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Our favorite back room, though, belongs to Jeff Dunham— he has a full workshop in the back of his bus where he can not only construct but also repair his puppets while on the road, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition for shows. The average tour bus bunk is just about the size of a regular twin-size bed. Keep reading to have a look inside the most extravagant celebrity tour buses we could find! Typically, each bunk features its own mini television, a curtain for privacy, individual controls for air conditioning and lighting, and sometimes memory foam mattresses! Located by the living space is a control panel, at which one staff member is tasked with ensuring that the RV runs exclusively off of solar power for as long as possible (in the event of an emergency, the coach can easily be switched to draw power from a generator). Lee Brice, however, took it up a notch on his bus with custom oversize bunks, which they call “condo bunks,” that feature all the regular amenities at a slightly larger size for extra comfort. Just past the living room is Steve’s own putting green and a pro shop, where guests can come in and browse some of his golf gear. The living room features a typical slide on the right side with the couch, adding even more square feet to the home. Location: TN 37072 Stored right in the same server are over 1,000 movies so there’s always something good to watch on the road. and music. Have any transportation questions you need answered? Supermodel Heidi Klum is the proud owner of what is possibly the “greenest” mobile home on the planet. Now, if all of this makes you roll your eyes and say, “of course they have all that, they’re celebrities!” Just wait— we aren’t quite finished yet. They are committed to working closely with musicians and band managers, and have bus charters in all 50 states. Coach Quarters Entertainment Transportation Location: TN 37072 Location: TN 37072Coach Quarters started in 2006 and has buses for rent/lease for bands and artists. We love seeing the outrageous additions that adorn the mansions of the rich and famous. Her office on wheels is the world’s only 100% solar-powered RV, packed with countless other “green” modifications throughout the interior and exterior. Back lounges are more than just bedrooms, though. you manage your band Since 2005 they have been transporting bands and artists all over the US and Canada. If you’re looking for a tour bus with bunks to transport your band or group, then you have come to the right place. Location: FL 34748Haljoe Coach offers custom tour bus rentals/leases & sleeper coaches to the the music & entertainment industry. Tirelessly entertaining dedicated fans from New York to Los Angeles and every city in between, these celebrities may play up to 180 gigs in one year. John Legend’s master suite includes a plush queen-sized bed that slides out just like the couches in the front lounge. With a floor plan that more closely resembles a luxury hotel room than a motor home, this coach includes a total of 320 square feet of living space, including a couch, a loveseat, and a 42-inch TV. Rates for Band Tour Bus Rentals Charters. If you’re a musician looking to rent your own tour bus, check out “What is the Cost of a Tour Bus Rental?” on our blog and decide if you’re ready to “go pro” with your own bus! On The Run Touring - Tour Bus Hire. All buses can be divided into four basic sections: a front lounge, which functions as a living room; a kitchen, or more typically, a “kitchenette;” a bunk area, where the band sleeps; and a back lounge, which is a bit of a “wild card” on these buses. SEATS: Seats 48 & Sleeps 40 Settle in for the drive. He’s also made room for not just one, but two bathrooms on his coach, so there’s never any fighting over who’s getting the coveted bathroom space. Watch Episode 2 from 11:16 for a guided tour of a US tour bus. (615) 361-6480. Right by the kitchen is Mariah’s makeup station featuring a mirror surrounded by makeup lights, with a TV placed directly behind the surface of the mirror so that Mariah can watch her favorite shows while she’s getting her hair and makeup done. favorites. We list bus companies that cater to artists in various US Ciites such as Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, San Francisco, Austin and other major markets. Pro golfer Steve Elkington takes the grand prize for the most insane mobile home modifications. Facing the oversized couch is a 65-inch TV, connected to a 5.1 studio-grade surround-sound system. DOT licensed and/or PUC licensed bus operators exercise full operational control of all reservations offered by or arranged through Gogo Charters LLC in the United States and/or Canada. The designers of this eco-friendly coach took great care in conserving energy in every way possible when constructing Heidi’s mobile workspace. His features all of the amenities of any usual kitchen— the stove, the oven, the microwave, the counter, and the cabinet space— plus a built-in full refrigerator and dishwasher, totaling a cost of $60,000 just for the kitchen— more than double what the average person spends on a kitchen remodel in their house! Need to rent a bus for your next tour. They serve over 100 major cities across the United States and offer competitive prices for their busses. While it seems a bit odd at first— why not just fly from one venue to another and save the time difference?— touring with a bus really is the most cost-effective and certainly the most convenient way to move a team around. The front lounge may also include some sort of “master control” for the entire bus. The usual mobile kitchen features are a coffee maker, an electric tea kettle, and a mini-fridge. It could run anywhere from $1,000 – $1,299 per day if you’re traveling 300 – 499 miles per day. exclusive tool, My Tour Manager. Brad Pitt’s mobile kitchen takes the cake. The average tour bus bunk is just about the size of a regular twin-size bed. His Majesty Coach has entertainer coaches and band tour buses for musicians. Or, pull down the table in between seats to do homework, play a game, or eat! However, back lounges also have many more specific uses, such as that of Hunter Hayes— situated in the back of his bus is a full recording studio, in which he makes serious progress on all of his current songs. Jake Owen’s kitchen even has a beer tap— every time his band stops in a new city, they will make an agreement to trade show tickets with a local brewery in exchange for a local beer on-tap on the bus. Our clients typically charter an entertainment bus for transportation to to their events in various cities. Contact our experts at 1-844-897-5201 to discuss your long-term transportation plans. Gwen Stefani’s coach includes a wine chiller, always stocked with a wide selection of her favorite blends. Also in his master suite is a 5.1 surround-sound system, with a subwoofer under the bed to make movie-watching in the back even more exciting. Since 2005 they have been transporting bands and artists all over the US and Canada. They have been providing tour buses to artists since 2003. Tommy Lee’s master bathroom includes a full-size shower with a TV in the wall, and a closet with a fuzzy rail to keep hangers from sliding while the bus is moving. Location: AL K & J Holdings is an entertainer/star custom coach band tour bus leasing company based out of Alabama but they lease 10 buses for any US location. They are in Chicago, IL but can deliver buses in the US. Ashley Monroe’s back room has been dubbed a “girls-only zone,” where she and her girlfriends can get ready for shows together and stay secluded from the rest of her band. Our crew and band buses range from a 16 berth nightliner double decker band bus to a 12 berth sleeper bus, which all include top quality entertainment systems and wifi (UK only). Kitchens simply aren’t a priority on the road for most. With sales offices in more than 25 cities and bus depots in more than 100 locations they can handle your bands next tour. There’s usually a master bathroom included in the back, too, with a full shower, walk-in closet, and counter space. The way most celebrities do it, it doesn’t have to be. Overall Rating: 9.97 out of 10 from 303 unique reviews. Back lounges are where we find some of the most unique modifications. The first bus I remember my dad owning was a 1962 Flexible.” The boys learned even more about buses when their father, Joel W. Hemphill, Sr., started his own bus leasing company as a sideline in 1974. With your FREE membership, We supply quality band tour buses for the music and entertainment industry. With access to a variety of buses combined with superior customer service, we’ve got everything you need to schedule your next big trip.

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