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[21] The concept originated with the idea of rescuing people as opposed to killing them, which was an element that producer Yuji Naka felt was too common in contemporary video games. The selected character is first taken through a tutorial stage where they are introduced to the other members of the team, Chris Parton, Reed Phoenix, Big Landman and the non-selected playable character, before being taken on missions. 2: Gekitō Pennant Race, Ganbare!! [13][6][14][7] Nutter noted that the controls were a mix of those featured in Tomb Raider and Nights into Dreams, praising the use of the analogue stick to perform complex manoeuvres. [27] Some staff also travelled to Universal Studios in California to experience the Backdraft attraction to learn how to generate a similar sensation in the game. [30] Before selecting voice actors, Miyoshi designed the characters and built up a mental image of what they would sound like. [25] The team also visited a special firefighting event in Tokyo where they witnessed robots putting out fires, and were surprised to see how it compared to their image of the game's futuristic setting. [34] In the first test ROM they produced, Miyoshi discovered that they were able to achieve "some quite beautiful" fire effects by disguising blocky sprites with various degrees of transparency and lighting effects. At the time, few games used polygons in 3D spaces for acrobatic and exploration-orientated gameplay. Yuji Naka in an interview with Sega Saturn Magazine[20], Development of Burning Rangers started around November 1996, after the release of Sonic Team's previous game Christmas Nights (a Christmas-themed demo for Nights into Dreams). [25] Ohshima stressed that he was aiming at a wider audience and not the type of person who only played Sonic the Hedgehog, adding that "players should recognise the Sonic Team touch immediately" with Burning Rangers. Ilia informs the Rangers her ship is set to crash into Earth causing complete devastation, so the Rangers devise a plan to stop the ship and rescue Ilia. To this end a team of highly specialised fire-fighters called Burning Rangers are dispatched to emergency incidents to fight fires and rescue people in danger. Miyoshi thought that the team had over-reached in designing the game's detailed stages, saying: "everyone in the team wanted to put so much into the game that we only completed about half of what we wanted to do. [31] The team tested different forms of navigation systems and picked the best. [20] The development team of 31 (out of Sonic Team's staff of about 50) was directed by Naoto Ohshima, the director and lead designer Takao Miyoshi. [9][15][16], Since there is no in-game map, the player character relies on a voice navigation system to find their way. Tabuchi-kun!! [33], Takao Miyoshi in an interview with GamesTM[32], Designing the game's fire effects proved to be difficult due to the Saturn's rendering limitations. Burning Rangers was released theatrically on 22 March 2000 in the United States and Canada and 24 March 2000 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Der Film war außerdem der südkoreanische Beitrag für die Oscarverleihung 2019 in der Kategorie Bester fremdsprachiger Film. We just wanted to describe the heroism of lifesaving in that loud, explosive type of setting. The response to the graphics was mixed, with some critics asserting that it had the best visuals on the Saturn, although it was noted for its poor collision detection and occasional glitching. Players control one of an elite group of firefighters, the Burning Rangers, who extinguish fires and rescue civilians in burning buildings. Naka reflected that if they had made any of game elements highly realistic, the contrast between those elements and the clearly fictional elements would have been exaggerated. The team originally wanted to record the game in six languages, but found the volume of work too difficult, reverting to English and Japanese instead. The designers envisioned that a futuristic firefighter would be acrobatic and dexterous to reach places where people were trapped. Tabuchi-kun!! [36] Burning Rangers was released exactly nine months before the Japanese release of Sega's next console, the Dreamcast. [8] The crystals function similarly to rings in Sonic the Hedgehog games: possessing at least one crystal allows a player to survive damage from an enemy or fire. Burning Rangers is a third person shooter (of sorts) on the Sega Saturn. [22][21][23], The team chose to centre the game on firefighters as they felt that fire was the most appropriate way to create fear and tension. "We Are Burning Rangers" is the theme of Burning Depths from Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and is a remix of the main theme from Burning Rangers. Ultimate Pop Culture Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. "[22] The developers wanted to design a future that was "clean and beautiful", with sustainable energy, but where disasters still could occur, and only heroes could protect people from them. [17] Once the game is completed, a random generator mode is unlocked which mixes up the order of corridors in the game's four stages,[18] with a potential total of 3,125 unique routes.[2][19]. [2][3] The game is set in a futuristic society in which fire is the only danger, and stars an elite group of firefighters, the Burning Rangers. Burning Rangers takes place on a futuristic Earth where the only threat to human life is from fires. [6], The soundtrack and sound effects received praise, though reviewers recognised that the game lacked music to create tension. The company has produced content for Sega since it was subsidised as TMS-Kyokuchi. The team thought that the image of a "ranger" also brought to mind the Power Rangers franchise, and after consulting speakers of other languages, Burning Rangers was chosen as the game's name. A team of 31 was about the usual size for a Sega project. [30][32] Miyoshi thought that the sound effects of fire and walls creaking alone would be enough to produce immersion. There were many difficulties in developing the game's voice navigation system, as no verbal dialogue had featured in a Sonic Team game before. [25], Although the target audience of Burning Rangers was people who enjoyed action games, the developers also wanted to attract fans of other Sonic Team games. On the asteroid is a young girl was suffering from an incurable disease, placed into stasis and sent into space with a powerful AI to monitor her situation and any progress on the cure. Sonic Team chose to connect the game with firefighting as they thought it was an effective way of having players identify with heroism. Naka felt that "burning" had a "go for it!" [22], The game was among the final five Saturn games released in America. Burning Rangers received mostly positive reviews. It was released in Japan in February 1998, and later that year in North America in May and in Europe in June. You can help this wiki by adding more entries or expanding current ones. [2][9][12] Every level is an interior space, and consists of multi-storey rooms and corridors divided by interlocking lifts and doors. Combustion does not always result in fire, but when it does, a flame is a characteristic indicator of the reaction. [7] In contrast, Weigand criticised the lack of a custom configuration and described the controls as "squirrelly", even with the analogue controller.

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