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And while the game brought to fruition much of what Kuju had envisioned, they were soon dreaming up ideas for a sequel. As with the solo missions of BWii, formulating your own strategy and choosing from your land, sea and air units at any point in the battle is a hugely satisfying experience. However, the Solar Empire, the last nation still standing after the Lightning Wars, invades Old Xylvania in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the Legion. We caught up with two of the key figures who helped develop the game at Kuju Entertainment Ltd to hear a little more about their roles in BWii and which specific elements of the game they enjoy most now that their work is complete. A few days after the conflict in his homeland, A-Qira, having reorganized his forces, leads the Solar Empire into battle, and along with aid from the Tundran Territories, launches a counter-invasion against the Anglo Isles. However you want to win your wars, rest assured that in BWii you’ll never be short on options. “We wanted to deliver a really comprehensive multiplayer experience this time around – something we knew that the fans really wanted. You will be able to review the details and complete the purchase on the next screen. They were looking for titles which were original, and Battalion Wars is certainly something of a cross-genre hybrid game, and I think as an innovative company they really found that interesting.”. When it came to planning the multiplayer action in BWii, development team Kuju were determined to ensure players had a deep and varied experience waiting for them online. However, by the time he finishes his story, Herman voices concern, believing he has a suspicion on who might have orchestrated the attack between the Anglo Isles and the Solar Empire. “We spent a lot of time on the control system because we wanted to get it right and make sure it was something that worked really well. We had a running competition throughout the game development, which is quite unusual for games. For Andy, it is the competition of playing online that brings him most satisfaction. “My biggest tip when you’re playing the single player game for the first time is to use the map screen – be aware of what’s coming up ahead and don’t be afraid to keep back vulnerable units and put them into Wait mode. Famicom Wars VS in Japan, is a real-time tactics video game, developed by Kuju Entertainment, , and released by Nintendo exclusively for the Wii console on 29 October 2007. “The kind of entertainment experience we wanted to create was something quite playful, with a certain light-heartedness. “Because we were so early on in the Wii’s life cycle nobody really knew what it could do at that stage. The Staff Bearer (as he became known) defeats many Legion troops, heavy tanks and gunships before destroying one of Ferrok's precious Battlestations. Auch wenn Wii auf der Games Convention nicht öffentlich gezeigt wird, schwappt die eine oder andere gute Nachricht aus Leipzig auf den Schreibtisch. A lone grunt quickly finds the staff just as it is about to fall into enemy hands, and quickly proceeds towards the tower. Kuju’s Creative Director Tanc Dyke-Wells believes the novel blend of action and strategy that shapes the gameplay in BWii is perfectly suited to Wii, and wanted the game’s control system to be as straight-forward as possible. Two players with complimentary forces have to work together to help each other out and get through the mission. A few seconds later, he suddenly finds himself being confronted by Kaiser Vlad, the fugitive Xylvanian leader who escaped from the Alliance of Nations in the previous war. “You get some people who sit back and order their units, whereas other people are a bit more gung-ho and they like to have all their units following them and just charge in and lead from the front. The final result is a game that is as accessible as it is original, and an experience that is equally satisfying to fans of both all-out action and controlled strategy. “And then Co-op mode is, of course, exactly what it says on the tin. For more information, please visit our Support section. "I've been at Kuju London for seven years or so, so I'm a bit of an old-timer. For Tanc, BWii’s distinctive visual style summarises much of what the series is about and embodies a desire to put fun first. Something fun, primarily – not dingy or gritty or some kind of commentary on current affairs. In Skirmish, players start out with a pre-deployed force, and win by earning as many points as possible from destroying enemy units within a specified time limit, with Facilities available that can be used to respawn units as long as they remain in a player's control. Product description When the original version of Battalion Wars was released on the GameCube, the major criticism was that the game needed a better control system, which is exactly what the Wii version provides. The more difficult a unit is to destroy, the more points it is worth. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Battalion Wars 2 (Nintendo Wii, 2008, DVD-Box) bei eBay. Colonel Windsor and Commander Pierce find themselves forced to take on the might of the two nations, and defend several key points as a result. Nova, learning of the invasion of his homeland, launches an assault on the Xylvian forces, aided by the other nations, as he and the other COs fight to reach the icy chasm in the northern region of the Tundran Territories, in an attempt to repel Vlad's expedition for the staff. Featuring a comprehensive online mode that includes three distinct types of battle and lets you pit your military might against other generals via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, BWii will have you coming back time and again to face off against friends – and enemies – around the globe. Calling an air-strike - not just as a kind of pre-scripted event but, at any time, actually getting a bomber that you can switch over to and fly in. Please make sure you have enough storage to complete the download. Featured article. The gist of how Wii has transformed Battalion Wars lies in the ease with which would-be generals can now direct proceedings on the battlefield. Blending explosive action with careful strategy and giving you the freedom to take charge of everything from a lone soldier to a hulking battleship, Battalion Wars II (BWii) is certainly not short on variety.With land, sea and air units that you can switch between at any time and control easily thanks to the capabilities of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the game invites you to use your imagination as you control six different armies caught up in a global skirmish. Please visit our Support section for more information. For more information about this product, please use the button below. When he finds what he is looking for, Herman tells Betty about the Frontier's early hostilities with the Tundran Territories, back when Gorgi was still in charge of the Tundran Territories. if controlled by the Solar Empire, the facility sports a high-tech look). “As soon as we realised that Wii was going to be online we were right behind it. The world is once again at war. So if, for example, there’s an airbase at the top of a hill you’re going to have a real King of the Hill scenario whereby if I take possession of that I’m going to have dominance of the skies and the other player is going to be in trouble and have to fall back heavily on his anti-air units. Although initially doing well, A-Qira is eventually pushed out of the Anglo Isles, as Windsor and Pierce successfully repel the invasion.

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