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Having said that, my goal is to listen to your needs and hone in on what would be most comfortable for you. It’s safe for babies and everyone beyond. If you let me know your requirements (firmness, cushioning, size) I will be happy to offer recommendations. All the mattresses offered in my local store that can actually be tried on an adjustable bed seem to bottom out at the base of my spine when the head is raised, not under my seat but on the slanted part just above it. As a one sided bed with poly foam you won’t enjoy the durability of an all latex bed, but worst case scenario you can cut the cover off and still use the latex when you can no longer tolerate the impressions. While it is one sided we have flipped it in an effort to still have a functional mattress. We do not carry any one sided mattress because they do not last that long. For the Topper – Wool is a great temperature regulator so I wouldn’t worry too much. Englander Hybrid. The Beauty of latex is it wont break down and get body impressions like all other foams out there. Our microcoil layer lets air naturally move through the mattress. We can get the adjustable base here but would like to have that latex mattress and box without fillers sent to us. Preferred by those in the know, available to you. I live by Chicago so the Plant is close by but I cant find any reviews from this plant? So it was with great interest that I read the range of Englander manufacturers. The store was willing only to sell me another mattress at cost. I don’t know what part of the country you are from so can’t identify the exact mattress you have seen. Just email us at [email protected] and write ‘ATTN: Blake’ in the subject line. His goal was to provide a mattress that would provide a more comfortable experience while sleeping. Hi Jeff, Since the most recent review posted is from November of 2011 I’m hoping that I might still receive a reply. While the negative online reviews are NOT from our customers and are NOT about the mattress models we carry, I still feel compelled to respond. It is entirely possible that this mattress could be made still, or is duplicable. I wish I’d just gotten some normal mattress. Each Englander plant uses its own materials and has its own independent contracts with vendors. Englander InternationalCorporate Headquarters401 N. Michigan Ave.Chicago, IL 60611888-909-0551, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. If we must take a trip up north to your store, we will, but was hoping we could try before buy locally? It’s not a flippable mattress. It was a big investment I have never regretted! The Leeds store where we purchased the mattress acknowledged that this mattress has “problems” and has been returned by countless customers. We’re saying it: we are fans of Englander. If we could at least test one out somewhere close that would help. The 1633 flame test went in to effect July 1, 2007, which required that all mattresses not go up in flames for 30 minutes after being ignited. May 10, 2011 at 7:01 am Thanks. Like many national companies, Englander licenses use of its name to different manufacturing plants throughout the country. Thank you so much. All latex mattresses are quite easy to flip because they bend in half easily, however, flipping an all botanical latex mattress is not necessary to last a long time. I need to buy an adjustable bed. The model we bought is the Princess Luxury…a king size. I’d be happy to request a quote from our shipping company using generic king size dimensions and weights if you’d like a more accurate quote. The top is very plush which seems to be very comfortable. The store can design or select mattresses that fit their philosophy, and represent them as they please. Thanks for your question and interest. I am SO happy to have found your site; you are speaking my language. I hope this helps. I would like wool top TC. Thanks Ross Reddington, In 1968 I was Sales Rep for Englander Mattress. Please email me [email protected] and Id be happy to send you the pricing on these. I have yet to find a perfect product. If you’d like send me an email to [email protected] with the following information and I can get you a quote. We’ve operated our business in the same location since 1972. Both my husband and I prefer a firm mattress and wonder which one you specifically recommend? I can’t abide any off-gassing. They know what … View our Mattress Video Section! We have many options from plush to quite firm, so you have an excellent selection from which to choose. We finally settled for the floor model, and it has minor outgassing, but I don’t think it should have any. The mattress will be 2 inches wider on either side and 4 inches shorter than normal when rotated 90 degrees. These 2 plants are not associated however. If you want to know what that particular mattress contains (each component); I’ve taken the liberty of doing that on this mattress. We live near an Englander-Tualatin plant in Stockton, CA. Make sure that you can flip it (the pillow-top should be on both sides). The mattress you purchased in 2007 was by far and away the most popular at the time and used a dacron/rayon fire barrier wrap around the latex and underneath the cotton ticking. We went mattress shopping some years ago, and had to return an expensive iComfort due to outgassing along with the extreme pain. Tiny one-way streets that move mugginess away from your body. Many of these will be one-sided, can’t-flip mattresses and I won’t sell them. I’m not. You could check your nearest Englander Manufacturer. We’ve been privileged to serve tens of thousands of customers in the Puget Sound region. However, we get more referrals to our store by latex mattress owners than any other product we’ve carried in 48 years. If you are referring to the mattress that you purchased from us in December of 2007, there were no flame retardant chemicals added to the mattress. Englander mattresses sold in our region are usually made by Tualatin Sleep Products in Oregon. The company recommends that it be rotated but it’s so heavy that I’m tempted to just let it be. According to the Englander company website, the Viscopedic memory foam has a more responsive cell structure to provide complete luxury. How other plants work with dealers or customers is not standardized throughout the country. Anyway, I’m not replacing the one you sent me…we love it. MY problem with my Englander latex is it is WAY to hard, still- about 4 years of owning it. Thanks. If you send us an image of your law label, we can see what the components were in the existing mattress, and then find the right model to suit you. We didn’t get ours at Tualatin. This was the most we have spent on a bed and are not in a position to weather a bad purchase. Thank you Ross. Not too cold, not too hot. The new owners began focusing more on the inner coils in the mattress. If she want to have the softer top separate from the mattress you could combine this Englander Mattress with our 45th Street Wool Topper that would create the softness. Latex din a two sided mattress seems to be the answer. Are you familiar with this model? A cloud-like luxurious sleep system for discerning customers. We do offer a 60 Day Comfort Exchange on all mattresses. This one has served us well despite the one drawback, and I would gladly invest in another Englander although costly. Im not sure what the smell is coming from but it sounds to me that it is a latex mattress but not 100% . Can you help us? That being said, I prefer to send a sample of the latex foam home with a customer prior to the sale of the mattress just to be safe. I’ve tried a couple of “Englander” models I found on craigslist however they seemed way too soft – what model latex bed do you recommend that is not too firm or too soft ? Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Our latex comes from plantations in either Sri Lanka or Vietnam. The Nature's Finest latex mattress, as it is called by Englander, is made with pure and natural rubber latex. Verify that it is all latex; the law label will identify the content of the mattress by weight. Shopping for a mattress long distance can seem daunting I’m sure. We are still the place to go for great natural and organic latex mattresses. I’m having trouble sleeping on it. Where do we find this mattress and how much is it? We ship mattresses all the time. Thanks! We carry 28 different botanical latex models starting at $1000 in queen size. The secret is in the antimicrobial fibers. It was the most comfortable Mattress we have ever owned & slept on because each side was different strengths. I wish I’d just gotten some normal mattress. I’m just scared I’m going to spend a bunch of money and then 6 months down the road, I’ll regret it. The more information you have, the better we can help. I’m glad you found our blog to be helpful. 300 NE 45th St I am pretty sensitive to odors and there was none. Bedrooms And More Natural latex has also been said to keep you more cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Thanks Keith. Nature's Finest Latex Sleep SystemThe 100% natural latex rubber mattress was made popular by Englander for the first time in 1996, with the launching of their Nature's Finest model. Tiny heat highways. Englander's Hybrid collection comes with layers of gel infused memory foam, latex, and micro-coils.Most customers like what they get in terms of initial comfort, but others had issues with the durability of some of these mattresses.In terms of edge support, these mattresses should provide equal comfort towards the side of the mattress.

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