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Jace found his way to the plane of Ravnica after some time. Chandra offered to burn the Titans instead and after preventing Kiora from attacking Nissa, Jace agreed. Although Chandra Nalaar had also arrived to help, the defenders were scattering in panic. He used his illusions to camouflage Renegade ships and was involved in taking down the Skysovereign by luring skywhales to its location. The Spirit Dragon revealed how the network might be used to again immobilize the Eldrazi titans, but Jace realized that the same trick might instead serve as a first step in killing them. Nissa and her Elementals attacked both Jace and Nahiri. RELATED: Magic: The Gathering - Commander Legends Designer Gavin Verhey Explains the Set's Slow Progress. Jace immediately offered his help but was stunned to find his spells malfunctioning and one of the Hedrons floating about the cave absorbing his magic. [26] With the Gatewatch assembled, they hoped to contain Emrakul in the same way they did the other titans. However, when Jace discovered that Alhammarret had been using him for political manipulations, he confronted his master in a fierce mental battle. This came at a cost, as they had broken the first of three seals to the Eldrazi. A mayor in the chilling province of Stensia would, for example, oversee the creation and maintenance of anti-vampire countermeasures. Later, Jace and Tamiyo met in private. His malevolence is matched only by his boundless intellect. He used Jace as a go-between, to gather information from the Ampryn and the Trovians, deliver it, and learn more just in the delivery. Leaving Lavinia in charge of the office once more, Jace left Ravnica to find what had befallen Garruk Wildspeaker. He began studying the guilds, the endless maze of streets, and most especially the movements of the dracogenius Niv-Mizzet. In the confusion of the announcement, Jace is abducted by Calomir. The only clue he had was a small token pointing him to a Rakdos night club. Feeling he had to fulfill his Gatewatch oath, Jace decided to follow her. He warned Jace to not leave Ravnica for some time, only to be interrupted by Liliana Vess, who reported that she had seen Tezzeret on Kaladesh. One of his early tasks was to retrieve a scroll stolen by a pyromancer named Chandra. Having found out that Jori En -- Gideon's merfolk friend -- was trapped at Sea Gate, Gideon left to find her and to bring her back to Jace hoping that together they might be able to link Zendikar's leylines with the hedrons in order to find a way to stop the Eldrazi again. Jace lived with her crew, relearning skills and later aiding Vraska's pirates in a raid against a ship from the Legion of Dusk with his illusions. Jace ultimately relented, having been burned by her in the past. Jace went to Zendikar, and eventually tracked Chandra down. Jace can't walk away from an unsolved mystery. Nissa left, still feeling betrayed by Jace. Class / Profession More determined than ever, Jace made his way to the Transguild Promenade for the starting ceremony. Enslaved by one Planeswalker and mind-wasted by another, he continues to seek perfection of body and mind. Their concerted attack managed to scare the demon away from Zendikar. As news of the Living Guildpact spreads, there are probably thousands of people who’d now like to kill him, and he’s not sure what happens to Ravnica or the guilds if he dies. While Jace won the game, all his figures transformed and turned against his king by the end of the game. [19] After consultation with his friends of the Gatewatch, Jace decided to investigate Sorin's whereabouts on Sorin's homeplane Innistrad, and recruit him as an ally against Nicol Bolas and other interplanar threats. Jace determined that Nahiri was going to the Singing City. It was later revealed that Jace, despite his hesitance, had taken over the Ravnican cell of the Infinite Consortium for lack of any better options at the time. Exava was livid, but could not overcome the awe Jace's effigy inspired. Avacyn is the focal point of the Church, but she is not the one who writes laws or holds meetings. Isperia told the pair that it was a spell that could destroy all the guilty in a district and they realized that the Supreme Verdict would be the verdict to the trial of the maze.

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