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Kommandoes) seem to perfectly well understand the combat benefit of staying unseen until the right moment. Let’s read about Ork Blood Axes and Freeboterz! These articles were originally published on the Warhammer-community site. Games Workshop has another Ork Clan Fokus – this time is on the propper sneaky gits: The Blood Axes! Krooldakka has lead a Speedwaaagh! Rider has been upgraded with new plastic torso, head, and gun arm. When the Blood Axes retreat it's soon realized that they are waiting for the Imperial reinforcements to arrive so they can get a proppa' fight. Metal Grot, one of the infamous 2nd Edition plastic Grots, and an epic Stompa model standing in as a Runtbot. PS could we please add threads for Ork tactics split between “vs marines”, “vs eldar”, “vs Custodes” etc? We’re continuing our look at the Ork Kulturs today with the latest news from Games Workshop. The Blood Axes are smarter and sneakier than your average orks. Hey there, I just started getting into warhammer by playing kill team and playing Orks is a blast :) I nearly finished painting my Death Skullz Team, and with the new Codex on the horizon I want to jump into "real" 40k. Blood Axes just don’t seem too competitive to me compared with other options but I’d be interested to hear others’ experiences and lists please. As such they have a much better grasp of human-style tactics& values and are known to engage in trade and even mercenary work with humans. Blood Axes are the orks most "influenced" by exposure to the Imperium, meaning they work more tactically than other ork armies. They value “tactics, strategy and the … The Blood Axes are a massive, galaxy-spanning Ork Clan and the first of all the great clans to encounter the Imperium. Welcome to Clan Fokus – a new series on Warhammer Community where we’ll be taking a closer look at all the new Clan Kulturs in the new Codex: Orks. A Blood Axe Waaagh defeats the Heretic Skull Knights warband on Jakhtor. You can purchase these models at a discount through our web-cart!. A basic Trakk for the Blood Axes. This explained why some Blood Axes and their vehicles would copy Imperial camo patterns but often in bright colours to stand out more on the battlefield No doubt some Blood Axes do think this way, but others (e.g. on the planet of Vigilus. Kommandos are clearly from the Blood Axe line, but obviously, you can't take just kommandos. I really love the Blood Axes fluff and my favourite units are kommandos, so I was wondering what are the Blood Axes colours? Various Yoof models- two classic metal Ork minis, and one classic plastic one. During their exposure and battles they picked up many human tactics, such as using camouflage (although often it is too bright to actually disguise the Ork) and retreating when they're losing. IMO, you should take units that rely more on cunning rather than brute force or head on confrontation. The Blood Axes are an Ork clan and were the first to encounter the Imperium. More Yoofs, mostly classic plastic Orks.

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