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The length of each distance learning degree program is calculated based on an average of 15 hours of learning per week. Read more. ... Bircham University can not perform this evaluation without the complete application for admission. Specialist - Expert Diploma Online: 15 ... 21 Academic credits required for this distance learning degree program. Individuals seeking to increase their earning potential and their occupational knowledge may be interested in obtaining an advanced diploma. Diploma in Civil engineering distance education helps in producing skilled civil engineers who can meet the requirement of the market. It provides concise and up-to-date information on the planning, design, and construction of a variety of engineered structures.Academic Supervisor: Mohamed Abdallah Naguib El-Reedy. It also considers theories of city building and the elements, patterns, and evolution of the city-shaping urban forms. This module may be combined or completed with other modules from this faculty. More info... BIU adapts each Distance Learning Higher Education degree program to the needs of each student. More info...). Composition: Civil Engineering via distance learning = 42 Academic credits + 60 credits in General Education (may be transferred from previous education and professional experience) + Additional courses may be selected from other modules in the Faculty of Engineering & Technology from Bircham International University if required. For example: Geotechnical Engineering. More info... AAEE - Australasian Association for Engineering EducationABCEM - Associação Brasileira da Construção MetálicaABENC - Associação Brasileira de Engenheiros CivisABP - Associação Brasileira de Pontes e EstruturasAFGC - Association Francaise de Genie CivilASCE - American Society of Civil EngineersASEE - American Society for Engineering EducationATCM - Association of Town and City ManagementB&ES - Building & Engineering Services AssociationCECA - Civil Engineering Contractors AssociationECCE - European Council of Civil EngineersENGC - Engineering Council (UK)FEBRAE - Federação Brasileira de Associações de EngenheirosIACEE - International Association for Continuing Engineering EducationIACES - International Association of Civil Engineering StudentsIAENG - International Association of EngineersICE - Institution of Civil EngineersICE - Internet Civil Engineers NetworkICES - Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering SurveyorsIET - Institution of Engineering and TechnologyIFEES - International Federation of Engineering Education SocietiesIRED - Institute of Research Engineers and DoctorsLACCEI - Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering InstitutionsNAAAEA - National Arab American Association of Engineers and ArchitectsNSBE - National Society of Black EngineersSEFI - Societé Européene pour la Formation des IngénieursSHPE - Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers SWE - Society of Women EngineersTCPA - Town and Country Planning AssociationUACSE - Universal Association of Civil, Structural and Environmental EngineersWFEO - World Federation of Engineering OrganizationsMore info... Study via Distance Learning from anywhere in the world and at any time in the year. Master's Degree Online: 36 ... 54 Academic credits required for this distance learning degree program. Contact directly the ones you select. Thank you for your interest. More info...). Compare colleges on … Composition: Civil Engineering via distance learning = 42 Academic credits - Select 5 courses for the online diploma of Specialist or 7 courses for the Expert Diploma from the total of courses from the specialization module. The Diploma in Civil Engineering is an undergraduate level of study where a certificate is given to a student after the due completion of the course that the student is now skilled of the said subject of civil engineering. 4.680 Euros (6.120 US$) ... Max. IMTS institute is the place where experts understand student's requirements and meet them in the best suitable way. ), Head Office: G-38, Sector-3 Noida Uttar Pradesh. Acceptance of these Distance Learning Higher Education academic credits is always the prerogative of the receiving institution or employer. There is always demand of the civil engineers. It also portrays the design of bolted and welded connections and the structural design of steel bridges and frames of buildings.Academic Supervisor: Graeme Dean HamiltonWood Design & ConstructionThis course explores the design methods related to wood structures. ... A distance learning university makes studying & working easy and compatible. You may download this application form from the website or request it by email or mail. Bircham International University provides a list of available memberships and professional references from each faculty where some BIU graduates may belong. Language: Book reading and report writing in other language than English must be requested (and approved by BIU) prior to enrollment in any distance learning program.6. IMTS is the best choice for doing course in distance mode, If you want good service, timly response, reliable commitments, than IMTS is the place. You also authorize the use of cookies on this web. For 45 credits, the estimated time for completion will be 45 weeks, and so on. A further option is the enrollment into each of the courses listed within this specialization module. For more instructions about BIU pedagogy, tutoring, and evaluation, please read our distance learning education study guide. + 18 Academic credits (Research methodology and final project or thesis. It includes beams, slabs systems, columns, foundations, retaining walls, and concrete.Academic Supervisor: Graeme Dean HamiltonSteel Design & ConstructionThis course explores the mechanics, structural behavior, and design of steel construction. Then course is taught in such a way that several subjects are cleared to the students such as planning, drafting, surveying, estimation, costing, education and construction etc. Distance learning. If you take admission in a part time civil engineering course, you’ll find out the magnitude to which civil engineers … Master's Degree - Civil Engineering Online Tuition Fee: Min. Individuals seeking to increase their earning potential and their occupational knowledge may be interested in obtaining an advanced diploma. Further studies can easily be done after diploma in civil engineering. Delete cookies, You authorize the use of the data that you provide to BIU when you contact our institution. Both publicly-funded governments and private companies are involved in civil engineering. This distance learning education program is completed by a traditional correspondence instruction method. Civil Engineering is one of the disciplines of professional engineering, dealing with the creation of civilian-used structures from conceptualization through to construction and maintenance. Specialist - Expert Diploma - Civil Engineering Online Tuition Fee: 1.050 Euros (1.350 US$) ... 1.470 Euros (1.890 US$). This academic program is designed at the postgraduate level (Master’s or Doctoral). Payment plans are available upon request up to 36 monthly installments. It examines the design of shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, tunnels, and other earth and rock structures.Academic Supervisor: Mohamed Abdallah Naguib El-ReedyStructural EngineeringThis course deals with the structural engineering principles and design techniques. Doctor Ph.D. It includes stress and strain, analysis and design of beams and columns, and it examines forces on buildings (snow, live loads, wind, and earthquake).Academic Supervisor: Mohamed Abdallah Naguib El-ReedyConcrete Design & ConstructionThis course explores the design of reinforced concrete structures. +. Distance learning Civil engineering course is designed for those who want to grow their career in various civil engineering sectors. The 52724WA - Civil and Structural Engineering course from the Engineering Institute of Technology is delivered over 24 months by live distance learning and presented by some of the leading civil and structural engineering instructors in the world today. It presents the mechanics of structural concrete in bending, shear, and axial forces, and the structural behavior and design of bricks, tiles, and masonry. Download colleges brochure, read questions and student reviews. Doctor Ph.D. Academic Supervisor : Mohamed Abdallah Naguib El-Reedy More information about this academic supervisor at Bircham University Human Network. Communication: Email, courier, phone are key communication instruments with Bircham University that play an important role in the progress and support of this program of study.3. More info... Bircham International University issues an admission certificate after receiving your complete application for admission. This module is applicable to Specialist, Expert, Bachelor's, Master's & Ph.D. (Doctor) Degree Programs. +, The Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc has been designed to prepare and develop your ability to carry out advanced analysis and research in the field of logistics and s The Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc has been designed to prepare and develop your ability to carry out advanced analysis and research in the field of logistics and supply chain management within a global context.

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