carried away sentence

to be so excited about something that you do not control what you say or do: There's far too much food - I'm afraid I got a bit carried away. verb (tr, adverb) 1. to remove forcefully. It speedily ended with his son, also called Khusru, whom Mahommed Ghori, the relentless enemy of the Ghaznivide house, carried away into captivity in 1186. About 1330 B.C. Be warned. But are we allowing ourselves to be carried away by false vanity? The audience gets so carried away that a couple of them leap on the stage to join in. Apposition Vs. Juxtaposition? You can even decide to use abbreviations, but be careful not to get carried away. to cause someone to become very excited and to … It's easy to get carried away when shopping for a newborn. In home politics the new ministry was in danger of being carried away by its more violent supporters. It's easy to get carried away and eat too many. It is so easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment and buy a ring that looks fantastic but doesn't 'quite' fit correctly - hoping that you'll grow into it or lose weight! An example of get carried away is when you are really excited about having a first birthday party for your child that you stress and obsess and spend thousands and thousands of dollars. I intended to write a very short story but, as usual, got, He told the audience he went to a party and got, He ran away with some quite sophisticated, intricate ideas and he got, So, I went to a pick-your-own orchard and got a little, The audience heaved a big sigh of relief as the play finally ended with the anticipated melodramatic scene, worsened by actors who got, Coal-oil-fired generators and atomic energy plants cause large amounts of waste heat which is, Senior executives believe investors will be, When the wind comes from the north, the ice is, His body withered and shriveled like a prune in the sun, and, as Juktis watched, he turned into dust and was, The downturn in fundraising activity is most pronounced among unicorns, whose valuations arguably got, If the victim recovered, the shrines were removed and, This was a tommy gun of a game and quite a few players must have, In some areas in the American corn belt, more than 50 percent of the original topsoil has been, Then a blessing of unicorns charged into the studio, and I was, But I'm a shopaholic so it's a good job I'm late because I might have got, For the ensuing six months Mr G. again reverted to his reactionless state, until in March 1970 he was, He weighs 40 pounds, is 2 years old and sometimes gets, New Hampshire author Alexander does not get, Many of the seeds remain on the surface where they is vulnerable to being eaten by birds or, In the 1650s, it moved east of the Yenisey, where it, They arose along the breakers' edge where the water surge piled up sediment, and behind which sediment was, Occasionally the painter even seems to get, When the upcurrent amount of sediment is less than the amount being, Roman coins have been found in today's Venezuela, northwest of Brazil, presumably from ships that were, It was nice of him to write a poem for his new girlfriend, but shooting a full-length film is getting, I only meant to buy one new dress, but I got, I know what many of you are thinking, that I'm getting, The President urged the patriots not to be, A small plane making a water landing or a boat having engine trouble can be, They found afterward to their regret that he was the finest little old poker player that ever struck the village and he, After each victorious campaign, Ayutthaya, As the seafloor spreads, magma wells up from the mantle, cools to form new basaltic crust on both sides of the ridge, and is, But a man like Mortimer Sturgis, with thirty-eight golfless years behind him, is swept off his feet. If so, the thickness of the alluvium is at least 1800 ft., and may be much more. Jeremiah had admonished his exiled brothers: " Seek ye the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the Lord for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace " (Jer. Though the young emperor was of too phlegmatic a temperament to be carried away by the prevailing excitement and of too practical a turn of mind to adopt wholesale the doctrinaire theories of his selfconstituted, irresponsible advisers, he recognized that great administrative and economic changes were required, and after a short period of hesitation he entered on a series of drastic reforms, of which the most important were the emancipation of the serfs, the thorough reorganization of the judicial administration and the development of local self-government. It might be a good idea not to get too carried away with the ALT text, just like the background image; the goal of any website is a clear message, and this can clutter if misused. carried fire and sword through Babylonia, slew its king Zamama-sum-iddin and carried away a stela of Naram-Sin and the famous code of laws of Khammurabi from Sippara, as well as a stela of Manistusu from Akkuttum or Akkad. This is where compound interest calculators can be so useful, provided you don't get, I have been sacrificed, transferred and conveyed so often, I know the feeling of being lifted and, For three days the plunderers worked unhindered and, There is a humility, too, an indication that he will not be, Second, he emphasizes the importance of not being, The movie is in such a rush, charging headlong from crisis to fiasco, it's hard not to get, When the pods split open, hordes of seeds, each with their own fluffy parasail, are, That which overfloweth is wasted, and that which falls on the ground is, This sequence is especially heartbreaking, as the screaming little girl is, I saw the footage on LBC, and it took a strong stomach to watch the wounded, Sails were blown away, the mainmast was sprung, and the mast was, We were just beginning to congratulate ourselves on a successful launch, when there was a huge crack, and the mast was, It looks like during the shortage every one was, In the rush to buy a property, it's easy to get, It was the beginning of a long decline. Only nine calories per cookie mean your dog's treats are healthy and won't cause your dog to become overweight if you don't get carried away with them. But the angel of forgetfulness has gathered up and carried away much of the misery and all the bitterness of those sad days. ", Swift says that "with a singularity scarce to be justified he carried away more Greek, Latin and philosophy than properly became a person of his rank.". Failure is not failure nor waste wasted if it sweeps away illusion and lights the road to a plan.

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