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The Best Rush Albums Ranked: What Are The Top 5 Rush Albums? There are benefits to both. One of my goals is to unlock the guitar tricks that make it easier to play. Depending on whether the chord is major or minor would determine whether you use your index finger or your pinky finger to locate the box. What this means is that you need to know exactly five box patterns for both scales. Good information and nice site. When soloing over minor chords using this “pentatonic box #1” method, the 7th is part of the pentatonic shape. . The basic pentatonic minor scale pattern (pattern 1) can be extended up and down the guitar fretboard using the additional scale patterns. The figure below shows two diagonal major pentatonic patterns. In Ex. I’m glad you shared this thought. It takes practice, but there is a mental approach to everyone’s playing. I love learning about music theory as well as playing. You can learn the same exact patterns for both. Why learning more than one scale pattern is a good idea. the ‘C’ notes in a C pentatonic minor scale). 0:00 – Intro Demo The black dots are the root notes of the pattern. How far can I go with this technique and what do I lose by not memorizing the CAGED boxes? Use the minor pentatonic scale over minor chords. You must place the root note on the proper note rather than assuming the fret number of the box pattern. AP-013 What are your Favorite Exotic Chords? The pentatonic scale guitar pattern shown below is one of the first scales a beginner electric guitarist should learn. 12:53 – Part 4: Adding in the Remaining Diatonic Scale Notes to Each Pentatonic Box Pattern Cheers! In my opinion, it is important that you know the sequence and how to find notes relative to the root note, such as which note is the 5th note of the scale. Playing Over Minor Chords. The awesome part is that they contain the same note intervals (with differing roots), so the patterns are the same. That is what step 2 is for…, Step 2 – Start to Extend each Pentatonic Box into its’ Neighboring Positions. Can you pick out the major chords associated with the forms? Arabic Scale: Introduce Eastern Scales Into Your Music, What Type Of Electric Guitar To Buy? You can find out how to read guitar tab here. I’ve been playing in bands and studying the fretboard since I was 11. It is sooooo addictive. The pentatonic scale is one of the most commonly-used scales in rock, jazz and pop music. Will try the backing also thanks, I have an observation, I understand theses shape positions and I know where they are I believe there should be fret #s for the ones who are just starting I feel if they do not see the fret #s they will be confused thinking of when I started I would have been confused. But maybe I AM doing something wrong. I know all the shapes. Learn more in my blues scale lesson. In a C major pentatonic scale, the C notes would be filled in. If you play lead guitar, you need to know pentatonic scales. Your email address will not be published. Some guitarists play more than two or three notes per string, which can extend the pattern farther down the fretboard. The first note of the e form box pattern (in the diagram) is being played on the first fret on the e string, but this is an f(e#). Pentatonic scales are also widely used in classical music and folk, and have appeared independently in music all over the world. Click here or on the image above to get 25% off your lessons courtesy of Guitar Command. If you want to connect the chords to the key-scale, you may target chord tones within the scale patterns based on the CAGED shapes. I will cover patterns in greater depth below. Sometimes you can play both scales over the same chord, especially for a bluesy sound. Differences between minor and major pentatonic scales. I think it’s best to associate the chord form, which you should know, to the proper box patterns. Some people claim that you can play the C minor pentatonic scale for a bluesy sound.

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