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in terms of advocacy and justification, and implications, e.g. Deadline for Submissions: 30th November 2020 Block, J. H., Colombo, M. G., Cumming, D. J., & Vismara, S. (2018). What is the role of cultural policy in these developments (Owen et al., 2019)? While barriers to entry are sometimes low, risks for newcomers as well as existing incumbents are high (Caves, 2000), especially since the production and distribution of many cultural goods has internationalized and the competition has intensified under the new conditions of the platform economy for market share and for new funding opportunities such as crowdfunding and crowd-sourcing (Mendes-Da-Silva et al., 2016).In terms of public funding, a shift from direct support, as in the form of lump sum subsidies, to the promotion of sustainability, self-employment and entrepreneurship can be observed. A., Alter, G., Banks, G. C., Borsboom, D., Bowman, S. D., Breckler, S. J., ... & Contestabile, M. (2015). the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. In short, the open research movement brings with it the potential for systematic change for the field of communication. Many fields of study have been debating and/or enacting a range of policies and procedures that fall under the umbrella term of “open science” (or “open research”). The agenda article speaks to what could be gained through a shift to open research, but what are some of the potential downsides and challenges we need to consider? Find out about Lean Library here, If you have access to journal via a society or associations, read the instructions below. Journal of Cultural Economics, 40: 75. (2019). This special issue focuses on new forms of finance and funding and their implications for organisations and markets in the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI). The impacts of fundraising periods and geographic distance on financing music production via crowdfunding in Brazil. (2018). Philanthropy and sponsorship: how have different forms of philanthropy and sponsorship in the CCI evolved over time? Not logged in Special Issue Journal of Management and Organization Dynamic Capabilities: New Ideas, Microfoundations, and Criticism. Nudging art lovers to donate. crowdfunding, peer-to-peer donating, mobile giving, viral fundraising). Springer Nature. Potential downsides and challenges of adopting the open science policy and practices in communication research, and strategies and methods to address them; and. The special issue opens up to contributions that relate to new forms of finance and funding in this crisis and/or post-crisis situation. Journal of Cultural Economics, 32(3), 167-185.Sigurdardottir, M. S., & Candi, M. (2019). International Journal of Arts Management, 20(2), 9-19.Loots, E. (2017). 06 Jul 2020 Public Policy Responses in the Time of the Pandemic; 06 Jul 2020 (Re)Learning to Teach in the Context of Crises; 03 Apr 2020 Book Publication Call for Papers: Humanities Curriculum in the Time of COVID-19; 03 Apr 2020 Special Issue Call for Papers: Issues of Decolonization and Africanization in Southern African Contexts Members of _ can log in with their society credentials below. The financial landscape has changed rapidly as a result of the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Innovation in finance and funding: what new methods and forms of financing are evident within the CCI? Broad impacts (up to 150 words). Arts Management, GermanyTrine Bille, Copenhagen Business School, DenmarkKarol J. Borowiecki, University of Southern Denmark, DenmarkBoram Lee, University of South Australia, AustraliaEllen Loots, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Plurilingual and pluricultural competence (PPC) scale: The inseparability of language and culture. Beyond price: Value in culture, economics, and the arts. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. Another example is that of The European Union and the European Investment Fund, which have jointly started to support financial institutions by guaranteeing their loan portfolios to the CCI, thereby assuming part of the risk of lending to SMEs and micro-businesses in those industries. doi: 10.1080/14790718.2020.1753747. Exploring multilingual learners’ writing practices during an L2 and an L3 individual writing task. A systematic understanding of how open science impacts those in the humanities and qualitative social sciences. Faber & Faber.Franco, M., Haase, H. & Correia, S. (2018). Human Resource Management Special Issue. Finance lessons from European Entrepreneurs. Low interest rates have steered investors towards innovative ventures, facilitated by venture capital funds, incubators and crowdfunding providers (Block et al., 2018). Royal Society Open Science, 3(1), 150547. The Journal of Communication wishes to aid the field in its discussion of this important matter by devoting a special issue to the topic. With this special issue, we wish to open up this important topic of research in the CCI. Interested authors are invited to submit a 400-word abstract (including references) to [email protected] by January 10, 2021. What kind of economic problems, e.g. Zheng Joyce Wang, The Ohio State University, [email protected]  Cookies are used by this site. Conference participation is not a necessary condition for paper submission. The piece offers an excellent summary of the primary causes and arguments for why a shift to open research is needed and what such an undertaking would entail. Title page. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.Lash, S., & Urry, J. All submissions will go through the regular JCE review process. For empirical studies, this should include a brief introduction of relevant literature, research questions, hypotheses and methods.

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