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addy40d99f191bc1fc59b207b5d2d4db34e8 = addy40d99f191bc1fc59b207b5d2d4db34e8 + 'pooltechnerja' + '.' + 'com'; !8˕„`�S2��BA=��B3���3L�퉜i��Yf var addy_text40d99f191bc1fc59b207b5d2d4db34e8 = 'Pool Tech Nerja';document.getElementById('cloak40d99f191bc1fc59b207b5d2d4db34e8').innerHTML += ''+addy_text40d99f191bc1fc59b207b5d2d4db34e8+'<\/a>'; Both companies offer years of experience, free unbiased advice and excellent, professional service. As you noted lithium hypochlorite … Lithium is also is used as a lubricant and an additive for metal and glass. 528A 1982 0 obj <> endobj Recommended levels: pH 7.2-7.6, Total Alkalinity 120-150 and Calcium 80-250 depending manufacturers recommendations. Please also see our Facebook page, We're not selling anything; this information is our gift to pool-owners We want to give you the free information you need to operate your pool safely and economically; and to be your own Pool Expert MyPoolGuru is on your side; and we're here to help We have provided a library of information to pool-owners: -, Why are we doing this? The lithium hypochlorite sanitizer for hot tubs and pools comes in granular form: Lithium: Lithium Hypochlorite, 35% … The hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ion, together, are called free chlorine (FC). This chart is for water at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 0 Once a week it is recommended to clean your … Doses of 500 mg/kg cause clinical signs and significant mortality in rats. Lithium oxychloride. - Because we want to 'give something back' to an industry that we love I hope that you'll join our Community - and that MyPoolGuru will be of immense help to you during the life of your pool Ken Walker - CEO, MyPoolGuru©, Prices include postage and packing and are for delivery to mainland Spain only. Thanks, we look forward to meeting you soon, Note: - Please contact our recommended pool professionals for supply and installation of all pool-related services: -, Andalusia and the Costa del Sol - Pool Safety Spain. document.getElementById('cloak40d99f191bc1fc59b207b5d2d4db34e8').innerHTML = ''; DOSAGE WILL VARY DEPENDING ON SPA USAGE. Lithium hypochlorite is the colorless, crystalline lithium salt of hypochlorous acid with the chemical formula of LiClO. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Lithium hypochlorite, 13840-33-0. This email address is being protected from spambots. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; An alternative to Chlorine & Bromine, Lithium is great for hyper-chlorinating your hot tub/spa water and it is unstabilized so it doesn't leave a residual smell of Chlorine in your water. Please help us to make every pool a safer place - by sharing this information we can cut the number of pool accidents and deaths. These are all very alkaline so it is logical to think that when added to water they will raise pH. The amount of lithium required to make lithium hypochlorite … However, both sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine or bleach) and lithium hypochlorite have no negatives effects on your water and are basically pH neutral on use. 13840-33-0. For delivery to other destinations please 2024 0 obj <>stream Lithium chloride oxide. LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE — Granular pool sanitizer, 35% available chlorine, totally soluble in water, pH 9.5. h�b```�V)~ ʰ !G�w}��e�N�*v>���v00.��R ���*�����Q����H�GB����I͌lF|&WD30v]��9&0 ����q��a`H��e`�B��Ɍ�e`� 0 p � The salt content in Lithium Hypochlorite is virtually identical to its content in Sodium Hypochlorite (chlorinating liquid or bleach). �K�%����\嘒ЄqhT %PDF-1.5 %���� Hypochlorous acid is 60 to 100 times more effective than hypochlorite ion at killing or oxidizing microorganisms. h�bbd``b`: $�A��@��b�"ʀK�by�Ua;Ҧ$����H��Y$�o �K@B�)#�/����Hk��/�7 �8N I've been using the granules (pucks less frequently due to stabilizer build up), but he gave me a couple of one pound BioGuard Lithium hypochlorite … *We only offer Quotations: - a fixed, agreed price that cannot, and will not, be increased. f�A=)!�kHŬSW��]�=������Q�o��ާ��rWeǫ�M���0��Ix��ǯ�g�YvQ͚+!�$�z�O��O��L+3���Φ���yU��e�D6���A���凶���r�. Where's the Lithium Hypochlorite? ALWAYS ADJUST LITHIUM… It is used as a disinfectant for pools and a reagent for some chemical reactions. %%EOF Ph. Chemical Name: Lithium Hypochlorite Sodium Chloride Sodium Sulfate Lithium Chloride Lithium Carbonate Lithium Chlorate Lithium Hydroxide Water 13840‐33‐0 7647‐14‐5 7757‐82‐6 7447‐41‐8 … Not applicable . As you noted calcium hypochlorite does raise calcium. All our work is Guaranteed; Parts and Labour, For free and unbiased advice, a site visit or no-obligation Quotation*, please make initial enquiries by email. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Lithium hypochlorite, 13840-33-0. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. As Lithium Hypochlorite is calcium-free it causes no increase in pH, Calcium Hardness or TA and has no effect on CYA It has a long shelf-life, is non-flammable and very quick to dissolve (without clouding the water and without clogging a feeder) It can be used directly fiberglass or vinyl-liner pools without damage to the gel-coat or tha liner For every 10 ppm Free Chlorine (FC) you also get 8 ppm … 1.2 Relevant Identified Uses of the Substance or Mixture and Uses Advised Against: Formulation and chemical synthesis in industrial manufacturing operations; Tell us a little about your pool problem and include a daytime phone number. Lithium Hypochlorite dissolves instantly rapidly in water - usually in under 60 seconds, It is the most expensive of available sanitizers but has a few advantages over its more expensive rivals, As Lithium Hypochlorite is calcium-free it causes no increase in, It has a long shelf-life, is non-flammable and very quick to dissolve (without clouding the water and without clogging a feeder), It can be used directly fiberglass or vinyl-liner pools without damage to the gel-coat or tha liner, It can be used for routine sanitation and for, Lithium Hypochlorite dissolves too rapidly to be used in a dry-chlorine feeder, It must be pre-dissolved and dispensed in a liquid feeder, One Kilogram (Kg) of  Lithium Hypochlorite  provides about 350g of available Chlorine, 50Kg  produces 16.5Kg of available Chlorine, Use less of those expensive, toxic pool-chemicals, Extend your swimming season - by a couple of months each year, To give you a thorough understanding of how your pool works, To teach you how to keep a pool healthy and safe, To help you carry out routine and periodic maintenance - safely and economically, To provide unbiased information on pools, pool equipment and pool accessories, To help you make significant cash and time savings. Maintaining a pH of 7.2 to 7.6 is the optimum range, with a chlorine level of 3.0 ppm to 5.0 ppm. We do not give 'estimates', as an estimate offers the client no guarantee of final price, Share this website with other Pool Owners and Users,  encourage them to read about Pool Safety, learn CPR and help them to save lives, time and money. endstream endobj startxref Lithium Hypochlorite . Available in California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Southwest Washington and Seattle Metro Areas. Hypochlorite … Contact me for a Quotation, On this site you can learn about your pool, and how to: -. Water temperature does have some effect on the equilibrium. Nerja area - This email address is being protected from spambots. - chemical formula LiClO - is a sanitizing chemical supplied as a free-flowing, dust-free powder or as granules providing around 35-38% available Chlorine, We supply all plant and equipment featured on this website. Most liquid chlorine (sodium hypochlorite, 12.5 percent) has a pH of about 13; cal hypo has a pH of 11.8 and lithium hypo has a pH of 10.8. … h�ԙmo�6�� (03) 9720 4461 Fax. offer years of experience, free unbiased advice and. A colleague at work uses BioGuard with 29% Lithium hypochlorite, and he swears by it. Safety. Formula 2 ® 1.1.2 Mixture name: Lithium Hypochlorite . (03) 9720 4481 LITHIUM HYPOCHLORITE/SANITISER GUIDE TO BE USED AS A GUIDE ONLY.

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