can you liberate kolossi

(spoilers). You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Any puppet city can be annexed anytime by clicking on the city's banner (unless you're playing as the Venetians), and the city name can be changed while viewing the city. For more information please read our FAQ’s here. Selecting the topic "Reporting in" causes Galmar to assign you a specific quest that needs to be completed. At this point, you can travel around that area using your Guiding Wind to explore Undiscovered Locations. Nevertheless, the city will have an Occupied status and generate extra Unhappiness as detailed here, and the population of the city will generate additional Unhappiness (1.34 per Population, instead of the usual 1). Whether or not you accept, he will ask you to at least walk out with him. The underlying quest for this battle is always the same, but is simply radiantly assigned to the military fort protecting the appropriate hold. trade marks of The Creative Assembly Limited. If you decide not to participate in the speech, Ulfric will go directly to thanking the soldiers. Since a newly captured city enters a Resistance period and can't really do anything useful, it's advisable to make it a puppet for a few turns until Resistance ends instead of immediately annexing it. Do you have Gods and Kings only, like me or do you have it all? Ghost of Tsushima’s titular island is big. When only one option is available, which can only occur when playing as the Venetians (who can't annex captured cities) or as the result of a glitch, that one option will automatically be chosen. Tip: You will likely want to use the option to spend 25 intel to boost infiltration on these missions. In this guide, we’ll show you how to liberate Tsushima island and reveal every icon on the map, which will help you see every exploration location and grab every reward. Just stand outside the city and freeze everyone who comes running at you. After the quest has been completed and Ulfric has given his final speech, Elisif may not be available in the Blue Palace. Go to Windhelm and speak to Ulfric, he will tell you that while it may not have seemed that bad to give it up, he now has to waste troops on getting it back. This forces the nation attempting a diplomatic victory to rely on other sources of delegates, such as bonus delegates from declared World Religion and Ideology, the bonus delegates won from the Globalization technology, or a number of other possibilities. This page was last modified on 6 October 2020, at 15:35. This may work, although you will get a bounty. In Ghost of Tsushima, there are three areas of the titular island to liberate from Mongol control — Izuhara in the south, Toyotama in the middle of the island, and Kamiagata at the north. For Assassin's Creed III on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Which sequence can you liberate Boston in? Creative Assembly, the Creative Puppeting a city is one of the most popular means of controlling conquered cities. This blocks several quests from working properly. If the province is their home province when you conquer it you can make a vassal clan. Note that cities that joined Venice or Austria via their special abilities can never be liberated! Very...democratic. Simply reload a previous save. Captured cities can be burnt down to remove them from the game completely. After completing The Battle for Fort Hraggstad, return to Galmar at the camp for further orders, he will simply tell you that the Stormcloaks are taking the capital, and tell you to meet the brothers staging for the final attack. In order to "liberate" a city originally belonging to an existing civilization, it would have to be puppeted or annexed and then gifted to its original owner. The Imperial-controlled holds will not need to be conquered if taken from the Imperials during Season Unending. The potential issue here is that players destroy all the Mongol outposts in the first act and still don’t liberate Izuhara completely. To see everything, you need to change the occupied status, which you can see when you zoom out on the Tsushima Island map, which you can see below both in its red (meaning Mongol controlled) and gray (meaning liberated) states. He will congratulate you and declare you "Stormblade". However, if you liberate the island’s three main sections, you can uncover the entire map revealing every Undiscovered Location.

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