hordak and entrapta

First in shock and even sadness before his emotions quickly change to rage. His only concern was that she had intimate knowledge of the Horde, which would make her a potential threat. Others, especially Catra, take notice of how open and even emotional he's been with Entrapta which leads to Catra using this against him by saying Entrapta betrayed him during Season 3. Het With how open he became with Entrapta, it is hinted that Hordak, and even Entrapta, were starting to see each other as something more than lab partners. Catra defeats Hordak in combat by removing his crystal (a second time). After being dismissed by Hordak in a fit of anger, Entrapta sneaks back into his lab, to which she witnesses Hordak fall unconscious due to his weakened state. This was their last interaction before Catra betrayed Entrapta and sent her to Beast Island. The Lord of the Horde and His Wife -ENTRAPDAK- - SHE-RA Fanimation, Entrapdak - Love is Madness She-ra and the princess of power AMV, If The Word Was Ending - AMV Entrapdak She Ra & the Princesses of Power. Unknown to him, the suit contains a crystal with First Ones writing, which spells out "LUVD" (Loved). When he and Catra are both inside the atmosphere manipulation machine, he suffers no negative effects while casually asking Catra how her breathing is. He then mind-wipes Hordak and sends him off for reconditioning. while touching the opening in Hordak's armor for Entrapta's crystal. After calling him Hordak, he begs her to stop and states he is nothing more than a clone with no name. This devastates Hordak, and he tries to refuse it, but ultimately he agreed with Catra to open the portal without Entrapta. In "Heart, Part 2", Horde Prime takes Entrapta prisoner on board the Velvet Glove and orders Hordak to execute her. . Hordak reveals to Entrapta that there are other planets more technologically advanced than Etheria and that he thinks Etheria is a "backwater planet." Bent on world domination, he is dangerously powerful and has a brilliant, technological mind with a pragmatic streak that makes him more threatening still. After disobeying Horde Prime's order to kill Entrapta, Hordak shoots Horde Prime with his arm cannon, neck-lifts him, proudly reclaims his name and his memories, and drops Horde Prime off a ledge. Stats Also, sharing my art (specially reblogs from my main blog). Any memories of Scoripa and her family were erased after Hordak was "reconditioned." Character For Hordak and Entrapta, this came into play with the armor Entrapta made for him and the LUVD crystal that powered it. These things are what give him the free will to defy his creator, throwing him off the edge of his own sanctuary. The Sword: Part 1 (mentioned)Razz (full debut) It's implied Horde Prime is referring to when Entrapta was telling Hordak there was no rush to finish the portal as Horde Prime had his hand over where his crystal used to be. He tenderly touches the First Ones' tech on the armor she made for him, gives one last glance to everything they had made together, and makes his escape. So here it is: a big messy collection of songs that remind me of the enthralling saga of Entrapdak (my favourite ship of all from SPOP). Even after Horde Prime subjects Hordak to a second mind-wipe in the form of baptism in a pool of clone life force, Hordak's love for Entrapta persists. Immediately afterward, he hesitantly says that Entrapta would never betray him. He watches her be taken away and steps forward to go after her but decides against it, wishing instead the memories of her would leave him as they make him imperfect and no use to Horde Prime. Hordak is shown to be menacing and intimidating in appearance. In "Huntara", when their first attempt at opening a portal drastically fails, Hordak shields Entrapta from the blast, harming himself in the process. Adora believed it was Hordak who stole her from her family and this added to her anger towards him and the Horde. He planned to eventually build a portal so he could bring the rest of the Horde forces to the planet, so they could conquer it and prove that Horde Prime was wrong about him. When he attempts to stand, he almost collapses again, only for Entrapta to catch him and then see that his body needs the armor, as it makes him stable. Hordak then makes his official on-screen debut in "Razz", when Shadow Weaver brings Catra to him, for her failure to bring Adora back. When telling her that Catra would be sent to Beast Island, Entrapta argues that they need her. When Double Trouble reverts back to their original look, they state how they were interested in meeting Entrapta at Bright Moon but as Hordak already knows, she wasn't there. When Catra storms into the sanctum with Adora and the sword of She-Ra in tow, he is obviously displeased that she was able to find the missing piece to activating the portal, even smiling when Entrapta lightheartedly tells him she has no idea how to work it. Lord Hordak (by his minions)Lab Partner (Entrapta)Little Brother (Horde Prime) When he tells her that it's none of her concern she demands and even yells at him to tell her everything as she won't stop until she knows. According to lead character designer Rae Geiger, Entrapdak was officially planned to be a relationship during the production of the second and third episode of the series. Entrapta is mystified by his knowledge and demands to help him, so Hordak allows her to be his lab partner, much to Entrapta's delight.

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