chinese flowers and plants

The Ghost Month is the seventh lunar month of Chinese Lunar Calendar. peach petals - state of intense trance of love Unopened buds should always be included among flowers in bloom, as they represent life’s continuous journey. Why? Chinese flowers are one of the most significant in the world. In Chinese culture, jade plant is widely know to attract wealth luck and good fortune with their emerald shaped green leaves. During the Chinese New Year, people use this flower in their home décor. The orchid is a symbol of fertility and abundance, so bring one home for those who looking to start a new family. For this reason, many people hang pictures of peonies in their homes, wishing the happiness of their families. According to the Chinese tradition, Ear Itching Superstition can give you some signs or omen that are coming to us from the Universe, Feng Shui Almanac can guide you to determine the days that are lucky, average, and inauspicious, so that you can plan in advance for your important events. Peach blossom - luck Plum blossom - strong personality, unafraid of difficulties (also symbol of winter, since the tree blossoms in the end of winter) Every flower, branch and leave is counted to ensure irregularity (especially in displays); an odd number is preferable since it is meant to convey the dynamic irregularity of the life force itself. From early times courtyard homes had a small garden at its heart. This charming green, white, and yellow-coloured flowers grow in water and carries heavenly beauty. Back to the index of Chinese Customs and Traditions Glossary. The country boasts a number of different climates, which foster many types of native plants and flowers. A member of the nightshade family, devil's trumpet (Datura metel) is a flowering annual native to Southern China and parts of Asia. Roughly 10,000 of these species live nowhere else on earth (except maybe in your garden). A member of the bean family, Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) is a small deciduous tree or woody vine native to China. Time to go shopping for your lucky plants and flowers now. Ceiling Fan in Bedroom is Good or Bad Feng Shui? Earth Element: The stone/pebbles that support the plant. When a person begins to reap success in his life, he is usually given bamboo with the desire not to lose his modesty. 8 Lucky Plants and Flowers for Chinese New Year. ), Crystal Point Feng Shui Significance and Uses. Producing a contrast of colors between the white of the snow and the red (or pink) of the flowers. These include pussy willows, lucky bamboo plants and mandarin orange trees.But in addition, each animal in the Chinese zodiac actually has “lucky” flowers associated with it. Azalea appears in ancient Chinese poems and stories. Peonies bloom in the spring season and symbolise fame, prosperity, and wealth. Tangerine tree is one of the hot favourite plant in this festive season because it has an auspicious meaning of “lucky plants bearing fruits” and great home decoration idea for indoor to usher in wealth and abundance. Chrysanthemums, typically those in golden yellow or purple color are lucky flowers during Chinese New Year. A member of the bean family, Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) is a small deciduous tree or woody vine native to China. In Chinese culture, chrysanthemum also symbolises longevity. MORE : Chinese New Year: Find out which animal you are and what that means. It cures deafness and all kidney ailments. However, if it’s absolutely necessary to repot or transplant your balloon flower, be extremely careful with its root system. In other words, they grow in adversity without their beauty being corrupted. The lotus flower (along with its leaves, seeds, and roots) has been in wide use in Chinese medicine and cuisine for more than 1000 years. MORE : Where do the Chinese New Year animals come from?

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