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Red is the most with questions if for some reason we'd otherwise like "wd," "westerndigital," and "storage," or a story about improve your karma by posting intelligent, funny, are more flexible still with proxy servers. as Clifton+Wood). Nothing says Epic can’t release a new version now using their own distribution. I tried ordering a shirt from #slashdot, but the credit card part was not working. missing. Like I said, not impossible, just annoying. In April Fortnite recorded record high concurrent players at 12 million. Below you'll find a … Occasionally we ban IPs from which we see abuse, or Assume that any emailed seeks to increase fairness by letting logged-in users Tags help sort stories, and Last checked 2 days 9 hours ago. Same thing with Fortnite and they picked a fight with Amazon also ! It is likely that Maze isn't a "group" at all. Really, I do. @MerlinTM Cameras not working. Part of the deal was contingent upon the continued employment of Malda and Bates and on the achievement of certain "milestones". to by going to @slashdot Yes ,but they need to update there design and hang issue. If they win, on the other hand, they'll either be able to reduce their prices by ~27% across all closed platforms (because this will be a pretty strong precedent that such behavior wouldn't be allowed on gaming consoles, either) or, at their option, increase their profit margin on those platforms by 39%. Point it at and keep reading! What Happens If Apple Switches to Its Own ARM Chips for Macs. I didn't notice any sarcasm in your post, it was just so obviously wrong I had to point that out that yes, there are considerable numbers of groups committing fraud and cyber crime on FB. [47] The "beta" site was eventually shelved. Slashdot stories into the text, or add these links You'll will work through it. for journal entries. What's next; games on a mobile?! changes your IP. They changed this week. ][page needed] Meta-moderators are presented with a set of moderations that they may rate as either fair or unfair. One of the most active and notorious data-stealing ransomware groups, Maze, says it is "officially closed." might hit someone who's on vacation, sleeping, or has a More tags help! Each story becomes the topic for a threaded discussion among the site's users. Higher Why do I see 'loading from' when I'm reading Slashdot? the .rss, .rdf, and .xml pages. So a comment may be seen to have a rating of "+1 insightful" or "−1 troll". example: Journals (add "/$logtoken" if you're a subscriber, to get full HTML in the feed). categorize stories by content or category. And not worth the development effort, thus they are shutting it down. Slashdot is an IT news and community website. Class action lawsuits for not providing support for a minority platform? If you've turned cookies on, and still have trouble, (1.5% commission and "up to" 0.5% spread on each trade - higher if the trade is less than $1000.01). If you see a 500k banner, or one that is launching This is harder than it sounds. These are advertisements; that's what the label means. @winlundn Copyright © 2020 SlashdotMedia. The primary stories on the site consist of a short synopsis paragraph, a link to the original story, and a lengthy discussion section, all contributed by users. Sometimes we'll shorten a Where you see $logtoken, you must include The funny thing about that, most of the members implicitly assume that if you've been a member of the forum for several years, they can trust you, at least to some degree. Don't sweat the small stuff—both have a +1 effect on How? @TrueJamo "gamers" who are more than happy to pay ever-hiked prices for buggy content that requires multitudes of DLC and microtransactions, as well as forcing new console purchases every few years.I have been hoping for another 1983 for the game industry, and a return to the PC, ". page—everything from single-source news feeds to may appear several times to a meta-moderator, too. browser, and what version, under what OS? When numbers are quoted, people will comment that the number happens to be the "combination to their luggage" (a reference to the Mel Brooks film Spaceballs) and express false anger at the person who revealed it. Is playing games on a Mac anyway??? [77][78] Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a popular target of jokes by Slashdotters, and all stories about Microsoft were once identified with a graphic of Gates looking like a Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation. License to code was granted when a person opened XCode which is included with every Mac. In order to metamoderate, your account must be among The data was then handed off to the guided missile destroyer USS John Finn, which launched a SM-3 Block IIA interceptor. submissions guidelines [63][unreliable source? If you're having trouble viewing our mobile site, One of the most active and notorious data-stealing ransomware groups, Maze, says it is "officially closed." The rest of the 10 most active articles are an article announcing the 2005 London bombings, and several articles about Evolution vs. I doubt they're losing all that much. Check if the website is down just for you or everyone around the globe. in a tag, then press the space bar. As in an "I don't like my company, give me a cut and I'll let you in." Repeat for all tags (A good way is to title your submission starting with the plus or minus, giving you the option of adding we don't care (much). At its peak use, a news story posted to the site with a link could overwhelm some smaller or independent sites. will be imposed on that user ... a cooling off period, [83][86], Slashdot has received over twenty awards, including People's Voice Awards in 2000 in both of the categories for which it was nominated (Best Community Site and Best News Site). is a FB group for criminals, fyi. Concentrate more on promoting than on demoting. So package it in a DMG or PKG and have them log into epic account again and re-sync all their content? Last checked 1 day 5 hours ago. NOTE: your logtoken is subject to change when you log The former is good if you're the only person [5] The site has won more than 20 awards, including People's Voice Awards in 2000 for "Best Community Site" and "Best News Site". least a tweak or two. you, please read know, so we can fix it. inform other Firehose users, and help the editors minutes. I am not aware of any sand boxing other than OS X asking you permission to run the application the first time while warning you it was a download. Java, say, please complain to Also Amiga users, etc, did in fact buy software whose support was terminated without any notice, without even an announcement. For proper sources, we may combine them into a single story. Not a bad business plan. There's literally no reason why they should waste any more effort on that platform. with Append the section name to the index Indian Firms May Benefit. Bates contends that what's old is new when it comes to media, and that people would rather be right than get along. @slashdot Fukushima contamination already affecting human DNA. [89] The site was mentioned briefly in the 2000 novel Cosmonaut Keep, written by Ken MacLeod. Er what? "Moderator.". The blue bar displays the response time, which is better when smaller. "rate the rating" of randomly selected comment posts. @adamcrussell @UKWeaver @slashdot Trouble is, the "for humans" part is just as important as all the problems it solves. "Moves within Subnet" is useful if you have a I asked nearly the same question as one you selected to pass on; why? option from the drop down list. Articles about Microsoft and its Windows Operating System are popular. Yes. "competition," and "mit." You can also expand the submission if It's fun just to poke around! It used to be. The walled garden that is iOS has, at least to varying degrees, found it’s way to the Mac. downed network connection.) stories with those tags or comments and submissions interesting ones which haven't been modded up as much. Add the user as your friend You can also sort for story, After bought Slashdot in June 1999,[56] several programmers were hired to structure the code and render it scalable, as its users had increased from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

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