goblin burrow ending

He runs to Eun Tak. I was happy about that closure point too! Wang Yeo says he wants to talk to her. With tears in her eyes, Eun Tak watches the dump truck bear down on her. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin to come to the tea house. Wang Yeo shows off his powers by chilling the champagne bottles in his hands. Wang Yeo says she promised not to contact him. She tells him they won’t meet again in this lifetime. Wang Yeo thanks him for all he did. They are the highest ratings ( even surpassing Reply 1998) any cable drama has ever received. It was great our OTP had their loved ones,sans Sunny, for the celebration of their marriage. After the phone call the coworker says that the bus accident will no longer happen. He wonders what changed their fate. I liked their chemistry. He cries. He tells her she’s the last soul he is guiding to the other side. The fact that Kim Shin was not surprised by this makes me wonder if his future vision of Wang Yeo and Sunny will happen in their next lifetime. They smile. She smiles. Their interactions make the whole drama more enjoyable. Kim Shin says he can see her because he has a good friend in Wang Yeo. A break will be welcome. He was confident but he was unsure. One last lovely vista from Quebec. There is no answer. And the highest rating 1 minute of this drama happened in this episode. He smiles. So glad that you and your friends found elements of this series to love. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. He offers Kim Shin the scroll with Sunny’s portrait he painted as King. I still don’t completely get why Sunny choose secrecy about remembering her past and recent present. To those that commented and enriched my understanding of this show, thank you. Just thinking about it now,two days after watching the episode, my throat is constricting and tears are welling up in my eyes – what do my co-workers think? The director says that the man is the consulting detective from the violent crimes unit. However, my friends and I decided to stick with the show when we reached ep 10 when the show’s story started to become intriguing, and we fell in love with the second lead couple. I can’t say enough about Writer Kim’s vision and attention to detail in this series. This coming week his friend Kim Jong Kook is the guest. Also Goblin special airing 4:40-6 am EST on TVN this Friday and Saturday morning Can be watched with no subs on http://www.sinktv.com When there, pick Korea, and TVN. We were absolutely captivated by these two. Awk! Sunny was forthright, pretty and unabashed about liking him. Ah my comment didn’t post before. Each episode does not just discuss death, but also shows the humor of each character. He exits his bedroom in his reaper outfit for the last time. I don’t believe this couple was known to us before this episode. I was so pleased Eun Tak remembered her Goblin ! Living with the Goblin and the Grim Reaper, Deok-hwa learned of their true identities, and the trio grew to be strong friends. It certainly deserves the rating it received. Tears! He pledges to wait, no matter how long it takes. I’ve been religiously reading them after each episodes since i felt that I have missed something due to the fact that I have to do 2 things at the same time, watching the scenes and concentrate on the subtitles! Deliberately Eun Tak drives into the road, in front of the oncoming dump truck. His coworkers didn’t know those kinds of things could happen. The difference with this site, and Viki would be the almost same time (within seconds) showing of the dramas as Koreans see them. In whatever you do, take a big bite. Eun Tak states she’s comfortable with Kim Shin being a goblin. He finally looks at the death card. All that happened so I wouldn’t be late for this moment. Kim Shin and Eun Tak sing at the table. That didn’t even cross my mind! Wang Yeo introduces himself as Detective Lee Hyuk. He tells him his punishment is over. I checked it out, though brief, it was there. Wang Yeo offers the tea. A good-looking, cynical, yet humorous character who is the guide to the Goblin and his bride’s reincarnations or afterlives. Thank you KJT for continuing to produce quality recaps that spur our discussions! I concur. Kim Shin announces that he and Eun Tak are getting married. Wang Yeo meets with the female reaper. The effects to make the sword look embedded in the Goblin’s chest, the scenes and atmosphere of war, and other worlds that are very romantic are all remarkable, and so is how they do moving from one scene to another, just by opening the door. Wang Yeo says it was her first life. She promises to come back to him. And I said it before and I must say it again. Wang Yeo hears the note read on air. She braces herself knowing that she poisoned Wang Yeo (under the Evil Minister’s orders) when he was King. She wants to see his face. Love, your Bride.” Kim Shin smiles in pleasure. SUNNY IN THE SHADOWS – I also wondered if Sunny had suicide on her mind. It was probably difficult for Sunny to keep her memories especially when she knew Eun Tak was suffering due to her lack of memories of Shin. Duk Hwa quips that he’s the kind of guy people want to set Eun Tak with. But that would be my taste. And the actress that portrayed Sunny was just so adorable that we became instant fans. it feels like its not a fantasy, well i hope so…. You knew that she and Kim Shin would reunite. Every one of Goblin‘s episodes was full of twists and surpises, right to the end. Writer Kim Eun Sook gave us the best ending to this story. lol. His man tells him that many students from Korea on a field trip have arrived, so it’s hectic.

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