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Most of all, the people of Aizawl are by and large enthusiastic about the AMC. 131–136. Signs of a thaw in Congress’ power had begun as early as April 2018 when, after intermittent infighting among local leaders, it became the smallest party in the 20-seat CADC, winning just five seats. This is the fourth paper in Urbanisation and its Discontents series, Cities in India are focal points of regional growth and development. [8], As of 1910, there were 777 army personnel in Aizawl from different parts of North India as well as Nepal. All the vehicles except certain class of vehicle run on alternate days based on the last digit of their license plate e.g vehicles whose registration number end with 1 will not be allowed to ply on dates like1, 11, 21 and 31 of a month and so on. Delayed Birth/Death certificate are the certificate that are registered and issued after 21 days from the date of Birth/Death. The city should provide more spaces for children, the handicapped, pedestrians and women. AMC News. The lack of spatial planning has resulted in construction of buildings on steep slopes, a poor transport system, narrow roads, inadequate provision of drinking water, poor management of solid waste, lack of open spaces, insufficient pavements and parking lots, and other municipal deficiencies. Figure 3: Household Amenities, Aizawl City, 2011. The future of cities depends upon their increasing use of technology, and the capability and commitment of urban managers and users. The rapid pace of urbanisation is no longer considered ‘parasitic’, but rather ‘generative’, contributing to the growth of the national economy. Read All Tenders. But the nature of these defections soon got dragged in legalities — the legislators could be deemed to have broken (or not) the anti-defection law. 100/-, (2)      IV Grade                     –           Rs. All the traffic   movement are controlled manually. AIZAWL GETS ITS FIRST MUNICIPAL COUNCIL. Pan-city development, also a strategic component of ABD, envisioned the application of selected smart solutions to existing city-wide infrastructure. Aizawl Traffic Police has no separate building on its own and is presently occupied one storey of the Office of Superintendent of Police, Aizawl District located at Treasury square near DC, Office, Aizawl District, Aizawl. Since their establishment, these institutions have proven themselves to be effective channels of communication between the government and the public. [1], The remarkable growth of cities in recent years has put tremendous pressure on their infrastructure and socio-economic resources. The Aizawl Municipal Corporation is the authority of civic administration of Aizawl city. [19] There is also the plan for 5 km long Aizawl Monorail running between Zemabawk to Kulikawn. Aizawl since September, 2010 to 2017. The drubbing in Mizoram, at the hands of the Mizo National Front (MNF), also proved to be a precursor of sorts to the party’s subsequent loss in the three tribal autonomous councils of the state — the Lai Autonomous Development Council (LADC), Mara Autonomous Development Council (MADC) and Chakma Autonomous Development Council (CADC). The state government recognised 73 slum pockets under the Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) scheme. The tenure of the Corporation  is five years. The Aizawl Municipal Corporation is the authority of civic administration of Aizawl city. [28] Indian Institute of Mass Communication and National Institute of Technology Mizoram has already started operations. 216-228. 3000/- depending on the seriousness of injury and illness. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. [15] The airport provides connectivity to Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, Guwahati Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Shillong Airport and Imphal Imphal Airport. But India needs a stronger Special Marriage Act. It consists of 19 elected members representing 19 wards of the city and others appointed by the Governor of Mizoram. Vulnerable groups could also be provided digital infrastructure to cater to their specific needs. A Zonal Officer (normally Sub-inspector and Asst. All India Radio also has a studio that host programmes at scheduled hours. Sustainability is an important component of a smart city. Under the Köppen climate classification, Aizawl features a humid subtropical climate (Cwa) but very rainy. [14], Aizawl is connected by air transport through Lengpui Airport which it is situated near Aizawl. Join our newsletter to receive up to date news about our municipality. There are thousands of travellers every day from other parts of the state and neighbouring states. SENSITIZATION PROGRAMME FOR LOCAL COUNCILS Aizawl Municipal Corporation chuan dated 30th & 31st May, 2017 khan AMC Auditorium ah Sensitization programme for Local Councils a … List of Technical License Holder & New/Renewal Form, Route Map of Waste Transported To Disposal Site, Training Programme On Online Building Plan Approval System(OBPAS) For Technical Persons Under AMC Conference Hall/Auditorium. The next day Taxis marked with B and C are allowed, on the next day taxis belonging to A and C can move and so on. ORF research and analyses now available on Telegram! The yellow-and-white taxis are widely available; Maruti cars are most widely used. In turn, this has threatened the quality of the built environment and of urban life in these cities. One of the most important reasons for the deteriorarion of the river is aggressive urbanization. Aizawl College, the second oldest college in Aizawl City was established in the year 1975. The report analyses the problems concomitant to the unplanned urbanisation of Aizawl, as well as the initiatives taken by the Mizoram state government to make the city a vibrant, competitive and liveable city. These should also be provided traditional and digital infrastructure to check migration to Aizawl. Figure 2: Growth of Aizawl Population, 1961-2011. Parochial schools are run by the Baptist Church of Mizoram, the Presbyterian Church of India (Synod), several Roman Catholic (St. Paul's Higher Secondary School, Mary Mount School, St. Lawrence School, St. Mary's School) religious orders and the Seventh-day Adventists (Helen Lowry). of Garbage vehicles have been procured by State Investment Program Management and Implementation Unit (SIPMIU) which are in use, The vehicles are lend out on agreement between AMC and 9 Waste Collectors for a fixed term to collect garbages from municipal area, There is a new ongoing venture which will include segregation, compositing and recycling of garbages, thus allowing lesser waste to reach the landfill, Display of Advertisement and Hoarding Regulations 2013 commenced from 6th January 2014. The present Aizawl Traffic unit is headed by the Senior Superintendent of Police, Traffic who is assisted by Additional Superintendent of Police, two Deputy Superintendent of police and other subordinate staffs. The core city is already congested due to its centrality and narrow roads, and redevelopment of the area without widening of the existing roads may lead to even more congestion. There are both state and private schools. The BJP, which became a go-to party for Congress’ disgruntled leaders, had won six seats while the MNF eight. 3000/-, (3) Medical Invalid Pension         –           Rs.

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