of life, and in every season of my earthly wanderings, He is the one Who comforts and succours. How frequently have believers traversed in their experience this dry and thirsty land, where spiritual joys are things forgotten! If you have Jesus, you have everything; if you have not him, you have nothing. But in giving them, he gives himself. This is not simply an intellectual pursuit; it is a deep abiding spiritual need. Doubt and hardness of heart depart. To those who can say that, the last part of David's words and his firm resolve will come as a very easy and a necessary thing; they cannot help saying it: "Early will I seek Thee." - What is the meaning of Psalm 63:1? Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. "Calvin's Commentary on the Bible". The Psalmist’s words may well be turned by us into self-examining interrogations and we may-God grant that we do!-all ask ourselves; ‘Do I thus thirst after God?’ ‘Have I learned that, notwithstanding all supplies, this world without Him is a waterless desert? 1865-1868. Vol. Happy David! The Lord is the Redeemer of my spirit, the Lover of my soul and the permanent Resident within this body of flesh. First impressions are the most durable, because there is not a multitude of ideas to drive them out, or prevent them from being deeply fixed in the moral feeling. It is to ignore the plain demands of our inner being, to do violence to the highest guidance of our mysterious and complex life. As soon as David arose in the morning, he became aware of his need for God-just as he needed water shortly after waking up. Hagar saw God in the wilderness, and called a well by the name derived from that vision, Beerlahairoi. For what does David pray? For although the body, strictly speaking, is not of itself influenced by desire, we know that the feelings of the soul intimately and extensively affect it. Therefore he says, O God, you are my God; early will I seek you;" you as distinct from your gifts. Take, first, the spiritual longings of the true believer, and it will be found, as a rule, that they have the following characteristics: (1) They are occasioned by some experience of trial; (2) they are founded on some past experience of God's goodness; and (3) they are finally and fully satisfied in God. Its first words are personal, “O God, you are my God.” Lent reminds us of the personal and intimate connection we share with Christ. Verse 1. O God, thou art my God,.... Not by nature only, or by birth; not merely as an Israelite and son of Abraham; but by grace through Christ, and in virtue of an everlasting covenant, the blessings and promises of which were applied unto him; and he, by faith, could now claim his interest in them, and in his God as his covenant God; who is a God at hand and afar off, was his God in the wilderness of Judea, as in his palace at Jerusalem.

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