are entrapta and hordak together

Streaming now on Netflix. She lies to Hordak that Entrapta is a traitor and hides the danger of the portal, and the portal is activated. After a breezy season 2, She-Ra comes in with a giant sledgehammer to the feels. Hordak-Prime briefly takes his body for his own, but after She-Ra destroys his essence Hordak is freed and reunited with Entrapta. The cold, intimidating Hordak and eccentric, high-energy Entrapta work well together, and develop warmth for each other in Season 3. But the next day… the next day found them both outside, at its new location. Odd Friendship: With Entrapta. We haven't seen them onscreen together very much, but here's why I think our favorite lab partners have a pretty cool relationship: *Entrapta seems to be the only person (Besides Imp) who isn't afraid of Hordak, which the H man seems to respect. Hordak didn't even get to see Entrapta all day, never mind work on the portal with her. OOC Is Serious Business: For the majority of Season 2, Catra attempts to keep Hordak in the loop about what's happening with the Horde, but he is uninterested and simply rebukes her. Entrapta seems too charming to ... doing her job increasing the deadly power of the Horde. In the meantime, Entrapta discovers that opening the portal would annihilate reality, but Catra, obsessed with vengeance, knocks her out and exiles her to Beast Island, threatening Scorpia with the same fate when she protests. Entrapta and Hordak bond. Entrapta double checked the connections to the power source, while Hordak ran one final diagnostic of his transmitter and message. But an unexpected chemistry starts to spark between the two.. a friendship turning into something else.. The war is finally over, and the universe is finally at peace. He looked up at Entrapta, focused on her task. Hordak has finally reconciled with Entrapta, and they now live together in her castle at Dryl. Mermista and Sea Hawk are together, as are Spinnarella and Netossa, Scorpia and Perfuma, and Entrapta and the newly restored Hordak.

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