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Nice Just started playing but awesome so far. Find easter egg, code, hint, trick and fix for your favourite and most played apps or games. Hell, even a reduction of 10 seconds in time has a big impact. Other than a hidden nerf to the time, there is no logical reason behind the additonal 12 seconds on handsoff mode. Because, I can run challenge stage 82 at 33 seconds. The NPC panel has been upgraded to allow some specific filtering, you can … Leave small help for rest of app' users. I said earlier farming highest level. It'll be changed in the "change 1.0" patch or maybe before. Searchable NPC's Panel. KagenoGame. I've read and people are saying its to account for loading, I call 100% bs on that statement because if you are running it regularly in auto retry mode, it reloads in about 3 seconds. 1 Free Daily Ally Summon Added Watch 별이 되어라! Just think you guys and girls could consider offline play. I'll check it out later, but maybe when you kill the boss that's where the timer stops? Love the mini game No complains yet. Watch Dragon Blaze - 106 What to Spend Your Rubies On video. User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-06-12, Dynasty Tzin: So there is no reason for my average time on my 10 runs to say 33 seconds but my hands off to be 45 seconds. So, why is the hands off mode timer so far off? Vote for apps! Watch 별이 되어라! Extraordinary graphics RPG ★Dragon Blaze★You're the only one who can solve the mystery about this never ending war!Get ready to go on an journey in Dragon Blaze.■ High quality RPG with an intriguing storyline! Awesome mini game Awesome mini game so far. An archer who participated in The Dragon Raid. If I am being completely honest, my money is on the invisible nerf, since gamevil has already had a rough past with invisible nerfs to experience. i like it alot very nice war play Nice mini game! Because the only logical explanation is the hidden nerf, which is just shitty behavior that has gotten gamevil in trouble in the past already. Leave feedback and tell us how you rate graphics, Khang Đình 2,515 views. When hearing that HL3 is hidden in a abandoned building, Mordecai set out to find the building that has it, but when he go inside, he have to go through a dungeon first with a unpleasant surprise awaiting. i love this mini game its simple to play and easy. Enhancements to Pets (Komodo Wing) Do you like this app/game? See the gallery, app description, statistics and changelog. Thanks! a team! User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-05-06, trevor arias: There should be no loading to begin with. Dragon blaze kr ToV 61-70 video. Welcome on the best website for android users. So can somebody please explain why there is that huge difference? What throws us for an even bigger loop is, the game is offline. I love the movement..its as if its a true thing...but personally i think its hard to receive normal item and allies since it depends on ally point..but its still a good mini game cool fine mini game Allow me watch the war without thinking too much, and the effects are not awful too.. for the answer from other players. Private files such as images will not be accessed.PHONE : Authorization is needed to proceed with in-game happenings and rewards. Its just when I was getting into the nitty gritty on why practice wasn't being supported by the math we came across the fact that your handsoff time is drastically different than your actual average time. Because it is obviously not accounting for loading times, so the only other explanation has to be that it is a hidden nerf to hands off farming so you don't farm lower levels instead of farming the upper levels. I meant highest level under or at 30 seconds. Discover cheat codes, hacks, tricks and tips for applications. I havent had so much fun playing a smartphone mini game til I played this. There is no surveys, no payments and no download. I cant stop playin', assist me please!! Thats how it should be ran, and how you would expect it to be ran because hands off is specifically stated: " Your average clear time and probability of completion that are calculated based on your most recent 10 tries will be the basis of the automatic battles in Hands-Off Mode " That explanation from the patch notes alone states the times should be the same, but they aren't. There is no gain in that. Loved it I've read and people are saying its to account for loading, I call 100% bs on that statement because if you are running it regularly in auto retry mode, it reloads in about 3 seconds. The shooter of riding the dragon's back! Describe your the best way to win the game, to get an advantage quickly and earn resources in the application as fast as Dragon blaze kr Make Overlord Dar Khan !! User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-05-21, Yonny RD: Hooterific So unless you have something productive to add to the conversation, then you aren't needed here. User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-06-08, Idoranatasha Nadira: New Dungeon Added (Orc Fortress) Good!!! strategies. Dragon Blaze tricks hints guides reviews promo codes easter eggs and more for android application. Watch Dragon Blaze | Episode 88 | Coming Soon Sneak Peek - Transcended Prometheus & Helios Almost Here video. Enjoying it Dragon blaze kr Arena session #33 video. video. Essence Fusion May have to manual combine some b4 getting them. ** This mini game is accessible in English. User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-09-08, joshua sondakh: Watch 별이 되어라! Fast advice for fresh users, focus on one mini game mode (pvp or wb). Fun and Entertaining Good story, convenient/farming, reasonable pvp, plenty of freebies weekly w/ war mission, various mini game modes, don't need to be p2w to do well. Set your avg time by running at least 10 runs sometimes it takes longer for me to get a good %. fast server and no viruses. Looking forward to discovering more about the mini game. User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-07-04, Velex: They can use normal shots, bombs and magic shots (press and hold the button). Meet more players and create I did do some testing, and the 10 run average time takes into consideration the A-SS fight as well, since the run is still going at the time it makes sense haha, I thought it wouldn't at first, but the stopwatch and times match up. User rated this game 5/5 on 2015-09-28, craig brouillard: Before you device to test any game or app, simply watch some reviews/tutorials/gameplays on youtube. Location Ranzajar Isle within Classic World Of Warcraft. Dragon Blaze is a vertical-scrolling shooter game that first appeared in arcades in 2000. Do not forget to write review and rate this item. Love it - Create the heroes from the stories into your own allies. Watch 별이 되어라! A1) At stage 82, with my average hands off time, including the loading even though nothing really should be loading since it should all be done by an equation since handsoff is specifically stated to use your past 10 clear percentage and time for handsoff as the basis for it, I should be getting a base experience per hour gain of 690,252.63/hr.

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