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The Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway provides a profound travel experience within the northern high peaks of the Catskill Mountains. Our Mission is to protect important natural resources, secure public access, and support healthy human and natural communities in … Welcome to the Mountain Cloves Scenic Byway! Peak to Peak Scenic Byway: Fifty-five miles of Colorado Bliss. 7. And what better way to inspire them thAn the big, bold High Peaks of western Maine? 4K Relaxation Channel 1,113,568 views 4:47:25 Your message. Discover the heart of Colorado along the Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway, where prairies sweep up from the Arkansas River’s famous whitewater canyons to dramatic 14,000 foot peaks. There is a parking lot for the trailhead on the left side of Route 73. Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway. Up here, blue-sky thinking is anything but cliché. High Peaks Byway. Brandon Atkinson/Flickr. High Peaks Scenic Byway. I. Designated in 2005, the Collegiate Peaks Byway cuts through the middle of the Upper Arkansas River Valley along the Arkansas River’s famous whitewater canyons and parallels dramatic 14,000 foot peaks. The Southbound High Peaks Welcome center, about M.P. Read our community guidelines. 4K (Ultra HD) California Scenic Bike Ride with Music - Coleman Valley Road, California - 5 Hours - Duration: 4:47:25. View All byways. Pitchoff Kiosk . Large tracts of verdant Adirondack forest, majestic mountains, and spectacular valleys attract outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year. Area Map, Copyright © 2019 Benjamin Prepelka    All Rights Reserved. The majestic red pines cover 220 acres and date back 200 years. Explore the largest concentration of 14-ers. They are the connections between the past and the present, where exploration is offered at each curve in the road for motorcyclists, drivers and cyclists. North of Stratton, the route passes by the manmade Flagstaff Lake and through Cathedral Pines, the largest stand of old growth forest in the state. Reply to: Take A Drive Down The High Peaks Scenic Byway In New York. The assessment team found maps of the Byway and historical information about the area but there was no print material available that was specific to the Byway. New York City forums . Climb through narrowing passes surrounded by towering mountains, flowing streams, waterfalls, and beautiful lakes. Collegiate Peaks Scenic Overlook The drive begins another demanding ascent as it climbs the western slope of South Park to Trout Creek Pass, which tops off at 9,346 feet. The High Peaks Wilderness Area to the northeast, the distant mountain range in this photograph, is the largest in the state at more than 300 square miles. As you approach Chapel Pond, you may spot rock climbers tackling the Chapel Hill Slab, one of the most popular rock walls in the Adirondack Park. Trail of the Mountain Spirits Scenic Byway weaves for around 100 miles through high desert forests and wilderness regions where Wild West … Behind you is Route 73, the dividing line between the Dix Mountain and Giant Mountain Wilderness Areas. 100, is where Customs does road blocks occasionally The Road is posted 55 mph from the Thruway in Albany, Exit 1 to Halfmoon, Exit 8, about MP 10; it's 65 mph all the way north to Exit 42 in Champlain, where it's 55 mph again for less than a mile before the Canadian Border. The route climbs through narrow passes flanked by towering mountains, … In the south, this byway begins in the picturesque town of Kingfield and winds along the swift-flowing Carrabassett River with views of Mount Abraham and the Bigelow Range. One of the most gorgeous drives that you'll ever experience here in New York State, the High Peaks Scenic Byway is a stretch of roadway that you'll never be able to forget. scenic byway. Preview. The Byway carries more than four million travelers annually through … High Peaks Scenic Byway. For centuries, tourists have been inspired by the Mountain Cloves' panoramic views of rugged mountains, valleys and rushing streams. Feel the freedom of the West’s wide open spaces and expansive vistas under endless indigo skies. They are the connections between the past and the present, where exploration is offered at each curve in the road for motorcyclists, drivers, and cyclists. A stunning panorama of numerous peaks awaits the traveler atop Palmer Hill (2200’ elevation) in Andes near the Byway’s western end. Adirondack Park Agency. An hour from my driveway is the 55-mile Peak to Peak Scenic Byway, established by the state of Colorado in 1918. The High Peaks Scenic Byway allows access to the 46 Adirondack High Peaks, from Mt. The High Peaks Scenic Byway is a 30-mile road along Route 73 within the Adirondack Park that leads to the Olympic Village of Lake Placid. View High Peaks Byway in a larger map Click to refresh the map. This four season recreation area provides thousands of acres for backcountry hiking, biking, fishing, rock climbing and cross-country skiing. H. Provide printed copies of the Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway at visitor centers in Buena Vista, Poncha Springs, and Salida. High Peaks Scenic Byway is a two-lane highway that passes through Adirondack Park, which consists of lush forest, picturesque lakes, mountains and rivers. The “Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway” is a road with a story to tell, experiences to share and adventures to chase. The Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway has historic buildings, such as the Old Nathrop Schoolhouse built in 1881 and the Gas Creek School built in 1890, used until 1942. If you plan on taking a ride down Route 73 and it's your first time doing so, try to make a point to be the passenger if you can! Byway highlights include the Winter Olympics Museum, Whiteface Mountain, the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway, the John Brown Farm SHS, Cascade Lake, and the Flume Waterfall. This 57-mile byway takes you to America’s Continental Divide where the Rockies get real. Mileage: 56 miles (91 km) Duration The duration is an estimate of a one-way drive and does not include any stops or side-trips. Marcy, the highest peak at 5,344 feet, to Couchsachraga Peak, the "lowest" of the 46 peaks at 3,820 feet. The byway is flanked with waterfalls, hiking trails, clear mountain lakes and streams. High Peaks Scenic Byway. New York City forums . Be sure to visit the Hutchinson Ranch, an 1870’s homestead registered with the National Historic Registry. 1. After visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, we proceeded on the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway that offered scenic views of the Parks highest peaks as well as beautiful fall colors. Hosting the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics, Lake Placid has become the center of the winter sports world. Along SR 73 are the beautiful Upper Cascade Lake and Lower Cascade Lake, which are flanked by mountainsides creating a stunning view. You are here: Home / High Peaks Initiative High Peaks Initiative is a collaborative of local, regional, and national organizations working in Maine’s High Peaks region. Brandon Atkinson/Flickr All it takes is one scenic drive along this byway and you'll fall in love, with the High Peaks Scenic Byway stretching across a total of 30-miles. This 41-mile state-designated byway within the Catskill Mountains’ Northern High Peaks delivers a profound travel experience. This imposing Catskill landscape, in the Mid-19th Century, inspired the Climbing high peaks is always an exciting way to spend an afternoon, but throw in some good music and comfortable seats, and driving up is just as fun. There are entrances to several hiking trails in Adirondack Park, and in Lake Placid the route passes by the Olympic Jumping Complex and the Olympic Sports Complex. I have to admit, out of this list, I have “only” completed 8 of them so I don’t have photos of every single spot but will update this post when I do. The scenic byway takes you from Route 9 to Lake Placid, passing through some of our most … Get notified by e-mail when a reply is posted.

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