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Hilary Moore, who represents nearby Lanark on the board of the NFU, says the federal government is currently looking at adjusting the CFIA regulations which prohibit cross-border sales of meat. He too cites COVID-19 as increasing the interest in locally raised meat and the problems in maintaining a consistent supply for the freezer trade with only one full time abattoir in the county. Healthy food your family can trust. “It’s not ideal if you are trying to encourage customers to support local. Certified organic and soybean free meats, pasture raised: beef, pork, and lamb; eggs, vegetables, fresh and dried herbs. At the other end of this far-flung county, Paul Shulist near Combermere trucks his cattle and pigs over an hour to Reiche’s near Rankin or two hours to an abattoir in Hastings County. In regular stores most of the beef is grain-finished, coming from cattle raised on feedlots. Harvest Boxes | PaniersAbout Us | À Propos. Everything in our boxes was either produced on our farms, or sourced from another local farm we trust. Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. We’re 100% farmer owned and operated. We offer a money back guarantee on all products. Republication or distribution of this content is In turn, this will free up space and labour at the Rankin location. All My friend who has a son with severe food intolerances was also successful in getting her son to drink broth made from the lamb shanks that I picked up last time I was there. Premium meat and seafood delivery service in Ottawa and Quebec, offering ethically raised, hormone and antibiotic free meat and sustainably sourced seafood. Thank you very much, it was a very meaningful experience for us. With our convenient and secure online ordering system, you can easily order the best quality meat. Mr. Shulist thinks that a mobile abattoir might be a solution to the problem. I have a vitamin blender and it powdered the cheese in seconds. We need to have food security. Arc Acres practices organic, biodynamic and permaculture methods. Grass-fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken. Hopefully we can visit you sometime this summer. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. It is also an absolute pleasure to visit the store at the farm because of the farm’s peaceful and picturesque settings. For the long-established abattoir, the temporary closure of McGarroch’s in Micksburg last year and the sudden impact of COVID-19, created a perfect storm. We Produce 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Goat and Lamb in the Ottawa Region. And now, with COVID-19, who would be listening? Our meat is fresh or frozen in vacuum sealed BPA free packages (meal sized portions). It takes 6 to 12 months longer for grass fed cattle to reach the market weight compared to those finished on grains. "Alpenblick Farm’s meat is so delicious and fresh that it’s impossible for us to buy meat from the grocery store. presentation-ready copies of Toronto Star content for distribution We produce quality beef, pork, and chicken, and sell directly from our farm to customers in Ottawa-Gatineau. No delivery charge for Market orders. Once parked, walk through the next gate, and wait by the tractor. Our bi-weekly harvest boxes gather together locally produced vegetables, meat, cheese, eggs, grains and more, and bring them directly to your door. NFU representative Mr. Buchanan says, “Farmers have so little time to advocate for their needs and their voice is so small. Harvest box contents change with the growing season, so each box is different. “Because our beef is grass-fed, the cattle will just get a little heavier if we have to delay slaughter, instead of putting on fat like feedlot animals,” says Mr. Dobson. “I would be glad to put in a refrigerated walk-in cooler and a freezer on my farm,” Mr. Shulist says. "— Judith, "The meat from your farm is absolutely superior. We are supporting two families with this farm, but we need the local infrastructure to do that. Time spent training new staff and the shortages of cooler and freezer space meant that doubling output couldn’t even meet farmer demand. By signing up for a box you support many farms at once, and help to build a resilient local food network. When you arrive at our gate, don't be shy! How things have changed. "— Fatima and Jacob. to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about Bellow you will find a list of farms located in Ottawa region that provide grass fed beef and organic beef. On our beautiful 200-acre farm, all the animals are free to roam wherever they want, whenever they want. “Our yearly sales started early when people started panic buying in April,” says Mr. Shulist who, with his wife, Halinka, took over the Shulist Family Farm 30 years ago and now farms with his son and his family. Cheryl Keetch, OVFC co-ordinator, says that frozen meat comprises between 35 and 50 per cent of their monthly inventory, with sales doubling in the months following the lockdown. We regularly buy beef, lamb and goat meat from Alpenblick farm. By signing up for a box you support many farms at once, and help to build a resilient local food network.

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