blueberry softwood cuttings

I am sharing my experiences on how to reproduce blueberry bushes from softwood and hardwood cuttings so that you can get free blueberry plants from a blueberry bush. Cuttings that snap easily when bent are too young -- the cuttings should be bendable and becoming woody. It appeared that considerably better results can be obtained with late-spring cuttings than with summer cuttings commonly used up till now. Blueberry cuttings. Leafy shoots from oldest to youngest. Softwood cuttings should be taken during June and July. Thank you, Matt . Cut pieces about 4" long from the tips of branches. Mattwestyorks Posts: 46. Blueberries can be propagated from seeds, cuttings and by layering method. 0. You can take softwood cuttings in summer or hardwood cuttings in autumn. Rooting trials with softwood cuttings of several highbush blueberry varieties were carried out in 1964 and 1965. Is now a good time to take them? Softwood cuttings are those that are made from soft, new-growth woody plants and succulents as they begin to mature. I am very thrilled and excited with the results. 1. September 2012 in Fruit & veg. Here, the process for both hardwood and softwood cuttings will be outlined. Before taking any cuttings, make sure that your stock plants are healthy and in good condition! A 4- to 5-inch cutting taken from the tip of a new shoot will root best. cut at the bottom just below the leaf joint or node, where there is a concentration of hormones to stimulate root production. Spring cuttings should be taken shortly after flowering, when the growth of the young shootlets on one-year-old canes temporarily ceases. Most blueberry cultivars are easily rooted under mist from either hardwood cuttings (collected in the dormant season and stuck in April), or from leafy softwood cuttings taken in summer. Choose strong, current season’s shoots, as they have the potential to root quickly and rapidly grow into new plants. Softwood Cuttings. The two in the center are suitable for propagation. Softwood cuttings should be immature but not succulent. Obelixx Vendée, Western France Posts: 22,077. Both hardwood and softwood cuttings can be taken to propagate new blueberry bushes, but softwood cuttings are the preferred method, as they tend to have more predictable results. When the shoots easily snap when bent and still have a progressive leaf size, that is the ideal time for making softwood cuttings. The hydrangea shoots (pictured above) are perfect. Take softwood cuttings from your ornamental shrubs and woody herbs, and you can boost stocks for free. September 2012. Posts. And what's the best/most successful way to do it? I started my experiment of propagating blueberry bushes a few years ago. Late spring and early summer are the best times to gather and start softwood blueberry cuttings. Softwood Cuttings Image by: Most softwood cuttings are nodal, i.e. Blueberries are propagated by vegetative cuttings (not by seeds).

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