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Required fields are marked *. For all of the sword fighting aficionados we compiled a list with ten of the best games … Playstation 4 is a great gaming platform, with many different games, some of them exclusive. Two years later, the Arcade version revitalized the game, with different modes, training possibilities and improvements to the V-Trigger – the revolutionary system that changes your character’s abilities within each combat. If you face demons from the depths and giant bosses using sword, shield and powerful spells is your style, this game is for you! Contents:11-01, the flame of Olympus. The game stands out with its RPG elements of equipped loot won in battles and leveling up via experience points that allow upgrades to strength, defense, health and special attack abilities. Gameplay is accessible to both new and casual gamers with a control scheme that replicates older familiar fighting games without the overload of excessive button combos to pull off attacks. J-Stars Victory Vs+ isn’t your traditional, 2D fighter game, but instead features gameplay where fighters move around in a 3D battlefield based off settings from each anime series. With a perfect sound construction and taking advantage of all the graphic resources of PS4, this game manages to transport the player to a black adventure, full of moments of suspense and terror almost perfect. Take advantage of the online community to develop your character and try to buy expensive cars and properties while watching your bank account grow. Epic battles await you, with many different modes and some completely free DLCs. The Tekken franchise remains in good shape with a game that is accessible to the novice player, but retains much of the fighting mechanics that made the game famous. Return to the flame chamber and then raise the maze to begin the beginning of the […], Tips / Tricks of GT6 for PS3 Here are a series of tips / tricks from Gran Turismo 6 for PlayStation 3 and that will surely make the game much easier. The high-octane fighting game has huge maps with destructible environments and tons of different attack approaches whether you want to get up-close-and-personal with laser swords or fly around evasively while launching some missiles. It’s worth it for solo players, but the online mode also deserves attention, with lots of regular events. In addition to processing improvements, the console offers a major graphical improvement with the use of HDR. Sword fights in virtual reality can be truly intense and challenging experiences, putting your endurance, skill and reflexes to the test. An adventure full of elements of witchcraft, sword fighting and with many elements of terror and mystery. Multiple modes are included in the game: There's a multiplayer story mode divided into four campaigns, a Victory Road mode where players complete objectives during fights, a two-player local offline battle mode with up to four players via online, as well as a single player arcade option. With a really cool but short singleplayer campaign, spectacular graphics and variable weather, Battlefield 1 shines more in multiplayer, like its predecessors. The multiplayer mode is poor compared to the rest of the game. EA Sports UFC 2 has players pick real-life UFC athletes in a PS4 fighting game that’s grounded in a little more realism than the rest of the games on the list. Tekken 7 brings its latest next-generation installment to the PS4 — everyone’s favorite technical fighter that has you thinking about every punch you make. Titantfall 2 is much better than the first title in the franchise, especially for the gamer who appreciates futuristic war and shooting machinery. After the intense adventure against the Olympian Gods is over, the powerful anti-hero Kratos now lives in a new Nordic-inspired region. Get ready to spend many hours with Geralt.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'playidlegames_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',111,'0','0'])); A long adventure awaits you in this Japanese-style RPG. In this game it is always necessary to play together or the victory will be very difficult. An iconic RPG, with a fascinating character and a great story, The Witcher 3 is an unmissable game for lovers of the fantasy genre. All without a single loading screen. Meet more RPG games on PS4!eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'playidlegames_com-box-4','ezslot_0',112,'0','0'])); Enter the streets of Los Santos causing chaos and enriching as never before in an iconic game and an instant classic from the GTA franchise. To see more shooting games, see our top 10 Playstation 4 shooting games! The personalization of each fighter has been improved, and dozens of different details can be changed.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'playidlegames_com-banner-1','ezslot_10',113,'0','0'])); An expansion of the first Guilty Gear Revelator, this fighting game can be tricky for the gamer just starting out. With one of the best narratives in the franchise, Kratos ‘adventures in Midgard, with their fearsome monsters and Vikings are a sublime adventure with the perfect balance between the characters’ narrative and epic combat. He focuses on everything from gaming headsets to headphones. Cheats of God of War 3: Remastered (GOW 3 REMASTERED) for PS4, AFK Arena: Tier List, Top Heroes, Tips, Guide, WIKI, Reviews. Originally created for PS2, this game has been remastered, taking advantage of the new capabilities of PS4. Dark Souls 3 closes the historic trilogy, typically difficult to complete, with a golden key. The game has multiple modes that allow you to create your own funky character, battle in online private matches and even compete in events.

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