principle of integration in communication

Messages should not be mutually conflicting – Messages should not be mutually conflicting and should be in line with the overall objectives and policies of the concern. However, we have a commitment not to keep problems a secret, so I am also going to need to tell this person (or this person’s supervisor) directly.”. Therefore, the effective communication system is one which achieved its objectives. For example, a baby in a cradle, communicates with a cry that she needs her mother. Integrated marketing is not a marketing strategy, but how you deliver a marketing strategy. Depending on the number of listeners, it should be in the manager’s cabin, conference room or at a place where the audience can pay undivided attention to every word spoken. In order to make the communication system effective, the following principles or factors may be followed: The idea to be transmitted should always be in common and easily understandable language so that the communicatee may interpret the idea in the same sense and spirit, in which it is communicated. Long messages become boring and may lose attention of the receiver. 8. (v) The Principle of Appropriateness (or Rationality): The communication must be appropriate or rational, in the context of the realization of organizational objectives. Communication should have a purpose. 3. There are certain principles observed in ensuring communication effectiveness. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. vi. Many people run into problems with this because the new strategies eventually come into conflict with the old. Principle # 9. It must take into account the interest of the other parties. 0000051850 00000 n The effectiveness of a system is measured in terms of its objective achievement. Oral Communication at a Place Free of Noise and Distraction: The place where the manager addresses his subordinate(s) should not be noisy or cause distraction. There should be room for listeners to interact and participate in the proceedings. All information and all ideas be communicated at the proper time. Content Filtration 6. Take the opportunity, when it arises, to convey something of help or value to the receiver. 3. The problem is that many marketing strategies tend to focus on acquiring new customers, new audiences, and new markets while they forget about retaining their existing customer base. Too many important relationships are damaged and destroyed simply because the parties involved complained to others instead of bringing themselves to speak directly to each other or to someone who had the power to help them. Simple, short and crisp sentences should be used to make the message effective. This also helps you link your various marketing platforms under a specific environment. 0000000016 00000 n Politeness and courtesy are important contributors to effective communication. An effective communication system is based on the following principles: First of all it should be clear in the mind of the sender as to what he wants to say. iii. For instance, while ordering for goods, one needs to make clear what is wanted, when it is needed, to whom and where it is to be sent and how the payment would be made. The process of communication should be helpful in an effective exchange of information. Manager should not communicate sad news (say, retrenchment of an employee) in a happy mood and vice versa. An advance communication carries with it the danger of ‘forgetting’, on the part of the recipient, while a delayed communication loses its purpose and charm, and becomes meaningless, when the right time for action on it has expired. One should use denotative words rather than connotative words. Following principles should be followed in order to make the communication effective: Principle of clarity, i.e., every point in the com­munication should be clear having no ambiguity and conveying the same sense and spirit. Physical and Human Setting 22. This implies that the information should be adequate and complete in all respect. Content Guidelines 2. Human setting refers to the circumstances under which the message is communicated. If the receiver happens to be capable more information can be given with the help of a few words. 0000007848 00000 n Image Guidelines 4. (h) All the activity units of organisation are to be connected with communication channels. Here are some common reasons people give for not speaking up – and the common actual results: In our programs, we encourage parents and other caring adults to ask children from time to time, “Is there anything you have been wondering or worrying about that you haven’t told me?” This is because it is normal to resist talking about things that are uncomfortable and it is important to talk anyway. workforce integration 9 Principle 5: Process matters—it gives messages, creates opportunities, and demonstrates the way in which the workforce is valued 11 Principle 6: Successful workforce integration creates new relationships, networks and ways of working. 8. High sounding phrases may reflect sender’s scholarship but may not ensure desired actions. For a practical application of this principle, it is imperative that not only must the message be expressed in a pleasant and sound manner; but also the purpose of the sender in making communication, must be absolutely clarified.

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