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I decided to buy ConsignPro even though I was concerned a smaller company may not "be there" 100% of the time for any questions or problems that might arise. I would think that this gives Brian some real insight into the workings of a consignment store. They helped me with my recnt purchaces of the Zebra Thermal printer, Cash register and receipt machine. Welcome to Carousel Clothing! Customer support is great. I love the business but this program allows me a lot of extra time I didn't have before! Fingers working out of sink with the brain sometimes! They both caught on faster to the layout of ConsignPro and were able to do their "work" with very little instruction. Support staff second to none. This program is easy to use, and does all the hard work for you. I don't think I would have a business without the use of their products. Call us today at (508) 235-1006 Visit us on Click "View Items" to see a list of items that are sold as well as still avaliable on the You can try our new site right now. My updates are simple to install and the support I receive from Brian is fast and sufficient. I called several current ConsignPro users and receiving nothing but positive feedback. This exclusive new feature will allow your consignors to lookup their account information via the Internet -- and it's all built right into ConsignPro 6.0. It saves me time which saves me money and increases my bottom line. The two factors that really swayed my decision were: I believe we were the first to have ConsignPro in the area and have shared how great you are with other consignment shops in Janesville. Transactions are uploaded on a scheduled basis set by you. I convinced them to try ConsignPro and it has made everything so much easier! We had already used up our demo space. It's good to see that there are still software companies out there that have such good customer service! Brought to you by ConsignPro Software. Yesterday I recommended ConsignPro to a friend that is opening a new children's resale shop in Bellaire, Children's Collection's,  and she, Yolanda, came upon a negative web site against Brian Wilson and told me about it. Consignments are accepted 6 Days a week, Mon - Sat. The Gypsy Trader now uses ConsignPro and loves it. This new feature makes it much easier to keep track of expired items and then take them down off the shelves! I've been open for a month now and your program has been so easy to use that my part time help (who only knows how to use a computer for Ebay) was able to sit down and do sales immediately with no trouble whatsoever. He rubbed me the wrong way, we had couple words on this board and I bought Consign EZ for under a hundred dollars. I haven't had to call them for help except for 4 or 5 times but I was given immediate attention in a most friendly manner. When I first started thinking of going to computer, I had a conversation with Brian. I have seen this company expand  added features of the program over the years that has helped my operations in running my business. It is very easy to use and is constantly being upgraded in response to all the input Brian receives from his customers. We are invoicing 60 to 120 items per day and your system has helped do this for us and still give us time to maintain our store. We loved it! And I mean everything from the tickets to posting the sales to writing the checks. Step 1. THANKS---I can't wait to get this store open! Then send it to the site using the prepaid shipping label. The price might be a little higher but it is a good software. I also spoke ot other consignees about their software and all agreed that ConsignPro was their favorite it is mine. Works great! Your store photo and owners message will appear -- not ours! I have been closed since December 12th due to major renovations YAHOO. - Under "Consignor Login" fill out the following; -State: MO -Store: Clothing Consignment Exchange -ID: (your consignor number) -Last Name: (your last name and consignor number must match up)-Click "Lookup"-This page will show you your account balance. Alison help me with the end of the year report and guided me how to save it to a thumb drive. Never have had to use it, but in case I should ever have to, it is there. Yearly maintenance fee is minimal and you get all the support you need. Thanks to everyone! The primary responsibility of the Department of Revenue is to serve as the tax collection agency for state government and for local governments. You won't be sorry. Comparing software, I felt that each of the programs offered many time saving features, great reporting options, flexible options to allow for individual consignment store needs. This software is the by far the BEST purchase I have made, so easy to set up and use. P.S. Now this is why I'm so glad I chose ConsignPro, not only do we have great support for any minor problems (usually not consign pro problem but operator problem) we might have but the upgrades that I've experienced in my short time as a ConsignPro user has been unbelievable! We are now (less than one year) moving our store to a better location! Not only is Brian very responsive and friendly, the program does everything and more than I expected. I love the Zebra printer too. Fern, It's about time that I tell everyone how outrageously wonderful you and your software are. God Bless You. The end of the day is wonderful!!! :)  Take care. My accountant and my husband (not the same person lol) both nagged at me to try another program before I bought something that expensive. Consignor Login allows your consignors to view their most recent transactions and current payable balance (commissions) online. Brian you should be so proud that you have wonderful people working for you and that you designed such a remarkable program. We are happy to have purchased a copy from you and your company.

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