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Thank you for your help. All rights reserved. Our Colorado records indicate there is an active CO warrant for a Tiffany Marie Ward that was issued out of Northglenn County, Yes my husband\’s probation officer told him he was going to revoke his probation and issue an arrest warrant for him.His probation was from the district court in Denver, CO. His name is Manuel Valdespino 08/01/1976 Our Colorado criminal check did not find anything active for Johnathon Tracey but we did get a couple of hits for a Charles Tracey but no middle name was listed. Call and tell us your situation. Being able to show my Dad your response will make him feel at ease about this subject once and for all. For those who leave the state, these limitations can also be extended to five years. The Probate Court charges $5 to search records for every name requested. On an average, over four crimes take place in the county every hour and in most of these reported cases, the victim is rarely more than a mile away from his home or office. Joseph Daniel Knight does have a Colorado misdemeanor arrest warrant related to a criminal conviction from 2018. We don’t show the specifics of the criminal charges however. Does Teddy Dewayne Griffin. Olivia K. Clark dob: 12231999 They also maintain the most wanted individuals connected in Colorado. A third option is to use the services of 3rd party public record websites since Colorado warrants are public information. Unfortunately that is all the information we have. Any warrants for a Johnathon V. Tracey or Charles P. Tracey, Jr? There is an open Collin county warrant from a Class B misdemeanor charge that we show in our system for a Benjamin Jeansonne, Warrant for Michael Scott Dexter So, while you can speak to the records clerk, in all likelihood, you will need to visit the office in person during business hours. This will also help us refine the criminal record charges that are listed in our Colorado criminal record database, Warrant arest for john paul wilson for hrasment against his ex girlfriend Kiri jane Buchanan, Our Colorado warrant search shows there is an active arrest warrant for a John Wilson, no middle name listed, for the charges of SIMPLE ASSAULT – COLORADO CRIMINAL CODE: 1313. He has dementia and told me that John had a warrant for unpaid restitution that he and CJT were somehow attached to. Is there an active Warrant for Nicolle A. However, if this steady growth is not nipped, there is a very good possibility that the number of criminal incidents per year may swell in the near future. For other locations, visit our Free Police and Sheriff Department Finder. I live in another state How do I find out what the hell the warrant is for ?? We checked for both Colorado and Idaho warrants and did not find anything with Alesea Atwood in our database resources. You can also contact the Colorado Sheriff department to verify this information. However, before starting a warrant search, it would certainly be prudent to equip yourself with some information about how these arrest records work. Enter your first name, last name, and date of birth to see if there are any active warrants. The results from our Colorado warrant check did not come up with anything currently active. Data availability is largely dependent on various public sources from which the information is aggregated. Is there a warrant issued for Jadelynn Onckelet, Jadelynn Onckelet did not show up in our Colorado warrant records when we ran her name through our database, Warrants and I wanna see if my daughter can leave the state of colorado, Kasie Munn does not come up in our Colorado criminal records database as having an open CO warrant. Active warrants for Is there a warrant for Teddy Dewayne Griffin.. 36.. 12-18. This can result in a drug conviction that can carry penalties and fines or possible prison time depending on the circumstances. Getting arrested for DUI does not mean you will be convicted. & Hackbarth. We do show a couple of criminal charges in Colorado and an open warrant however we cannot see the charges. This people search site works really well in Colorado. The information we show in our Colorado warrant records database shows an active warrant for a Teddy Dewayne Griffin, issued by the Douglas County Sheriff Department, with the associated charges being Criminal Mischief, Arrest warrant for autumn grounds in larimer county colorado, We do show a warrant record for an Autumn Fawn Grounds in Larimer county that was processed by the Larimer county sheriff department for an unlawful possession of a controlled substance. We ran a search for a Jessica Cox and only found records for a Jessica Michelle Cox in Colorado, I\’m trying to establish any warrant I may have, We show there is a warrant for a Phillip Justin Sessions issued by the Adams county courts. A fugitive from justice charge from Colorado means a person has fled authorities that have an arrest warrant out for them. Colorado warrant for Johnpaul Lee Ries 07/17/1991? The details are provided online for other jurisdictions. Austin, we are showing a DUI charge for a Jacob William Elwood from 2015 from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office however, there are no warrants that we’re showing with our Colorado warrant search. Pueblo County also has an online database of warrant lists for thousands of names with the inclusion of those arrested for minor offenses. As with people with arrest warrants, people with bench warrants may be arrested at any time as long as the warrant is active. Thank you in advance for your time ! Our Colorado database only shows a criminal record for a Matthew Adam Crump, nothing comes up with the middle name Cory, We show a multitude of criminal records for an Anthony Jacob Silvera as well as an active warrant for his arrest, Arrest warrant for alyssa d Martinez 11/09/86. Is “Two” his full last name or perhaps there is a different spelling? What is a Ramey Warrant? Our Colorado warrant records don’t show anything active for a Jackie Crane, Alyssa Santagata does not come up in our Colorado warrant records as having anything active, I have a so called warrant in Jackson County ????

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