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But we say it. “For in him all the I can say, “Your sins are forgiven” with no if, and’s, or but’s about it. Jeremiah 10:23 Sermons; Jeremiah 10:23 Prayers; Jeremiah 10:23 Images; Jeremiah 10:23 Devotionals; Choose Chapter. He ascended that throne to do justice and righteousness. And shall we deny a similar power to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, when communicated to the heart by faith and in sincerity? There is no special breed of human shepherd. •he himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together No matter how you show your grief, the Twenty-Third Psalm affects you emotionally. I am a relatively new subscriber and have found your site one of the most provocative resources that get the juices flowing.”. Rocks remain in the same condition for ages. 1Roger E. Van Harn, ed., The Lectionary Commentary, The Old Testament and Acts (Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2001), p. 426. That is what Advent is all about. Irony! But think of God as the Good Shepherd who watches over you and guides you, even through the shadows of life and the valleys of death. He puts us into the fire of the Word; He melts, He softens, He subdues. Jeremiah prophesied in the final years of the Kingdom of Judah, through the reign of the final king, Zedekiah. If you’re going to have a party – like a wedding feast – you won’t be inviting a shepherd, let me tell you. The heart that is struck may not yield even year after year, but it will yield at last. Conclusion — Thank God for this fire and hammer! The Righteous Branch has been raised up. He is not a bad man, but he has proven to be a weak leader at a time when strong leadership was definitely called for. We walk by faith, just as ancient Israel had to. The spotlight of judgment is focused on “the shepherds.” While actual shepherds were among the poor and lowly in ancient Near Eastern societies, “shepherd” was also a term used to refer to a king. If the hammer were strong enough, and if a blow of sufficient violence were struck, it is manifest that the anvil would be shivered into fragments. The same part is struck repeatedly, — each stroke tells. Do you praise God, or speak in vague generalities about luck and fortune? God called that “robbing” Him, in Malachi 3. "A Righteous Branch" Sermon: Jeremiah 23:1-6 "A Righteous Branch" [Jeremiah 23:1-6] November 25, 2007 Second Reformed Church The prophet Jeremiah witnessed the terrible destruction of Israel and Judah and Jerusalem which culminated in 586 B.C. Very well, then, come to God's Word; read it, study it, listen to it, find Out where that Word is faithfully preached, and go there. ILLUSTRATE THIS STATEMENT by noticing certain parts of God's Word which have, to our personal knowledge, operated both as a fire and a hammer upon the hearts of men. That’s what Paul does with this portion of his epistle to the Colossians. Some of the good seed of the Word is represented as falling upon stony places, where there was little earth, and where it was impossible for it to come to perfection, because it could not take root, and soon withered away. He was speaking about the forgiveness of sins. Oh, that we could get the hearts of many hardened ones into the very centre of the blessed flame, till the holy heat should make them flow like melted wax before the presence of the God of Israel! Like the luxuriant growth of the prairies, they must be burned down to the root before the soil can be cultivated. We do not need to focus on the “if”s of the faith when we preach because there is no “if” about what Jesus has accomplished. These sermons are for the Church. It is said that it is broken in pieces, which conveys to us the idea of destruction. It will separate the gold from the dross. The hardest is formed by the adhesion of minute particles; these may be separated — pieces may be detached, and the whole rock broken. But this passage we read this morning is like a small patch of blue in the middle of a dark and stormy sky. It is just that what we look forward to is not what they were looking for. It’s really, really close. HUMAN INTERMIXTURES WITH DIVINE TRUTH ARE HURTFUL AND WEAKENING IN THEIR INFLUENCE. But that isn’t what the prophet was speaking about. Jesus was not merely righteous, He did righteousness. Indeed, where will the shepherds come from in our own time? Oh, they are lost all right. Let us try to use it upon others. Amen. Read that in your Bible and you will find there are punctuation marks, but not in the Greek. fullness of God was pleased to dwell…” Before he gets to that point, however, Paul writes this long, almost unending, sentence in an effort to tell the Christians in Colossae what kind of Christ he is talking about. And that has happened. The leaders are guilty of dereliction of duty. 1. This Gospel reading begins with an account of the disciples’ return after they had been previously sent out by Jesus in Mark 6:6-13, and follows the unpleasantness of John’s beheading described in Mark 6:14-29. In the first ages of Christianity a sect arose in the Christian Church, who held some very peculiar opinions, of which the adherents were called Gnostics. Just by saying the words we have put our faith in a God who loves us so much he would lead us beside the still waters to life eternal. Probably only one in ten went into exile – and only the poorest and the least capable were left alive to manage the land. To mix up the chopped straw with the grain would only be to spoil the latter. Men will never receive the balm of the Gospel unless they know something of the wounds that sin hath made. Two interlocking answers are given: God’s claim to have driven them away to other lands (see also Jeremiah 29:14; 32:37) is set within a vow to “bring them back to their fold.” God’s dealing with “evil doings” is related to God creating a new habitation. Now put the two together, — the fire and the hammer, — and you will see how God makes His servants who are to be instruments for His use.

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