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Whether they're sweet or savoury, posh nosh or pub fodder - Pie Week is the perfect chance to celebrate our love of the dish. Lv 5. “Nearly a tenth of our respondents have attempted an eating challenge themselves, be it a pie or another kind of foodstuff. EXCLUSIVE: Mum Rebeka Stewart, 28, from Middlesbrough, struggles so much financially that she had go three days without a single meal after having to pay £62 to get a new tap installed. However, here's where the definition of pie gets a little bit tricky, because some of the dishes featuring on the list aren't actually pies... A cottage pie - which has no pastry whatsover - managed to come in third place with 15% of the votes, beating out the likes of an apple, pork and a cheese & onion pie. In terms of sweet treats, the apple pie was considered the best of the bunch. You can unsubscribe at any time. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. “Our survey found savoury pies are far more popular than sweet, however, which is perhaps due to them most commonly being found at football grounds around the country.”. Fish are easily the UK’s most popular pet – there are over 40 million of them providing pleasure to their owners. Fifty-four per cent have made a pie at home themselves, and most would rather suffer a burnt crust than a soggy bottom on pulling their creation out of the oven. 10 years ago. 10 years ago. And on the savoury scale, steak and ale topped the charts, closely followed by steak and kidney and chicken and mushroom. In fact sweet pies made up the majority of their vots. However, as reported by Lad Bible, the Top 10 favourite pies in the UK have been revealed in a survey by, and some of the results are quite surprising. This was closely followed by chicken and mushroom and steak and kidney pie, with lemon meringue revealed as another of the our favourite … Shockingly enough, when it came to the southern part of the country, banoffee pie was a clear winner with an astonishing 43% of the vote, followed by apple pie with 22%. Sign in. And yes, a pie barm is really a pie in a roll. Favourite answer. A new study has lifted the pastry lid on the pies we most enjoy to tuck into, as well as our opinions regarding the classic pub grub staple. 0 0. BRITAIN'S favourite pie has been revealed, according to new research. It is meant for both adults and children. “Whether savoury like a steak and kidney or sweet with a filling of apple, there are very few people who would turn down a slice of the pastry-wrapped treat. BRITAIN'S BEST-LOVED PIES: 1. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Naturally, the North was nothing if not traditional, with their Top 5 consisting of all savoury dishes, and steak & ale coming out top with 47% of the vote. Steak and ale 39.15 per cent. Online casino commissioned the survey in support of their Play Absurd campaign, which sees comedian Paul Foot attempting to best the world’s fastest pie-scoffers in the Pie Eating World Championships in Wigan. Kidney Pie. See the UK's Top 10 favourite pies here: 1) Steak & ale pie (22%) 2) Steak & potato pie (17%) 3) Cottage pie (15%) 4) Chicken & mushroom pie (13%) 5) Apple pie (10%) 6) Pork Pie (9%) 7) Banoffee pie (7%) 8) Pie barm (4%) 9) Cornish pasty (2%) 10) Cheese & onion pie (1%) BMW, Justin Trudeau: Canadian PM called by prankster, Mysterious metal monolith found in remote part of Utah by, Belgian racing pigeon New Kim sells for record £1.4m in, mystery bidding war between 'Super Duper' and 'Hitman', Monkeys in Finland zoo prefer traffic noises over nature, Sam Fender on Winter Song cover: "I didn't want to do. 5. In fact, the humble steak and kidney pie has been voted more quintessentially British than classic dishes like bangers and mash, bubble and squeak and toad in the hole. A new study has lifted the pastry lid on the pies we most enjoy to tuck into, In fact, the humble steak and kidney pie has been voted more quintessentially British than classic dishes like bangers and mash, bubble and squeak and toad in the hole, Twenty-seven per cent think a pie isn’t a pie unless it has a meaty filling, and one in six think there must be a rich gravy contained inside the pastry casing, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, Incredible transformation of man who lost 13 STONE and became first Brit to undergo pioneering excess skin surgery, Anthony Joshua's diet revealed as heavyweight champion prepares for world title showdown with Joseph Parker, McDonald's accused of "cultural appropriation" over new Jerk Chicken Sandwich, The fast food chain has come under fire online by some furious customers who have complained about the new 'Jerk Chicken Sandwich' on its festive menu, Royal wedding officer sacked after paying 7p for 12 Krispy Kreme donuts at scanner, Simon Read attached a 7p barcode sticker for carrots to a £9.95 box of 12 Krispy Kreme donuts then used a self-service checkout - claiming  he made an "honest mistake" - a panel heard, Mortified mum fails to notice X-rated rip in jeans so does school run with bum on show, The mum-of-two had already dropped her kids off at school and was halfway through doing her food shop at Asda when she was told that she had a rip in her jeans, Woman's joy after discovering hidden room in her house behind a wardrobe, A woman shared a viral video on TikTok after discovering a secret room behind a wardrobe in a bedroom, more than three years after originally moving into the property, Mum-of-three's heartbreak as she can't afford £5 to send daughter on school trip.

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