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We have only one Website - .For … Amul and Britannia took to social media in a canny battle of ingredients. Beware of false/fake websites using the name of AMUL and collecting money to offer dealership/franchisee of AMUL. Amul, is an Indian dairy cooperative society, based at Anand in the Indian state of Gujarat. If you are in a mood for a toast, use the Amul butter to cook that perfect crunchy toast for yourself. Amul food products, rightly termed as “Taste of India”, offers milk, dairy products, confectionary items, and more. (In fairness to Polson’s, it should be noted that its common in Europe to let cream sour a bit so that lactic acid bacteria naturally create chemicals, including diacetyl, to give it a rounded butter taste). Posted on 01/06/2015 20/07/2016 Author [email protected] It all began with the dairy giant Amul putting out a rousing ad claiming that its own butter cookies which had only recently been launched had 25% butter and no vegetable oil while other brands had a meagre 0.3-3% butter and up to 22% vegetable oil. With the goodness of Real Amul Butter & Chocolate unlike the competitors which are made with vegetable oils Real butter gives a smoother texture & chocolate gives the taste children love Very good spread for break-fast for school going children with a great taste & spreading convenience Amul. The Butter Girl Amul did not always have the round-eyed moppet as its mascot. Amul had to come up with a solution and found it in a chemical additive called diacetyl that gave it the required butter taste. The salted Amul Pasteurised Butter is the delicious accompaniment your breakfast just can’t do without. You can also try the Amul Garlic and Herbs salted butter for a tangy flavour. Amul is the leading brand in India for its food products and the beverage products and is known for high quality milk and milk products ; Amul Butter. The story of how Amul butter’s taste evolved is interesting to say the least. Don’t miss out on the podcast as Vikram tells you about some lesser-known aspects of the taste of India, which is partly the taste of Polson’s and that of dahi butter. Formed in 1946, it is a cooperative brand managed by a cooperative body, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly owned by 36 lakh (3.6 million) milk producers in Gujarat.

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