lenovo yoga c940 vs hp spectre x360

CNET covers a broad range of consumer electronic devices. At 12.1 x 7.7 x 0.7 inches and 2.7 pounds, the 13.3-inch Spectre x360 has a much smaller footprint and weighs a bit less than the 14-inch Yoga C940 (12.6 x 8.5 x 0.6 inches, 3 pounds). The Spectre x360 also supports two screens 5K simultaneously. PCMag is known for performing consistent and objective testing of products and services and for its in-depth research. Introducing . The Slant team built an AI & it’s awesome Find the best product instantly. The Lenovo Yoga C940 (14″) was our previous convertible pick, and we had difficulty choosing between this model and the HP Spectre x360 13. 15.6" Full HD (500 nits) i7-9750H GTX 1650 (max-q?) That said, the Spectre x360's keys offered a bit more key travel and felt bouncier than the Yoga C940's. Expert Reviews performs extensive research, does objective hands-on testing, and features good side-by-side comparisons of products that range all the way from... in “Best laptop UK 2020: Save £200 with Black Friday deals on the Samsung Galaxy Book Ion and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3”, in “Best of IFA 2019: SlashGear's top tech”. The lighter of the two laptops is the Lenovo Yoga C940 at 2 kg compared with 2.17 kg. Each laptop comes with a stylus. Receive news and offers from our other brands? If portability and battery life matter most to you, then get the Spectre x360 13. Hp Spectre x360 15. The Spectre x360 13 wins this round because it also has a microSD card slot so photographers can upload photos and videos. HP charges $90 for that upgrade. These two premium laptops are similarly priced. We analyzed all of the review data that we could find on these two Traditional Laptops. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. The backlit, Chiclet-style keys on both laptops are well spaced and big enough for large hands. Both the Yoga C940 and the Spectre x360 13 have dual Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.1 Type-A port and a headphone/mic jack. Earning that much praise from such respected sources is undoubtedly an impressive accomplishment. The Yoga C940 also has two Thunderbolt ports and a single USB-A port, but it skips the HDMI port. Creative professionals will find the AMOLED display to be a far superior option, although there’s a price to pay in battery life. Find the best product and price, effortlessly. TechRadar performs extensive research and uses well-thought-out and objective methodologies when testing the various products and services that it covers. In comparison, the Spectre x360 13's screen had an unpleasant yellow tint. It features extensively researched, objectively analyzed, and well-thought-out reviews and compariso... in “Best MacBook Pro alternatives for 2020”. When you compare the Lenovo Yoga C940 to the HP ENVY x360 M6 you can see which laptop is better. As much as I like the keyboards on these laptops, I wish the actuation force, or the pressure required to register a keystroke, weren't so high. The Specter x360 has a starting price reasonable of $1,550 dollars ($1,300 on sale) for a Core i7-9750H, 8 GB RAM, solid state drive, PCIe 256 GB (SSD) and the screen 4K IPS and ranges up to $2,320 dollars ($2,070 in offer) with a SSD of 2TB and the screen 4K AMOLED. With its gem-cut edges and sharply angled corners, the Spectre x360 looks like a piece of fine jewelry. Even though its name implies that it on... in “Best laptop UK 2020: Save £200 with Black Friday deals on the Samsung Galaxy Book Ion and Microsoft Surface Laptop 3”, in “Best of IFA 2019: SlashGear's top tech”, in “The best 13-inch laptop 2020: the top 13-inch laptops we've reviewed”, in “13 best laptops from Windows, Apple and Chrome OS”, in “Notebookcheck's Top 10 Stylus Convertibles”, in “Best 2-in-1 laptop 2020: Black Friday discounts on the finest laptop/tablet hybrids you can buy right now”, in “Best laptops for kids 2020: the top laptops for kids in elementary school and beyond”, in “Best 15-inch laptop of 2020 for gaming, work or both”, in “Best Laptop Between $1,000 and $1,500 in 2020”, in “Best Ultrabooks 2020: the top thin and light laptops reviewed”, in “Best Alternatives to Dell XPS 13 in 2020”, in “The best 2-in-1 laptop 2020: find the best convertible laptop for your needs”, in “Holiday gift guide 2019: The very best Windows laptop PCs”, in “Best Windows laptop 2020: the top Windows 10 laptops money can buy”, Best touchscreen laptop for privacy protection. In short, it is the best choice for the creative types. The Spectre x360’s larger and more comfortable pen but it has no such receptacle and has to be charged separately. There was a problem. The HP Spectre x360 13t 8GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD (2020), however, doesn't seem to have enough data available for us to be able to draw any meaningful conclusions. Because of this, I'll give the nod to the HP laptop. Wireless connectivity is Wifi 6 in the Yoga C940 through a wifi card Intel AX200 with Bluetooth 5.0, but only Wifi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 on the Spectre x360. Ultimately, it’s the better choice for creative types. The Yoga is also lighter with 4.18 pounds in comparison with 4.81 pounds of the Spectre, in terms of the thickness is practically the same for both teams, just one tenth of an inch in favor of the Spectre x360 with 0.76 inches. 0. Both teams 2-in-1 offer Intel Core i7 processors six-core for an excellent performance. All rights reserved. Black Friday wireless earbuds deals: The best early sales, Best PS5 Black Friday deals 2020: Save on games and accessories, Best Black Friday noise-cancelling headphone deals, Bose QuietComfort 35 II is $100 off for Black Friday — Snag the best noise-cancelling headphones deal, Get the best EA games for up to 85% off in this Xbox Black Friday deal: Save on Star Wars, Battlefield and more, 2 Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 Type-A, headphone, 2 Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1 Type-A, microSD card. The buyer therefore has a choice to make with either machine: Choose a power-hungry display and give up battery life, or drop down a notch and have a longer-lasting 2-in-1. Both 2-in-1s have responsive touch displays and quite usable active pens, but the latter represents a trade-off. The HP Spectre x360 13t i7-1065G7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD+32GB Optane (late 2019), however, while a very good choice in its own right, falls just a bit short of being remarkable. Both the Lenovo Yoga C940 and the HP ENVY x360 M6 have the same size screen at 15.6 inch. Both laptops can also be configured with the same GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, which offers games of mid-range decent titles modern to 1080p and graphics medium. The Yoga C940's 11:46 runtime wasn't too shabby, either, and crushed the premium-laptop average of 8:42. How does the Lenovo Yoga C940 stock up against some other laptops? There is more ram in the Lenovo Yoga C940 with up to 16 GB configurable. Notebookcheck does hands-on testing of every single product they feature and is one of the most well-respected and informative sources on laptops in the world.... in “Notebookcheck's Top 10 Convertible Laptops”. We also took a look at which sources liked these two products the most. Can the Yoga C940 compete against the Spectre? Instead of adding a notch, HP somehow fit a custom-built  miniature webcam onto the Spectre's top bezel. Yes, both panels are similar, but the Spectre x360 has the edge on paper. If offers two USB-C with 40 gigabit per second (40Gbps) Thunderbolt 3 support, a single USB-A 3.1 port, and a full-size HDMI port. The gap widened on the video transfer test, when the Yoga 940 converted a 4K video to 1080p resolution in just 19 minutes and 32 seconds. Varies up to $2,700 dollars ($2,160 on offer) for a Core i9-9880H, 16 GB of RAM, a SSD, a 2tb and an IPS screen 4K. Both 2-in-1 have resistive touchscreens, and pens, active quite usable, but the latter is a disadvantage. CNET covers a broad range of consumer electronic devices. Due to the difference in their prices, however, it's important to keep in mind that a direct Lenovo Yoga C940 i7-1065G7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD + 32GB Optane (2019) vs. HP Spectre x360 13t 8GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD (2020) comparison might not be entirely fair - some sources don't take value for money into account when assigning their scores and therefore have a tendency to rate more premium products better. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. With a 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited score of 110,376, Lenovo's machine slightly surpassed the Spectre's score of 107,453. In fact, it was their "Best 2-in-1 Ultraportable" and "Best value laptop for teachers", respectively, pointing towards it being a Traditional Laptop worth considering. Let’s face it: Both of these 2-in-1s will weigh you down. The Spectre x360 15 is limited to the CPU Intel Core i7-9750H ninth generation, while the Yoga C940 15 can be configured with a Core i9-9880H up to 9th generation with vPro. A Spectre x36o with the same specs costs $20 more. The Spectre x360 can also be configured with an Nvidia GeForce MX250. These two options dominate the market at the $1,200 budget range.

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