how to start a telecommunication business

If you can hire a lawyer and accountant to help ensure you get started on the right foot, it's a good idea. [email protected], Hi there I'm from Nigeria and I want to start up a telecoms network; a wifi network precisely if there's anyone who'll enlighten me on it I'm all ears and I'm also open for partnerships. Financial Projections: What are you projecting in terms of profits for the first five years? Buy the internet domain for your business as soon as you can. We need your advice please about how we can promote this business and get the effective results? @rachna sharma  i work for one of the fast growing networks in telecommunications and im looking to go into business for myself but i need a partner who has just as much passion. You can start any type of telecommunication company. I am looking for a business partner, who is interested in telecommunications, please contact me If you are an industry person, having knowledge and experience in the telecommunication industry, you can start a blog. penalties you would need to pay to the FCC for violations of law or noncompliance with authorizations. You cannot run your business without the approved licenses. Thanks email me @ [email protected] Or maybe your goal is a tech security firm? Believe it or not, you don’t need a lot of money. Because the telecommunications industry is regulated by a federal agency, you'll need a federal license or permit in order to legally operate your company. Find angel investors. HI i am Katlego from South Africa Pretoria, I am a motivated business minded student who's keen in elevating a starting up business. Utilizing an integrated plan is the turnkey to run the business smoothly. Register the name after you secure the domain, Application processing fees for licenses, equipment approvals and more, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) fees if you need to process a request under this act. Starting a company is challenging. My question is what would be a good way to get started in some type of low voltage or telecom business that would not require a very high start up cost. It's much less of a distraction and you would still be able to add 4g on a tablet or whatever else otherwise. I am a master student in broadband telecommunications technology and technology entrepreneurship. After you have created the business plan, the next thing to pay attention is the necessary business permits and licenses. As much as possible you should have website where potential clients can inquire about your services. Make sure to hire employees that are willing to be part of business and can help you growing it. There are several avenues for funding a business. Business Description: What exactly will your business do and how will it operate? Our core business is roaming, both roaming calls and data. Get the Bplans newsletter: Expert business tips and advice delivered weekly. Market research firm Persistence Marketing Research estimates global revenue in the secondhand smartphone sector is on the trajectory to reach $38.9 billion in 2025. Hi,I am from South Africa, I want to start a telecommunication company, but I don't know where shall I start, so can anyone guide me. First, you must decide what type of telecommunications services you want to provide, then you can take steps to start your business. The telecommunications industry is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), an independent U.S. government agency overseen by Congress. my shop is in front of a school but i cannot earn good profit which things i do for more profit i have lot of space please guide me i am from india u.p. First, you must decide what type of telecommunications services you want to provide, then you can take steps to start your business. You should identify the niche that you will give your focus. Some companies do this. Alone you can do nothing. Hello, I was wondering how to start a telecommunication company with a low cost budget? I am very motivated in starting my own business in this field from design to sells. If anyone interested to procure mobile prepaid recharge cards, please approach me. Use crowd sourcing. Forfeitures, i.e. If you do not have the adequate fund to finance your business you can look for financial institutions where you can apply for business loan. To become a telecommunications contractor, is it generally necessary that you become familiar with the products or services your company offers. Telecommunications professionals build labs all the time that would be considered “telecommunications networks” but consist of a single server running virtual machines. That is why starting a telecommunication business is very in demand. I can assure you that this business is very much lucrative and after the business is on its feet u dont have to do much but look at your bank email is [email protected] if u interested. Since you already have a business plan, you should have a number in mind. Today, the term includes the internet, cellular phone networks and all of the assorted goods and services required by these types of companies, such as security and software. It is ideal to start the business with only one focus. In my opinion, a phone should only be used for communication via tak, text, or direct connect or 2 way. In this way you can give more time in running the business until such time that it is ready for expansion. This you can do from the comfort … When you hear the word "telecommunications," you might think of cellphones. Hi everyone I am Balaji from India. But the telecommunications industry began in 1876 with the invention of the telephone, i.e. Start planning. With printers, the right software, and a few other things, you can start this business. This means that you need to make sure you're doing everything the FCC says you must do if you're running a telecommunications company. You can choose on selling cell phones, home phone services and home security. Reviewed by: Michelle Seidel, B.Sc., LL.B., MBA.

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