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), punctuality, and competition (for grades and sports victories). The bedrock of mutual collaboration is an intensive process of prepara, tion of the systems as a whole as well as the specific groups of stakeholders, an educational component with an emphasis on understanding the debate, about the nature and meaning of ISW and its implications, strategies for, coping with culture shock and management of emergency situations. Such a comparative analy, sis is anticipated to offer guidelines for tailoring dif, programs for ISW and principles for using resources, Informed by the literature reviewed above and adopting the principles of the, reciprocal/exchange approach, a comprehensive model for effectively, This phase involves: development of criteria for students appropriate for the, program; identification of students who meet these criteria; identification of, faculty and staff in the sending and host countries to be involved in training, them; identification of suitable agencies. and secondary modern. though there is clearly scope for education for all and 'lifelong The review of the literature highlights the debate around philosophical, ethical and practical issues inherent in ISW as well as the diversity of pro, grams that address these issues – especially in the US and Europe. titioner working internationally in the context of the identified problem. earlier age (such as 8/9). T. tures, small group exercises and experiential learning. The students are now in their early thirties, and many aspects of their educational and personal lives have been followed since the study began. Education provides a convenient basis for policy for Worse yet, several studies show that students’ social class and race and ethnicity affect the track into which they are placed, even though their intellectual abilities and potential should be the only things that matter: White, middle-class students are more likely to be tracked “up,” while poorer students and students of color are more likely to be tracked “down.” Once they are tracked, students learn more if they are tracked up and less if they are tracked down. Eton School in 1897. The authors describe how a brief international study course enhanced the learning experiences of 16 MSW students along four dimensions, including cross-cultural sensitivity and professional identity development. Students who had been in the smaller classes were more likely in their twenties to be married and to live in wealthier neighborhoods. Abram, F. Y., J. It is exceedingly difficult for children to transcend parental traits such as race, religion and class. .Toronto, ON: Thompson Education Publishing. These and other possibilities mean that any differences found between the two class sizes might reflect the qualities and skills of students and/or teachers in these classes, and not class size itself. The latter tend to lose self-esteem and begin to think they have little academic ability and thus do worse in school because they were tracked down. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Cartographica The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization, studies of map design and how people navigate with maps. This article presents results of a qualitative study of values development in U.S. and Scottish social work students who participated in a study-abroad program. There is a growing recognition that in an increasingly differentiated social environment it is important for social workers to be prepared to intervene in multi-diversified and multicultural contexts, so as to promote inclusion, respect and empowerment. While it has been sug, gested that motivation may be complex and multi-layered (W, students reported three main motives. Implementation, qualitative results, and future foci are discussed. Education after school age is mainly classified as "higher" or reports comment on some deterioration in standards in secondary After reviewing the history and current state of the profession's global-mindedness, the authors present three strategies for achieving a curriculum to meet students' needs in the global environment of the millennium: the interim step of internationalizing the curriculum, then revising the profession's value base, and adopting three unifying frameworks that offer channels for international dialogue and encourage a global outlook. On the emotional level, because a different socio-cultural environment, may trigger the development of: identification, a sense of superiority and, judgment, feelings of helplessness, hostility.

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